Love blocked? 5 tips to let the love in.

Sometimes when we are in love limbo it can feel as if it will last forever. In all situations in life the most powerful thing we can do is change a pattern. Looking at things from a new angle, awakening our psychic intuition and focusing on what we want and not on our lack is a good start. Here are five tips to wake up to the fact that you are a beacon of love! Love is everywhere and your journey into love can take a dramatic turn when you tweak your thoughts on love.

1)      Love yourself.  Our relationships or lack thereof, are a reflection of what we think we are worth. If you want someone to love you, the first step towards that is to love yourself. If you value yourself then others will value you. A sense of self-worth and good self-esteem are essential for getting the love we desire from someone else. True love begins with ourselves.


2)      Be honest about what you really want. Of course we all want to be loved but is love really what you want right now? Be totally honest here. Do you want a relationship or do you in fact want to travel, move house or get that dream job first? Like any goal, to succeed love has to be the priority.


3)      Create the life you love right now. Our lives should be filled with passion. If there’s an area in your life that’s not working then a relationship won’t fix it.  And far from attracting someone in shining armour who will rescue you, you’ll most likely attract someone who needs rescuing themselves. Happy people leading passionate lives attract other happy people who add to their passion.


4)      Take action. It may sound obvious but heaven really does help those who help themselves. Action always follows intention. First you need to state your intention to the universe to attract a partner. Visualise your intention radiating out across the cosmos like a beacon which will draw your ideal partner to you. Having done that then make sure the actions you take continue to reinforce your intention. This can be as simple as just making sure you’re feeling good whenever you step outside your door – you don’t have to look like you’re setting off for a Vogue cover shoot – just feeling great is enough; to accepting all invitations that come your way or joining an on-line dating site. Whatever feels best for you. What you radiate you will attract.


5)      Be open. In the film Something New, Kenya (Sanaa Nathan) has very specific ideas about her ‘perfect’ man. He should be professional (she’s a CPA), and just like her – African-American. Brian (Simon Baker) doesn’t fit the bill as not only is he a landscape gardener he’s also white and she cuts their first date short because of this. Yet Brian is exactly what Kenya needs. So be open and take some time to at least get to know them. Our idea of a ‘perfect’ partner and the person who is perfect for us can be two different things. So take that step and who knows, you may discover you’re perfect for each other!

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