Testimonial for Louise by Jacqui - February 22, 2017

“I am compelled to write this review because I am truly blown away by my experience with Louise on Michele Knight. I have spoken to many clairvoyant/mediums in my lifetime but none quite as exceptional as Louise. Her ability to foresee outcomes and tune into the heart of a situation with detail is unmatched. Louise is very genuine and will tell you the truth as it is. She uses her exceptional gift with integrity, honesty, grace and humour. I spoke to Louise at a time when I was feeling lost and in a dark place. However her warmth, insights and fabulous humour lifted my spirits completely. Louise told me details about things in my life that no-one could have possibly known – which left me gobsmacked! Additionally her predictions up to this point have been spot on. Even on the timings! I had been contemplating leaving a job I was unhappy at, which was draining me. Louise picked up on this without any prompting, as well as the negative environment and the people who were making it difficult for me there. I had my eye on a particular job, though wasn’t sure if I should go for it. However, even before I applied for it, she predicted that I would get an interview – and I did! She then predicted that I would be offered the job – and I got it! She foresaw I could negotiate for a higher wage and advised that I should – and I got that too! It literally gave me goosebumps when these predicted events came into fruition in my life! All within less than a two week period! She also guided me through a difficult relationship situation, in which I was at a loss as to what to do, to improve the situation. It seemed hopeless to me. But she was able to navigate and explain the difficult emotions within my guy and I, that were creating the blockages, as well as give sound guidance on how to move forward with it to improve the circumstances and get us on the right track. Her insights into my guy’s nature, his anxieties and the reassurances he needed from me were spot on once again. Listening to her insights and following her guidance turned everything thing around for us and we are now back together in a much better place than before. It’s astonishing! Louise is exceptional, honest and off the chart AMAZING! A true rare, unique gem. And I am so excited for what she has foreseen in my future.”