Testimonial for Alesso by Maxine - January 29, 2019

“Alesso truly is a beautiful and gifted being. There is no ego with him yet he is so generous with his insight and wisdom. He spoke with acute accuracy about the current anxiety issues my teenage daughter suffers from and it was comforting to hear him reiterate that she will be ok as you have to believe that and stay positive as the mother. Alesso also summed up my current career frustrations with a relaxed ease that just instantly grounded me, nailing the issues I have such as feeling unfulfilled, the office politics etc but not dwelling on this. Instead focusing on what he sees coming forward which reflects exactly what I am trying to achieve – a work, life balance with flexible hours. He also picked up on a man around me and that he cares deeply for me and is almost having to retrain himself as to what a healthy relationship is and that he is more akin to the female in our relationship and me the man. Haha, all spot on and I could go on and on gushing with appreciation for this gentle and inspiring psychic reader. Sending blessings of gratitude to Alesso and the team at MK.”