Testimonial for Sam by Deane - March 4, 2024

I feel honoured to leave feedback for Sam.  “I cannot say enough about this very special lady.  She has such a beautiful soul, and our connection is unlike any other I have experienced. I have consulted with Sam’s Gifts for years and wouldn’t make decisions without her guidance. The way she can just hone in on a situation goes above and beyond. She can reveal what someone is thinking about you, and their intentions, just by giving their initial which is nothing short of mind-blowing. She always seems to be spot on. She revealed information about my ex-partner that no one else could possibly know. Sam has such a cheerful and personable manner that makes her more than just a psychic. She is a best friend, a sacred mirror, and a cheerleader. Sam has been with me through every emotional moment, relationship breakup, financial challenge, work-related issue, and every trial and tribulation in my life. When speaking with her, you are guaranteed a sacred non-judgemental space. She always uses integrity and honesty and never sugarcoats the truth. Within a few minutes of speaking with Sam, you get this sense of a heavy burden being lifted and your soul feeling nurtured and nourished. You leave the phone call with renewed energy and hope. She is a truly talented lady, and I feel so blessed to have her in my life.