Psychic Development 101: Soul Reading Ethics

Let’s talk about soul ethics and spiritual integrity when it comes to giving readings. When you are ready to start practicing your psychic and Tarot skills on others by starting to give test readings, it’s very important that you first decide on a Code of Soul Ethics. Readings should be all about empowerment – and truth. Anything else does not come from a place of true intuition and a desire to help. I founded my company on a strong code of ethics which all my readers have to adhere to and I believe that this has been the foundation stone of our success. When you are giving a reading for someone, and it doesn’t matter if you are being paid for the reading or not, you are entering into a contract of trust between you, the person you are reading for, and the universe itself which provides you with your insight and intuition. So, before you take that all-important next step and start to practice your skills on others, or even if you have already started to do this, it’s important to keep these simple guidelines in mind:

1: Always come from a place of truth. In other words, tell your client what you see – not what you think they want to hear. This one can be especially difficult when we begin by practicing on family and friends. Obviously we care about them but also we know they are hoping for certain outcomes in situations. We may shy away from delivering bad news but no matter who it is we are reading for, to give someone false hope is both cruel and unethical and also at the end of the day, destroys our credibility when of course things don’t turn out the way we said they would. One of the most common reasons for anyone wanting a reading is after a break-up as often they want to know if a reconciliation is possible. If you truly do not see this happening then it is your responsibility to tell them – no matter how much you know they want to hear the opposite! Instead, bring a positive focus to the future such as ‘From what I’m seeing here I believe that your soul contract with so-and-so has now been completed or changed, but what’s coming through very strongly is a new relationship emerging for you.’

2: Be upfront about your reading strengths. Sometimes people want a specific type of reading. For example, you may excel at Tarot but are no good at mediumship. Readings are one of the areas where you cannot afford to take the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach. If someone wants an astrology reading and you’re not sure you know your Uranus from your quincunx, please be honest about it even if it means turning business away if you have begun to charge. People will remember and appreciate your honesty and chances are they will either opt for the kind of reading you do offer or come back to you when they do want one.

3: Understand that everyone, no matter how good, has a ‘missed’ reading. So, for whatever reason you just can’t tune-in or pick up on the person’s energy? Don’t despair! This happens to even the best and most experienced readers every so often. Again, be honest about this, don’t fudge your way through it. Say ‘I’m really sorry, but for whatever reason, I’m not being shown anything for you today’. Explain this is nothing sinister and it sometimes happens and obviously, if this is a paying client, refund their money or waive the charge. You can offer to try again another time or else refer them to someone else you recommend.

4: Know when to refer your client on. Sometimes the problems our clients face require specialist intervention. It’s useful to have some numbers at hand for various helplines and professional organisations. You may have to suggest to your client that they need the advice of a doctor, lawyer, therapist or accountant. It is your job to support your client in these circumstances and offer guidance, but not to replace the advice of a professional if you feel this is needed. Encourage your client to take whatever steps are necessary.

5: Keep confidentiality. What your clients tell you, even if this is a friend, must be kept strictly confidential between the two of you. The only exception to this rule is a client who reveals they have committed a serious crime or are about to, or anything to do with child abuse. In these instances you must end the reading immediately and contact the authorities.

If you follow these five simple guidelines you’ll soon discover that you’re working in harmony with spirit, you’ll bring accuracy and depth to your readings and what’s more – people will recommend you. What more could you ask for?

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