Psychic reader Louise

 Michele says

One of the best test readings I have ever experienced as her attention to detail was second to none. Louise does not use cards or tools. She leaps right in and connects to voice vibration. I am very proud to have her on our team.

What people say

  • “Louise is very well attuned and lovely to speak to. Very caring and sees things very clearly and delivers her message without hesitation. She is mindful of how she delivers a message but will always tell you the truth. She will guide you on how to tackle a situation openly … read more

    - Written by Ann

  • “When I first spoke to Louise, within seconds I didn’t have to say or give anything away, she knew exactly what I wanted to talk about. Since then I’ve spoken to Louise a few times. Louise is an absolutely lovely woman; words cannot describe. An Angel. She will tell you … read more

    - Written by S

  • “I called Lousie as I was really confused about a situation and she guided through it, the first prediction had come true so I called her again to learn more about the situation. To my surprise while we were discussing about the something, suddenly my grandmother got in touch with … read more

    - Written by R

  • I remember my first reading with Louise, she said my ex would be in touch and he was. She mentioned so many other things in regards to my past relationship, which of course she could have had no idea of, unless I had told her, but she knew. It was … read more

    - Written by Prabs

  • “Louise was amazing, I didn’t tell her much and she was able to channel exactly what I was feeling, and why! She is truly gifted!”

    - Written by Stacy

  • “I had to send some feedback for the remarkable Louise who has helped me through an incredibly difficult year. Aside from being caring and understanding Louis is startlingly accurate, even down to her telling me in August of last year that Valentines day of this year would have a big … read more

    - Written by Victoria

  • “I know people are inclined to say this about some psychics, but Louise (2274) genuinely felt like a true friend in the first 5 minutes of speaking to her. Take my word on that. Louise is absolutely brilliant, and has been the best voice-vibration, no tools used psychic that I … read more

    - Written by Rebecca

  • “Indeed, you have Super Powers like X-men ;) Coco Contact prediction SPOT ON! We spoke last week and you told me he will contact me next week and it happened! Magical! Just from the first 60 seconds, Louise can just pick up the situation 200% which shocked me, no way … read more

    - Written by Donna