Psychic And Emotional Protection

Research into mirror neurones along with other research shows how emotions such as happiness ripple out through our social networks and suggests that we are all a bit like psychic sponges, picking up and transmitting what we are feeling to the people we share our lives with.  As neuroscientist Vilayanur Ramachandran says, the absolute scientific reality is that the only thing separating all of us is our skin. If someone is upset or angry our own brain is playing that out. We literally go through everything we see as if it were happening to us.

When the emotions that we transmit and pick up are positive, such as joy and happiness, that’s a good thing.  But sometimes we have to deal with angry neighbours, grumpy colleagues, or partners who are a bit down and as we are all connected it can be hard maintaining our emotional boundaries.  This is particularly important if you are at all a psychic sensitive.  I know that I found living in London put me on edge a lot of the time as I sometimes felt the full force of all of the feelings flying around! Take time to work our what your own feelings are and nurture yourself as if you were your own best friend. If you are surrounded by troubled people create time with people who are happy or inspired to balance things out. Who we mix with has an incredible impact on our own life path.

It’s not practical and possible for us to go off and live like hermits in caves, so what can we do to offer ourselves emotional protection?

1/Learn to recognise your own signs of being overwhelmed.  I don’t know of any aren’t any scientific reports on this, but a lot of psychically intuitive people can find that they can literally eat more as they try and put up a buffer between them and the world.  Or as one friend of mine put it, ‘If I spend too long around other people I get to the point where I literally can’t think straight until I’ve had some time by myself.’  Research does show that general feelings of stress ups our production of cortisol, which can bring a few unpleasant side effects including exhaustion, which explains why you might feel so drained after a day spent handling people who are angry or upset.

2/Find that precious time alone that allows you to centre yourself.  Meditate is absolutely proven to be able to change your mood, not just when you do it but eventually how you move throughout all day every day.  Go for a walk, do something creative like cooking, playing music or writing in your journal and nurture yourself.  Don’t be tempted into thinking that watching your favourite soaps helps you switch off – most of us watch TV, but as they drag us along rollercoaster rides of human drama they don’t really give us the psychic space we need!

3/I swear by good old Epsom salt baths – chuck a handful of salt in a bath and let your unwanted feelings, stress and strain soak up and disappear down the plughole!  Or see how giving yourself good smudging with a sage stick feels.  If you’ve had loads of friends round and you want to clear the energy in your home, the quickest and easiest way is to open the windows and walk around clapping briskly in every corner and visualise a gold light around yourself.

4/Build in breaks.  Not just breaks during the day, but breaks that allow you to shed any emotional debris.  We’ve all had those times when we’re running behind so we end up leaving work already tired and rushing onto a social arrangement to arrive even more stressed.  Sneak in time to sip a cup of herbal tea alone in a cafe or get off the bus to give you a ten minute stroll – not a gallop – to get where you need to be and you’re much more likely to arrive truly glad to arrive in one emotional piece.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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