The Magician

You’ve got the power!

Get ready! A new cycle is coming, and you are in charge! How do you feel about that? Are you happy to create your destiny? You have the tools in front of you to be the Magician in your life, but of course, you have to choose to use them!

I love this card as it shows you are ready to create a different reality. The Cosmos is all ears and is listening intently to what you want to manifest. Are you being clear or sending confusing messages?

The Magician is entering your life to reveal how powerful you are. Channel your desires, flow with your intent and make the magic happen. Have fun with it, play with creating a vision board. Create a Pinterest board filled with things that you want to manifest. The key to creating your reality is simple – Believe it is possible, believe you deserve it and then order it with the joy and expectation of a child! Go make magic!