The Sacral Chakra – Sexuality and creativity

The Sacral Chakra – Gateway to your sexuality and creativity

Continuing my series on the Chakras which are your power centers today we deal with the Chakra for our sexuality and creativity. Located around the womb/stomach area, this second chakra is believed to be the place from which we give birth, not literally but in its most creative sense. In the same way that the Empress in the major Arcana of the Tarot is the great mother of all things, our sacral Chakra is the origin of our power to create and experience abundance as well as the connection to our sexuality.

This area is considered important across many ancient and spiritual traditions. The Chinese call this area the Dan Tien, which some translate as ‘Elixir field’. It is believed to be the centre of our physical and spiritual power and is linked with both thought and feeling, hence its importance in medicine, meditation and martial arts. In the tradition of Yoga, this area is called the Manipura and Prana – or life energy – is thought to radiate from here.

I believe this area has particular significance for women and our connection to our selves, our bodies, our divine wisdom and our sexuality.

Repressing our sexuality or creativity can inhibit our power. When it comes out our sexuality, this may mean loosening up around the labels that we use to define ourselves by who and how we love. We are all divine beings, capable of the most incredible love and intense connections and to try and constrain that magnificence within a word, a label or an identity can only place a limit around all that we are.

This is also the home of you creativity. You literally give birth to ideas and inspiration from this Chakra. If you feel creatively blocked then this is the Chakra to work on.

The amazing power source around this Chakra is hinted at in the way that we talk about the importance of going with our gut feelings, or not being able to stomach something. This is the area that strongly communications our intuitions and can act as a powerful indicator of whether we are on the right track or heading in the wrong direction, and in terms of what is good for us and what we might need to be wary of.
Keeping your sacral Chakra turning

1/ Take the time to look at how you view your sexuality. Are you comfortable with who you are? Do you feel the need to define or explain yourself? If you lived in a world where there were no descriptions or judgements, how would you experience the depth of your connection to other people?

2/Lie with a crystal placed on your belly around where the sacral chakra is and visualise a lovely, warm, orange light turning around your abdomen. Crystals to work with include Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Chrysicolla or Amaozonite.

3/Take up belly dancing! Belly dancing is the western name for Raqs sharqi or Raqs baladi, both of which are traditionally performed by men as well as women. Variations of this sensual, mesmerising movement form exist across the world. Some say it originated in ancient Arabia, where it was practiced as a way of worshiping the Goddess of fertility whilst others claim that it was originally part of religious rites performed for Hubal, the Moon God. Either way, it is a wonderful way of deeply connecting with your sacral chakra and your inner God or Goddess.

4/Pay attention to it! Watch for those moments when you get a strong sensation in this area, especially when faced with a choice or decision. It just might be your sacred wisdom or divine self trying to get through.

5/ Who are you as a creative being and what do you want to create? This is your power center, reclaim it!
Loads of love,
Michele x

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