Testimonial for Louise by Felicity - April 20, 2023

I have so many things I want to say about this incredibly gifted lady, I almost don’t know where to start!!

Louise came to my rescue a few years ago when I was on the verge of making a very bad decision. I’m so grateful I spoke to her then, as she helped steer me back on track again and gave me faith things would improve. She made a number of predictions going forward, which subsequently came true!

Then yesterday, I was lucky enough to get through to her to ask about a separate issue involving a friend. I only had to give her a name and the information she was then able to relay with her guides was incredible! Her level of detail is second to none. It will blow you away! Louise could tell me EVERYTHING I needed to know, as if all those involved were standing right there in front her and in a matter of minutes this huge burden of how to handle the situation had been lifted.

Louise then started to bring up other scenarios around me, and I found myself being presented with the answers to so much more than I’d ever hoped. It was like the flood gates had suddenly opened! She unravelled so many of my inner frustrations surrounding work and family, that for the first time I finally understand the course my life has taken…and how to change things for the better! There are no vague, or generic responses with Louise. If it’s good she’ll tell you, if its bad she’ll tell you! Her insight into those closest to me was a total revelation – I just couldn’t see it for myself until she pointed it out. I feel I’m finally able to make a huge leap forward that I never could have done without her help.

Talking to Louise is like talking to your guardian angel. She makes you feel so supported and at ease. I was blessed to be given the opportunity to speak to her again – by far one of the greatest talents you will find on the MK site