Soul Mate Tarot Spread: Discover Your Lover!

Your Soul Mate Tarot Spread: Discover Your Lover!

I love the Tarot because it is such a powerful tool, not just for looking at future trends appearing in our lives, but as a personal empowerment and discovery tool. The Tarot works as Guidance for the Soul, showing us the path we should be heading down, helping us uncover and work on our fears, and revealing
key information on people in and also who are about to enter our lives.

This technique I am about to share with you is all about discovering your soul mate – or more accurately, the next soul mate who is about to enter your life. However, before you embark on this exercise, please bear in mind that the term ‘soul mate’ applies to so many connections – not just a lover although people tend to think that this is exclusively what it means.

A soul mate can arrive in the form of a friend, a collaborator, a boss, a teacher or even an animal. Keep an open mind before you begin and understand the universe will send through the next soul mate that is appropriate for where you are in your journey right now.


Soul mates

Soul mates are those souls with whom we have an agreement to share certain experiences and work through certain lessons together. The time we spend together can range from a few weeks to an entire lifetime.

As usual with any Tarot exercise, disconnect your phone and ensure you won’t be disturbed. You can light candles, decorate your space with crystals and flowers, and put on ambient music if you like – this is your process and your soul-mate discovery time so make it special as the soul you are going to meet! Ensure you have your Tarot journal to hand to record your insights. Take out your Tarot deck and begin to shuffle it. As you do, say the following affirmation:

‘I am ready with an open heart and an open mind to attract and meet my next soul mate who forms the next stage our soul evolutionary journey together’.

 When you are ready, stop shuffling you deck. Lay it face down and cut it into three piles in any way you like. Then put the deck back together again in any order your want. Deal the top four cards face down with the first card at the top, the second at the bottom, the third on the left and the fourth on the right so you have a cross. When you are ready, turn up the card at the top of the spread.

Card 1: Your Next Soul Mate Challenge:

This card reveals key information about the type of soul eternal soulmatemate that is coming your way and also the soul contract or lessons you have agreed to share this lifetime.

So, spend time with this card and really use your intuition to step outside of the usual interpretations attached to it. Yes, if it is a Court Card it will be telling you a lot about the type of person you are about to attract. But even if it is a Minor Arcana card, it is going to have a lot to say about your new soul connection. Write down your impressions and when you are ready, turn over the card at the bottom of the spread.

Card 2: Enter Your Soul Mate!

The position of this card tells you a lot about how, where or when you soulmateswill meet or encounter your soul mate. Remember, if an Ace turns up here they tend to mark seasons – Ace of Wands Spring, Ace of Cups Summer, Ace of Pentacles Autumn and Ace of Swords – Winter. These are marked by the equinoxes and solstices don’t forget. However, any card can provide you will clues to this so pay attention to background colours and what they suggest. Also, don’t forget in terms of timing your soul mate isn’t existing in a vacuum. For example, they may have other soul contracts to complete or experiences to go through before they are ready to appear. Once you have recorded any insights that come to you, move on to the card on the left of the spread.

Card 3: What You Are Coming Together to Experience:

This card will reveal a lot about the type of
psychic soulmaterelationship you and your soul mate have agreed to work through together. Remember to keep an open mind here especially if you do not pull a card like The Lovers or Two of Cups that seems particularly indicative of a romantic relationship. This card is about soul lessons more than actual form. Which may be revealed to you later or in the final card to the right:


eternal soulmate

Card 4: Your Connections Destination:

This final card shows where your soul connection is headed based on where you currently are. So, don’t despair completely if you were to pull a card like the 9 or 10 of Swords, for example. The entire purpose of this spread is to prepare you for your soul mate. If you are not happy with this card, go back and spend more time with Card 3. What you are coming together to experience. By understanding this lesson properly you have the ability to change the outcome. This is why you are doing this exercise in the first place. Knowledge is power and self-empowerment is what the Tarot is all about!

Also, don’t be afraid if you pull cards like Death or The Tower here either. Death represents change or transition. This can mean transiting from being single to being in a relationship. The Tower represents something which is not built on a solid foundation. It is an opportunity to build something lasting instead.

Record everything in your journal and refer beck to it when your soul mate makes an appearance. You will be amazed at how accurate your insights are and how well they can serve you when it comes to soulmate success!

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