Looking for Your Soulmate?

I’m writing this in the run-up to Christmas – a time when many people who are on their own tend to feel the absence of a partner in their lives the most. But that search for that special soul connection is one that preoccupies us all year round if it is missing in our lives. So, if you are searching for a soulmate – whether during the festive season or at any other time of year, what can you be doing to attract them that you may not have done in the past? The answer is – you have to head to where the magic happens.

So, just where is that? Well, it’s actually no big secret but often requires that we adjust our thinking in order to go there and access its wisdom and gifts (a soulmate being only one possible gift you may be able to manifest when you get there!). Basically the magic happens outside your comfort zone. Really. It’s that simple. To quote Thomas Jefferson: ‘If you want something you’ve never had you must be willing to do something you’ve never done before’. That requires us doing something new and doing something new requires us to leave the safety of our comfort zone – in other words the things we have done in the past. Human beings are creatures of habit. An often, even when we don’t get the results we are after, we keep trying the same thing again and again.

Have a think for a moment about everything you have done in the past to meet someone. Now, I’m not talking about cosmic ordering, Quantum Creating or other visualisation techniques. There’s no doubt that part of the process has a big role to play. But the fact is, we need to back that up with action. So, what actions did you take? If you’re reading this chances are you are still looking for that partner so clearly you didn’t get the results you wanted. Now, having had an ‘action audit’ of the past – throw all these ideas out and come up with three never-tried before ideas for meeting your soulmate – right now. Get creative. Is there something you have always wanted to try but were perhaps waiting until you had a partner do share that with? Don’t wait any longer. Do it now. Perhaps your dream has been to take the trip of a lifetime somewhere exotic like Brazil with your partner and you think about the two of you learning Portuguese in preparation. Sign up for Portuguese lessons. If you’ve tried internet dating but haven’t met the kind of partner you were hoping for – stop. Look at alternatives such as joining an activity group. Alternatively, if you have shied away from internet dating maybe it’s time to give it a try? Lacking confidence? Terrified of public speaking or presenting your ideas at work? Join Toastmasters. Get creative but above all – come up with ways you haven’t explored and which send you off out of your usual social circle/routine/what you know. Sometimes when we let go of our primary goal (in this case finding a soulmate) and instead head in the direction of something that excites or challenges us we not only grow on a confidence and soul level but we end up finding exactly who or what we are looking for. This is finding the magic!

Although it may seem soul-stretching or even challenging at first to try something new, don’t forget the new will soon become familiar. And once you have made the effort with the first step, then taking other steps and trying out new activities, groups, experiences or venues will get easier.

You can use this technique to brainstorm ways to reach other goals in your life that have become elusive despite your best efforts – anything from your career to something you want to have, do or experience. Just remember – try something new and head out into the unknown. It’s labelled ‘Magic’ on your soul map!

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