Justice is an interesting card. I’ve learned over the years that what we see as Justice or injustice can be very subjective! We all view situations differently. We can sometimes feel an injustice has been done and we’ve totally got the wrong end of the stick. We can make assumptions and then dislike someone or feel insulted when actually that person means no harm or the other person views the experience in a totally different way. This card is not a card of petty injustice but the card of Universal Justice where divine karma may intervene. It’s also the card of contracts, legal issues and doing the right thing. If there is something in your life that you feel requires Justice to free you, then this card implies that Justice will be done. Sometimes we have to find the love in our heart to move on and hand over our sense of injustice to a higher power. I have also learned along the way that sometimes Justice is not done, or not done in the moment, but catches up in the end. Be fair, be honest and know that some kind of resolution is on the way, and Justice finds a way.