Testimonial for Carmela by Amanda - May 17, 2021

“I was blown away by my reading just now with Carmela and felt that I needed to write a review. Having felt quite low over the last week, I was slightly apprehensive about having a reading but was lucky enough to get Carmela who blew me away within seconds. She immediately connected with my late Dad and not only gave me his name but the name of the person who had been his carer, as well as several other names of others who are still here and feature prominently in my life. She felt the need to spell out out one name and was completely correct with how it was spelt. As well as the above she was SPOT ON with significant, recent life changing dates and was also able to connect with things only I knew about that I have plans for, that I haven’t shared with anyone else. Most of all she gave me hope that after a particular tough year I could look forward to a positive future and that everything would be ok which not only gave me a lot of strength but completely re-energised me. Carmela is an outstanding psychic medium who really heals with her words, talent and strong, positive presence. I cannot thank her enough for the reading.”