Psychic reader Louise

 Michele says

One of the best test readings I have ever experienced as her attention to detail was second to none. Louise does not use cards or tools. She leaps right in and connects to voice vibration. I am very proud to have her on our team.

What people say

  • “It’s my Birthday today so I treated myself to a reading with Louise. I have to say it was the best reading I’ve had this year. Louise brought my beloved Dad through & made me laugh so much. I needed that. I’m off to M&S for a Birthday cream tea … read more

    - Written by Jayne

  • “Wow, wow, wow what a wonderful, gifted, warm hearted lady. Louise is absolutely fantastic. My jaw kept dropping everytime Louise explained things only I know because it was my life. Anyone who has a reading with Louise will understand because of what she told me. I was really blown away, … read more

    - Written by Sue

  • “I called because I was feeling upset about a situation that Louise is helping me with. She provided a compassionate ear and then reiterated what was important for me to remember. She also put my worries into perspective and helped me see why I felt the way I did.”

    - Written by Paul

  • “I had my first reading with Louise last week and another recently. I was feeling really low and thought I would give her a try. I actually don’t know how to put into words how I feel a week later because two of her predictions have already come to light, … read more

    - Written by S

  • “I contacted a few readers over the last few years as I have been through a particularly difficult time in my life and have had some great readings but feel compelled to write a personal note on my experiences with Louise. Louise is not only an amazing Psychic she was … read more

    - Written by Alison

  • “Getting a reading with Louise is like speaking with a very wise friend. She gave me the name of someone I’d be meeting over the next month and sure enough, it actually happened! She also picked up on something going on with a family member, that I didn’t even ask … read more

    - Written by Micole

  • “I have had several readings with Louise over the last two months. I actually can’t put into words how utterly amazing she is. Louise is exceptional. For many years I have sought guidance from psychics to try and gain some perspective on difficult situations but never have I come across … read more

    - Written by S

  • “Louise has been such an amazing support to me, she really has helped me through a very difficult time where to be honest I did not feel I could do it, however her readings and guidance have been instrumental in helping me change my life for the better. Thank you … read more

    - Written by Anon