How To Read Tarot – Create Your Future!

Want to give your Quantum Creating and visualisations a real turbo boost? Then reach for your Tarot deck! The Tarot is far, far more than just a system of divination. You can use it to assist you with goal setting and in visualising and reaching those goals. In fact, the Tarot can guide you to the next step you need to take to manifest those goals. Here’s how.

First, schedule a time when you won’t be disturbed and turn off your phone. Have your Tarot journal to hand and take out your favourite deck. If you’ve not written down your goals in your journal now is the time and also this will help you focus. If you’ve already written then down or once you have finished this part of the exercise, run through your goals in your mind as you spread your entire Tarot deck FACE UP on the floor in front of you. They need not be in any order, you can lay them out just as they come out of the pack. Make sure you can easily see them all. Once you have done this, centre yourself and concentrate on your first goal. Ask yourself the following questions:

Which card represents my goal?

Which card represents me when I have reached this goal?

Which card represents me right now?

What do I need to do next to manifest this goal?

Is there any additional information I need to know in order to reach this goal?

Now, without thinking too much about it select five cards – one for each of the questions you asked. As I said, don’t rationalise this – just go for the cards you are intuitively drawn to. Now, look at your cards. What messages do they have about your goal? Pay particular attention to the cards which show you when you have achieved your goal and you right now. What are the key differences? Very often these two cards give us clues about how we feel now and in the future. By changing our emotional vibration to the future card we can bring our goal towards us much faster. The same goes for the last two cards – what you need to do next and anything else you need to know. What messages do they contain about actions you could take?

Write everything you pick up in your Tarot journal and then shuffle the cards and repeat the exercise for each of your goals. You may find the same cards start showing up especially when it comes to how you will be in the future or actions you need to take. This can be especially helpful.

The great thing about doing this is we can use the cards we’ve chosen like a vision board. We can leave them laying out where we can see them or we can recreate the spread and use it to visualise and focus. The vibrant energy of the Tarot calls us all to action and we can use this energy in so many areas of our lives. So – start using your Tarot deck for more than just future guidance – use it to start creating that future today!

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