Intuitive Decision-Making with Tarot Symbols

The Tarot is a unique system of intuitive wisdom, and we can use its symbolism as a tool to make smart decisions.

Long before I started reading for others, I used the Tarot to decode various complexities in my own life.  This isn’t about relying exclusively on the Tarot for answers – it’s about incorporating Tarot symbols into our perception.  By doing so, we make intuitive partnerships that yield far more insight than any one tool alone can provide.

We can look out into our world and see just what’s there -or- we can see our world with mystical eyes.  The Tarot can help focus our mystical vision.


The Tarot, and therefore Tarot symbols are  rooted in nature.  The four suits are based upon the fundamental and natural elements. Furthermore, most of the cards convey simple symbols – common sights we see in our environment like animals, clouds, rivers, stars, flowers, etc.

These common, simple symbols in the Tarot are rife in our surroundings and therefore can easily translate for deeper understandings in real life.

If you’ve been struggling with making a decision, Tarot symbols may offer you more clarity.

An example:  Several years ago I was invited to contribute to two creative projects, and I was conflicted about which one to choose (taking both was not an option).

When I am conflicted,  I start looking for cues because I know my outside world is a reflection of the inner world (and vice versa).

I got myself in a frame of mind that focused my vision more acutely on possible answers.  On nature walks, commutes to work, shopping, while doing chores – I kept myself present in the moment and kept my eyes open to potential clues that might help me make a choice about these two creative projects.

Remaining open to any signs I might receive in the form of Tarot symbols, I went about my business in a light, expectant frame of mind.
While ordering a floral arrangement for a friend, I was told they were out of roses.  A florist, out of roses?  Unbelievable!  I had my heart set on roses.  But, they had plenty of lilies.

I called a second florist.  They were out of roses too.  But, they were running a sale on lilies.

This made me pay attention to the flowers and their meanings in the Tarot.

Roses are shown on several cards in the Tarot, as are lilies.  I took time-out to contemplate the cards featuring roses and lilies.
After thoughtful consideration, I recognized a confirmation.  The roses in the Death and Fool card represented one choice.  The lilies in the Temperance and Ace of Pentacles symbolized another choice.

Further contemplation lead me to make a decision based on the message of the lily in the Tarot.  Playing around with the Tarot imagery and the events at the florist (not having roses, but plenty of lilies) created a new comprehensive vision for me.  What’s more, the decision turned out to be perfection for me.

In my case, seemingly unrelated events paired up with the wisdom of Tarot symbols filled in the details and allowed my intuition to make the right decision.

Look around.  See your world through the eyes of the Tarot.  Free-associate with the things, people, places and events in your life and see if you can draw connections between these and imagery in the Tarot.

Doing so will open up new vision, and offer unique answers to your burning questions.

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