Testimonial for Gina by Michelle - September 17, 2018

“Gina has been nothing but an absolute star since I began speaking with her in September 17. In truth, the reason for my initial call was to do with love life – of which Gina provided accurate information and guidance. But during that first reading and subsequent ones since, Gina had always referred to changes in my career – which in truth at the time did not resonate at all. Gina stated these changes would be taking place during a warmer time of year and would mean a huge uplift in my career. Roll on to July and completely out of the blue several job opportunities presented themselves. At the time I was gobsmacked (two in one week) and then remembered Gina’s readings – I was able to go back and listen to those readings and start joining the dots. The most important aspect of this is that Gina advised me that although offers would come in from outside my current organisation, an offer would also come from my current employer which would offer me the promotion and level of responsibility I have been looking for. Further to this Spirit were advising the they would really want me for this particular role so I would have some negotiating power. So here I am in early September having taken Gina’s advice on board. I have been promoted and also had the confidence to negotiate terms which were acceptable to me. I would not have had the courage to do this without Gina or Spirits guidance.  Gina – thank you from the bottom of my heart.”