What is Intuition? True North

What is intuition?

Webster’s Dictionary’s definition of intuition is: “A direct perception of truth or fact that is independent of any reasoning process.”

The word intuition comes from the Latin word intueri, meaning “to see within.”

By themselves, these resources don’t feel very helpful. But, put them together and we’ve got a good start on our path to answering the question “What is intuition?”

Intuition as Direct Perception and Comparison with the Compass

Webster states, intuition is a “direct perception.” This is kind of an oxymoron at best, and a vague ambiguity at worst.

Lets flesh out this definition of intuition by likening that “direct perception” to a navigational compass.

No matter where on Earth you stand, a functioning compass will always point to “True North.” Always. That needle is honed to point to the magnetic power indwelling the North Pole.

Your intuition works in the same way. Intuition, or “direct perception” will always point to your “True North.”

We are each guided by a greater force. Known by many names, this force is both part and parcel of who we are. When we consult our intuition, we are linking up with this greater force and looking to our own True North.

Just as a compass is always drawn to point clearly to a constant heading, intuition performs the same exact function. Intuition is consistent. It never wavers.

How can we be sure our intuition is correct? Better still, how can we know we be sure are consulting our intuition and not some other rogue ego-driven personality trait?

You will know your intuition is guiding you by these truths:

  • Intuition will always point to your highest and best direction.
  • Intuition will make you breathe easier.
  • Intuition will make you feel lighter and brighter.
  • Intuition will offer a strong focus on clarity.
  • Intuition, in all cases, will point to your most genuine joy.

I hope this brief introductory article helps to answer the question “What is intuition?”

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Written by Avia Venefica of www.whats-your-sign.com

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