What kind of Tarot deck suits you?

I’m an avid collector of Tarot cards, but I do have a major soft spot for the Rider Waite deck.  This is the deck I literally grew up with and even before I could read I would turn over the vivid pictures in the same way that other kids looked at story books.  Today, it’s my go-to deck – the one I usually reach for when I’m doing a reading.

It’s not just the way that the cards look that makes all the various decks you can get different – it’s the ideas that they are based on and sometimes how you use them that makes them stand apart.  So what kind of Tarot deck might suit you?  Note your answers to the questions below, add up your scores and look at the bottom to see which type of deck you might be drawn towards!

If you had to choose, what would you say is the greatest influence in our lives?

A  I believe that we have free will, but I do feel that we are watched over and protected by the divine.

B. I think that we are influenced by archetypal energies that play out in our everyday lives.

C. I think we’re the biggest influence – we chose to come here, learn and grow through life experiences. 

D. I think it’s the cycles that turn around everything, from the seasons in the year to the seasons in our lives. 

What do you want a reading to do for you or someone else?

  1. I love being able to get or give a quick bit of guidance.
  2. I want something that is going to delve beyond the surface of everyday life to reveal the big themes.
  3. I want it all – from the detail of what’s going on right down to how it all fits in to the soul’s journey.
  4. I want something that helps me or others to get in tune with the energies that are flowing around us at any one time.

Which of these questions would you most like to know the answer to, if you don’t already?

  1. What is Archangel Zadkiel associated with?
  2. What is the name of the wife of Zeus?
  3. What do pomegranates symbolise?
  4. When and how might you celebrate the arrival of spring?

I’m always saying that you can read cards just using your intuition, but how much book based study could you commit to developing your skills?

  1. I’d prefer something I can just pick up and start using without having to open anything at all!
  2. I don’t mind studying but I absolutely love reading myths and legends, so if it was all about that, sign me up now!
  3. I love immersing myself in a whole range of esoteric studies.  The more the better.
  4. Book learning definitely has its place, but for me you can’t beat learning from or with other people and I can only spend so long indoors reading before I start itching to get back into nature!

How would you describe your spiritual path?

  1. I believe in a divine ruler who watches over us.
  2. I’m very drawn to Ancient Gods and Goddesses and feel they are very much alive.
  3. It’s a bit of a mix – I’m fascinated by astrology and numerology but I also really enjoy learning about different magical traditions.
  4. For me, nature is my temple and being in tune with it is my spiritual discipline!

What would be your ideal holiday read?

  1. An Angel Held My Hand, by Jacky Newcomb.
  2. 78 Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack.
  3. Greek Myths, by Robert Graves.
  4. The Mists of Avalon, by Marion Zimmer Bradley


Mostly A

Any kind of Angel Oracle deck might just be the one for you!  Many people love them because they are inspiring and uplifting and can be such a wonderful way for us to explore our connection with the Angelic realm.  They are fantastic for beginners as decks like these usually show an Angel and their messages of inspiration and guidance on every card, so you can literally start using them the minute you get them. 

Mostly B

You might find a that Tarot decks that depict the characters of Greek myths are a natural choice for you, as they allow us to do readings that explore how those archetypal figures and experiences play out in our lives today.  Check out the Mythic Tarot Deck as an example of this.  If you’re fascinated by Jungian Psychology and ancient tales of the power plays between the Gods and Goddesses, you’ll definitely love immersing yourself in this kind of deck.

Mostly C

If you haven’t already chosen a deck to work with, take a look at the original Rider Waite tarot cards.  Every single card is packed with symbolism drawn from astrology, the Kabbalah and the magical tradition of the Golden Dawn.  They are so cleverly done that you can start using them almost straight away, just working from your intuition, but if you want to you can also spend many happy years becoming an expert in each system along the way which only makes you even more astonished at the brilliance of their design!

Mostly D

If you aren’t already a practicing Druid or Wiccan, your deep connection with the natural world and understanding of the cycles of life fit beautifully with The Druid Craft Tarot Deck which was actually created by practising Druids as a blend of Wiccan and Druidic knowledge.  If you want your readings to totally tune you or whoever you are giving a reading to in to the spiritual lore of the natural world, this might be the deck for you.

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One thought on “What kind of Tarot deck suits you?

  1. It’s true! The quiz showed that the Raider- Waite tarot deck is the right one for me… I possess one already – bought it quite some time ago… I had a choice of a few tarot decks, but the Raider- Waite stood out for me.
    It was fun doing the quiz though….

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