The Moon

Dreams and Intuition

Are you in touch with the rhythm of your spirit? Do you know what is making you feel the way you are today? Are you at your best or feeling less energetic than usual? The Moon is asking you to delve into your subconscious, to look for the signs and symbols that are in front of you. What are your instincts trying to tell you? How did you feel on the last Full/New Moon? Did you miss a message then? Where you more emotional? It’s time to pin down and face what you already know.

You are naturally psychic, instinctive and nurturing. Use your psychic ability on yourself. Listen to your Goddess within as she is a wise old soul. Do you have a feeling about someone in your life that you are ignoring? The Moon tells you that you have the answer already. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down. Honour your emotional needs and allow others to nurture you sometimes. You radiate warmth and love, protect yourself as you would others!