The Devil

The Devil – Temptation!

Yikes, the Devil! The Devil is not all bad and actually reveals that you have the power to escape! OK, the Devil is telling you that your fear could be making you self-destructive. The Devil card talks to you about addictions, about giving your power away. When you are afraid, do you turn to a bad habit? Do you drink more, smoke? Eat cheese? Have sex with someone who doesn’t make you feel good?  List all of your self-sabotaging mechanisms and look at how you can heal them.

Now is an awakening of your sacred sexuality and you are reminded that you are worthy of affection and love and that you are a divine and sacred being. What is your attitude to your sexuality? The Devil asks you to examine if there is a manipulating force around you BUT informing you that you are now free to break any negative bonds. You have the power, the claws and the spirit to release yourself from any prison, self-imposed or otherwise.

You could be too much under the influence of someone else and although you may feel that you cannot or even want to change, you hold the ability to unchain yourself from the situation.