Use the Tarot to Bring Love Into Your Life!

I’m always reminding people that the Tarot is far more than a tool we can use to peer into the future. It is one of the most powerful transformational tools we have at our disposal. The most popular question by far that our readers get asked is: ‘When is love coming into my life?’ Well, how about instead if using the Tarot to answer this question, you use it to create the result you are after? Yes, the Tarot really can help you manifest your goals and this simple ritual is designed to manifest romance – or at the very least the appearance of a hot romantic prospect!

You will need:

Your favourite Tarot deck

A nice piece of paper (not a sheet from that A4 pad you use at the office!)

A pen

Some sea salt

A green candle

Your favourite perfume or essential oil

A wine glass

Light the green candle. Pick up your Tarot deck and remove The Lovers card and set the deck aside. Contemplate The Lovers card for a few moments then place it face up in front of you. Take your nice piece of paper and on it write out as many of the qualities you are seeking in a potential lover that you can think of leaving a space at the top of the page. You might want to start with the major ones like available, honest, kind etc and then move on to other personal qualities that are important to you – anything from creative, hard-working, family-oriented, healthy, secure, stable – etc. Think about all the qualities you want in a partner but be aware that what we want and what we need may be two very different things! A safer bet would be to ask the Universe to send the right person for you or someone better than you can imagine!

When you have written down all the qualities you can think of, at the top of the page write down the date and ‘I now draw a potential partner with these qualities to me with the highest good for all concerned as my intention’. Now, place the card of The Lovers in the middle of the piece of paper and sprinkle the sea salt over it.

When you have done this shake the salt off into the wine glass and add either the essential oil or a few drops or sprays of your favourite perfume. Now, wrap The Lovers card in the paper and place it under your pillow. Next time you bath or shower use the sea salt in the glass and if there is still some green candle left then light this as you bathe.

Spend one night with both the card and the piece of paper under your pillow as you sleep and as you drift off continue to repeat ‘I now draw a potential partner with these qualities to me with the highest good for all concerned as my intention. The following day you may return The Lovers to the pack and place the piece of paper and the burned out stub of the candle somewhere safe and private where no one else will touch it. Obviously ensure the candle has burned out completely and is not warm before putting it away with the paper!

Now, keep a note in your Tarot journal as to what has happened in a week, a month or even over a six month period. Chances are someone who has the majority of the qualities you listed at the very least crossed your path, flirted with you, or even took things a lot further!

We all deserve to be loved and to love in return. We can use Tarot rituals to create magic in our lives and help us manifest our desires. It is a tool we can use to not only see the future, but to shape it as well. So work a little love magic into your Tarot practice and create your future today.





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