Testimonial for Carmela by Lottie - July 28, 2020

“I spoke with Carmela for the first time recently and she immediately put me at ease. She has an amazing warm and uplifting energy. She went straight to the issue and correctly described the character of the person I was ringing up and described him as a ‘Victor Meldrew’ character (which he is). Carmela described his energy as that of a snake and she was correct as he is currently under criminal investigation. At one point, I felt my body fill up with heat from my head transferring down my body and Carmela said ‘can you feel that, I have just sent you some healing’. I was amazed as it felt beautiful and I felt rejuvenated. Carmela has given me hope again that I am moving forward. I now feel more settled within myself and more hopeful for my future. Carmela is incredible and has been given an amazing gift and you can tell that she really wants to help others to move forward with clarity and hope. Thank you so much lovely lady.”