Enhance Your Tarot Readings with Astrology!

Of course when you are doing a Tarot reading it is always useful if you at least know the Sun sign and possibly the Moon sign of the person you are reading for. But you don’t have to consider yourself to be an expert astrologer to add extra insight to your Tarot readings and boost your clairvoyant abilities as well by tuning in to the astrological symbolism that is contained within the Tarot cards.

You most probably all ready know that the card of The Empress is associated with the planet Venus. In the majority of decks, The Empress is seated upon a throne which has the symbol of Venus on it. So, this one is easy – The Empress represents all things ‘Venusian’ – love, fertility, abundance and also the Venus ruled signs – Taurus and Libra. Green is Venus’s colour so you will often find decks where The Empress is depicted wearing the colour green. So, when doing a reading the appearance of The Empress could signify the arrival of a Libran or Taurean woman/person, it could represent the questioner if these are their signs, or someone with these qualities.

The Emperor is associated with Mars and Aries and of course, Aries is Libra’s opposite sign in the zodiac. It is easy to spot the Aries symbols with The Emperor as there are usually rams heads on his throne.

The Devil is associated with the sign of Capricorn – apologies to all Capricorns out there – nobody thinks you are the anti-Christ! The card is drawn from the symbol of the pagan horned god and Pan and has nothing to do with the Judeo/Christian concept of Satan! Capricorn represents earthly power and this card is linked to that as Capricorn is the sign of establishment. Strength is linked to the sign of Leo as is the card of The Sun. Temperance is the card which refers to Sagittarius and the Wheel of Fortune is linked to Sagittarius’s ruling planet Jupiter who rules luck and sudden changes in fortune. The Death card is linked to Pluto and Pluto’s ruling sign of Scorpio as this card symbolises a transformation rather than an actual death which Scorpio and Pluto rule.

It may surprise you to learn that the card of The Moon is not linked to the sign of Cancer but the sign of Pisces as The Moon rules dreams and intuition and these are Pisces-ruled subjects! The card which represents Cancer is actually The Chariot. Although Cancer is the sign that is linked to home and family it also used to be a sign associate with explorers – just like Sagittarius. The reason for this is that Cancer’s ruling planet The Moon controls the tides and in ancient times of course, explorers set off by sea!

To bring more astro knowledge into your readings spend some time with your tarot deck and your Tarot journal and make note of all the astrological references you can find in your cards when you start to look closely. I can assure you that when you start to tune into your cards on this kind of level you will discover symbols and visual references you never noticed before! Then when these cards pop up in your readings you will be able to drawn on this new astrological element and really start to add a new depth to your readings.

As always, what is important is YOUR interpretation of the cards and the connections that your psychic abilities and higher self is making as opposed to traditional interpretations so don’t be afraid to trust your instincts no matter what the usual explanation is as you will usually discover yours is the correct one for the reading you are doing. And of course, different decks can incorporate different symbols and elements so the connections you make are your unique interpretation.

This is why I  love both the Tarot and astrology so much as both systems can compliment one another and reveal more about one another when worked in synergy. Have fun bringing astrology into your Tarot readings and you will be amazed also how the cards begin to reflect exactly what is going on in the sky at the time.

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