Be Your Own Psychic! Relationship Answers in 3 Easy Steps

Be Your Own Psychic! Relationship Answers in 3 Easy Steps

Your intuition is the most powerful tool you possess. What is more, your intuition always has your best interests at heart. All of us have this resource at our disposal 24/7. Yet few of us choose to utilise it fully. Especially when it comes to the area that is most likely to cause us to seek a psychic reading. And that’s our relationships!

When we have a relationship issue, the fact is that our hearts and our intellect can sometimes mislead us. We can hope for, rather than truly believe, a certain outcome is possible. The person we care for can be saying one thing and we buy into this; often for a variety of reasons. Usually because we fear losing the relationship and being on our own. But often our intuition is telling us something entirely different. Sometimes however, we can become very confused when we are getting mixed messages from someone we care about.

If you are experiencing any of these situations, how can you gain access to your deep intuitive truth?


Acknowledge you want to see the situation for what is really is, not how you would like it to be. This is the first and also the hardest step. It requires you to be open to the fact that you may not like what your intuition has to tell you. You may have been shutting it down or ignoring that still, quiet, calm voice within because up until this point you were not ready to face the reality of the situation and the possible consequences of that. Say: ‘I tap into the universal truth that is within me. I am ready to accept whatever it has to tell me about my situation no matter if the truth of it or the outcome is what I want or not’.


If you have ever taken an acting class or a creative writing class you will know that in both you are told that it is action that reveals a character’s motivation – not what they are saying. Many actors and writers employ this technique for powerful results to reveal what a character will do next or what their agenda actually is. Are you involved with someone who says ‘I love you’ but constantly lets you down, tells you lies, sees other people, treats you disrespectfully or abusively is always out for what they can get?

Take some time now to run through their actions, how they treat you, what has been happening lately. Are they making promises which they have yet to keep? Did they say they would call you but haven’t? Do they give you just enough to you hanging in there but keep making excuses as to why they fail to deliver? Do you ask them questions and they change the subject or just stonewall you? Conversely, are you missing clues in their actions that tell you the relationship is more serious than you think? Replay their actions and see if they stack up against their words. Then ask your intuition to give you its interpretation of events. The answers you get may shock and surprise you!


Ask your intuition if there is anything else you need to know about the situation and what action you should take. Again, please be open. This can be an upsetting and even confronting part of the process but remember – your goal here is to get to the truth, not to keep walking around in a fog of false hope or to miss signs that their intentions are serious! Your intuition may offer you an alternative way of dealing with the situation that enables you to continue with the relationship but from a new place of mutual love, growth and respect that just hadn’t occurred to you before!

You may suddenly see that the relationship is unfolding in its own time and has a dimension to it you’ve been missing. However, your intuition may now have enabled you to see that the relationship has no future. No matter what information your intuition has given you, thank it and please, act upon it – or not if your intuition tells you to just let it take its course. Even if you now know you have to end the relationship sometimes this can lead to a new beginning, but be prepared to go through with your actions no matter what the ultimate outcome is.

The more you use your intuition the more you will see that it can and does provide you with the best possible guidance that only has your welfare at heart. This leads to increased self-empowerment and self-respect – which just gets reflected in all your relationships. So, open up to the intuitive truth about love today.

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