Tarot Power! Answers for When a Relationship Ends

The time when a relationship comes to an end is often when we are most likely to turn to a psychic reader or else our own Tarot deck for guidance. When a relationship ends and especially if we have not been the one to end it, this can really have a negative impact on our confidence and self-esteem. However, even if you were the one who left, you can also be left with feelings of failure as you look back and blame yourself, telling yourself this is one more situation where you have not been able to make it work – even if you have been aware for some time that the connection had been lived-out or just wasn’t working.

Facing an unknown future alone or the prospect of re-entering the dating scene, especially after a long absence, can be downright scary and daunting. However, it is precisely when we are faced with situations like this, that the Tarot is there to help us. It can assist with giving you the confidence to face the future – with optimism as well as giving you information about when you will be ready to move on. It can suggest ways for you to meet a new partner when you are ready and even highlight areas from your past relationship that you can work on in order to get a different outcome the next time. The Tarot is there to remind us that we can and do have a future to look forward to and it is waiting for us. Very often this is all the soul-boost we need in the aftermath of a relationship ending.

For this spread, choose a significator to represent yourself and put it down in the centre of what is going to be a heart-shaped spread. Naturally, have your Tarot journal to hand to record what messages the cards have for you. Now, shuffle the cards until you feel they are ready to answer you and reveal the future of your love life. When you are ready, lay down the first card face up to the left and above your significator. Next, set the second card down just below this and slightly more to the right of the significator – the top of this card should be just above the top of the significator card. Lay the third card exactly below the significator. The fifth card to the right of the significator and opposite the third card. The sixth card above the fifth and to the right opposite the first card and lastly, the seventh card above your significator in between and slightly below cards two and six. You now have a heart-shaped spread in front of you.

Card 1: This card shows the future direction your love life is going to take. If a Court card appears here it has information on the kind of person that is coming into your life. If a Major arcana card appears here it can have valuable information for you on the kind of spiritual work you need to undertake to prepare for the next stage on your love journey.

Card 2: Shows how you will feel emotionally with this person and the emotional experience that lies ahead.

Card 3: Shows the direction the relationship will head in and can indicate if this will offer a long term commitment.

Card 4: Reveals any similarities between this new relationship and those of your past and can really give you valuable information on releasing yourself from past patterns and avoiding pitfalls so pay extra attention to the card that falls here. It can also reveal how this new relationship can have a different outcome too!

Card 6: Indicates the level of passion between you!

Card 7: Reveals what steps you can take right now to ensure you have the best chance of success and also information on how, when and where you will meet!

This spread can be a real soul-boost when you need it the most. If you are unsure of what the cards are saying, you can always talk to one of our caring readers who can offer you additional insight and validation but always remember, your future is there and waiting for you!

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