Testimonial for Carol by Serena - December 20, 2022

“Carol reads and reflects with GREAT accuracy. Carol is a hair raising medium able to relay messages if a spirit chooses to come through. Carol communicated specific experiences, emotions and memories of my loved ones she had no way of knowing. This validated her connection time and again when I call for a reading. Additional kin to being a gifted medium she’s a fabulous psychic with life balancing foresight. I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone else, but Carol picked up a distrust I had for a co worker; she assured me I was right in what I was feeling and that I was by passing all of her hidden agendas, ploys and traps. Carol told me of work related travels that came to pass and she described an area of nature I love to visit with complete accuracy. She even identified my culture without me mentioning it. I am Native American, she kindly and specifically described my ancestors war paint and bird feather meanings to a T. I had not told her anything about my ethnicity but my ANCESTORS sure did! Carol is someone you will want to call again and again enjoying connection with deceased loved ones.”