Testimonial for Sam by Andrea - August 14, 2023

I first talked to Sam in November of last year. She tapped into my person of interest right away with specific details. She also told me some things that I did not want to believe and told me I should manage my emotions and slowly disengage from this person. This was without any prompting from me about the situation. The only thing she asked at the beginning of the reading was his initials. Because I so desperately didn’t want to believe what she was telling me, I contacted two more psychics until I finally heard what I wanted to hear about this person, who happened to be what I thought at the time was a  very good friend, and a prospective romantic interest. Fast forward to August and the reality slapping me in the face that everything Sam told me was on point. I was devastated but contacted her again for clarity.

Her insights into this person were uncanny and detailed. I was absolutely blown away. Although I went through a very traumatic and difficult time, getting insights from Sam proved more valuable to me than any therapy session could have because of her insights into the other person. Thank you Sam. You are a blessing.