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When thinking about having a psychic reading your first thought might be to have a face to face reading and meeting your psychic in person. However, online psychic readings are all the rage. Why? Because you can get incredible detail in an online psychic reading.

As an Aries, I also love the fact you can call an online psychic whenever you want. Online psychic readings are always available 24/7, and you can have instant gratification, no waiting! You can have a quality psychic reading 24 hours a day. Just choose your psychic and pick up the phone.

One of the other beautiful things about having an online psychic reading is that you are completely anonymous. The psychic can’t see you (unless you have a webcam reading, of course!) and so there are no visual clues.

You can find comfort in the fact that your psychic is getting accurate psychic information from your energy, not your Gucci sunglasses and wedding ring!

Most good psychics love giving online psychic readings. Why? Because it’s a clear channel with no distractions. And you get to sit on your comfy sofa and have the space to fully immerse yourself into the reading when you want to with no fuss or bother.

So what type of psychic reading is more accurate? A face to face reading or an online psychic reading?

In many ways, it’s about choice. Of course, there’s a place for both. The joy of online psychic readings is that if you want a quick answer, there is no faffing about! You just choose your psychic and pick up the phone!

In a nutshell both face to face, and over the phone psychic readings are valuable. Personally, I love doing phone psychic readings as I can instantly connect to the energy and information straight away, plunging into the reading without being diverted.

How do you know you are getting a good online psychic reading?

There are many psychic companies that pop up on the internet that see psychics as an industry and many of the owners of these companies are interested in making money from psychic readings and don’t necessarily have a deeper understanding of how to choose the right psychics or have the right ethics. My company has been around for over 20 years and I have been doing psychic readings for 40 years! We have the highest integrity and the toughest interview process to make sure all of my psychics are detailed, emotionally intelligent, and empowering.

If you fancy an online psychic reading with us, you can be assured they are all experienced and fabulous. We test our psychics on average four times before a final reading with me. It’s important for you to find the right psychic that gels with you which is why we give you a five minute guarantee (in a credit/debit card reading) Your psychic should give you a flow of accurate psychic information and details in those first five minutes. When you get that amount of instant detail, you can relax as you know they are fully connecting with you.

All of my psychics have regular clients who return again and again. Finding the right psychic for you is like finding a good hairdresser! Once you’ve found the one, there is no going back! Our mix of psychics have different skills, specialties, and techniques. There are a plethora of techniques from Tarot cards to direct mediumship but all my psychics have one thing in common, they are psychic! We don’t take people who read the Tarot unless they are accurate, down to earth psychic.

Some clients have several fav psychics that they regularly use depending on what kind of reading they want on a particular day.

Michele Knight psychics came into being in 2001, and we’ve been flourishing ever since. Some of our psychics have been with us for over 15 years!

If you fancy an online psychic reading with one of my psychics but don’t know what kind of psychic reading you want, give our friendly receptionists a ring, and they will guide you through the options or you can leap right in and book a reading here. For more about our psychic readings, click here. 

Heres a little film about our  psychic company

PS We are always looking for fabulous psychics to join our team. If you are interested email [email protected] and add psychic to the heading

Much love Michele

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