Testimonial for Tara by Serena - December 20, 2022

“To imagine a warm Golden sunrise would be the energy Tara brings to the table. Like a summers day breeze by a babbling brook Tara’s readings transport me to another dimension to the realm of the unseen. Her amazing insights and deep spiritual gifting has aided situations around me and my family greatly! The gentle compassionate nature of this reader is a healing gift and bonus to her crystal clear readings! Tara provided readings for me through a very pivotal time of transition in my life over a year ago- EVERYTHING spirit advised through her played out exactly like it was spoken. When I sincerely need a warm deep healing reading for my family, Tara is the one I call. She cherishes her time with you, she sincerely likes to leave clients with a uplifted inspiration and empowered sense of direction. I have never seen an Angel, but I’ve definitely heard one with each and every time I have called 2224! Thank you Tara for guiding my family needs with love and light.”