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I recently attended a gig for AONA where I gave a reading to Dame Kelly Holmes. What a star! She is generous of spirit and a wonderful, down to earth, open hearted person. Kelly is an inspiration who is someone dedicated to giving back and making the world a better place with a real passion […]

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Lilly, our Rescue Donkey

This is Lilly, one of our rescue donkeys. She is so gorgeous and is now like a show donkey! When she arrived she was a flea bitten wreck with overgrown hooves. She always makes me laugh and is a delight.

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Rescue Ponies

This is a photo of Charlotte, our rescue Shetland pony. Sadly, in the end she had to be put down, but she got to spend a whole year with our gorgeous foal Piccolo, who is doing stunningly well and is in love with Pumpkin, our other Shetland.

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Carriage Driving for the Disabled

We have also supported West Somerset Carriage Driving for the Disabled. Putting energy into local charities is fantastic as it give you sense of well being and an appreciation of all the blessings in your life. Why not check out your local charity? The photo to the left shows Michele giving her “X Factor: Xtra […]

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Little Bridges

Little Bridges is the only hospice for children in the South West. We have just donated £220 as an initial donation with plans for ongoing donations.

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