5 Simple Hacks to find Your Soul Mate

The question so many of our readers frequently hear is ‘Where is my *soulmate?’ Sometimes it seems that no matter how hard we try – whether it’s working on ourselves and any issues around relationships we have, or just making that extra effort to get out there and meet potential mates, our effort just seemed doomed to failure!

Help is at hand however if you are one of those people wondering what you are doing wrong – the answer is most probably nothing! However, there are ways we can send a signal to the universe that we are indeed ready for that special connection and which also sets in motion the events that will lead us to crossing paths with them. Ready for some truly simple yet effective soul hacks to summon that soul mate? Let’s get you started!

#1: Stop dwelling on the past. Past relationships that have gone wrong, constantly thinking about an ex – whether it is because you still harbour resentment towards them or you still hold that candle, comparing new people you meet to an ex in a negative way, hanging on to letters/emails/things your ex gave you – all these are energy blockers. If you find your thoughts drifting back to the past, concentrate on what is happening in your life right now. Dwelling on the past sends the message you are not ready for something new.

#2: Understand that the love you are seeking is already inside you. Many of us when we fall in love make the mistake of thinking that it is the person we have fallen for who has given us these wonderful feelings. So, when things go wrong this is why we fight to keep hold of the relationship, and if it cannot be salvaged, search for someone who can make us feel this way again. In doing so we can create a negative cycle because we are saying we need the love of someone else to feel validated and loved. Understanding that the feelings we have when we fall in love were inside of us all along and that this person was just the catalyst that brought them out, not only releases us from this cycle, but ensures that we are no longer coming from a place of neediness. When we know that love we crave like a drug is ours, we send out a radically different message which attracts healthy connections thus drawing our soul mate to us as we no longer have a need we need to be filled.

#3: Write a letter to your future lover! We’re told to make a list of qualities – physical or otherwise, that we are seeking in a soul mate but we can go one better and send out that attraction magnet of desire by writing a letter to our future lover. In this letter, we leave out a shopping list but concentrate on the fun times, the life you can create, what you have to offer your soul mate, what they are giving you in return and the experiences you have together. Do this on a Friday as it is Venus’s day and she rules love and attraction! Write your letter on special paper as if you were writing a real love letter right now. Do it by hand and not on your computer. Would you really want to receive a love letter someone had typed? You know the answer to that! When you have finished your letter, seal it in an envelope and then put it away. When your soul mate appears you can then open it and see how your life with them matches what you wrote. You may be amazed!

#4: Love your life right now. It sounds obvious but loving your life just as it is and living it to the full ensures you are happy. Happy people give out great vibes which make others gravitate to them. Plus the more happiness you generate for yourself, the more happiness you attract. Get happy!

#5: Be open. Funny thing when we decide we want a certain person or a certain outcome. We fail to see all the alternatives right in front of us. To illustrate this I want you to look around you right now and take a note of the number of blue objects, pictures, pieces of clothing or anything with the colour blue in it that you can see. Okay? Now – how many red objects did you see? The answer is probably none as you were looking for blue objects. So, instead of being tuned to just blue when we are looking for a soul mate we need to be open to all colours or we may miss something better. By all means have a list of must have inner qualities such as honesty, kindness, loyalty, reliability etc. But don’t get too specific as you may miss the perfect person when they turn up!

*I believe that the term Soulmate is over used and can get people stuck in a rut especially if you feel you have loved and lost someone you labelled your Soul Mate. Although some connections like twin flames feel stronger than others we have many, many soulmates, twin souls and karmic relationships and past life connections never just one. When you send out your calling signal for a new love just ask that it is the right one to bring you happiness and let go of the labels.

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