Psychic X-Factor

What is an exceptional psychic reader?

We all have psychic ability to varying degrees, but an exceptional psychic reader is someone who can make your jaw drop with the information they can reveal and who can work at that standard consistently when giving psychic readings. An exceptional psychic reader is also someone who can leave you feeling empowered to make your own choices in life.

Testing for psychic ability

You’ll hear me say a lot that all of the readers on my line have their psychic ability tested a number of times before joining the team and most people who try out are gently turned away.  It’s a tough process that one recently described as going through the Psychic X Factor!  But how do we test, and what are we looking for?

The Psychic X-Factor!

Our testers are highly experienced in spotting genuine outstanding psychic ability. Their identity is kept under wraps especially as we occasionally use our celebrity clients to test the readers.  Potential readers are called out of the blue and put on the spot to perform a general reading without being given any information. Also of course the final test is with me and I do not say a word until the end of the reading. I look for specific details which are not in the public arena.

Psychic ability and accuracy

Psychics undergoing tests need to show that they can go far beyond making general statements that can apply to anybody.  We’re looking for the kind of psychic ability that can pick up significant dates, names, or key life events. Testers are careful not to ‘feed’ psychic readers any information at all that can give them clues as to whether they are on the right or wrong track.

Is this a psychic reader we’d want to talk to?

Alongside any psychic ability, we’re looking for people who can help people find clarity in the kind of problems or questions we can all face in life. Testers are also trained to pick out the kind of people that they know will help people get clear where they are confused and move on where they might feel stuck.

Could you pass the Psychic X-Factor?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join my team, contact Julie at [email protected] to get all the details on how to apply.

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