Testimonial for Lynda by 2318 - March 19, 2018

“She knew exactly how I’ve been feeling with career and romance and exactly what’s been happening in both. She touched on how this has left me feeling but what is coming in to relieve that since I have made some life changing decisions. She highlighted that I’ve been having visions and not trusting my own psychic instinct (which I know) and put me at ease! I would say all of your psychics gave an overview of these things but Lynda was able to drill much deeper into all this and without me telling her anything. She described others feelings and thoughts around me and what to be aware of, but also the opportunities now coming in. I feel so relived, I could cry! She also has a soothing way of telling you things which makes you relax (initially I was guarded, which she asked me to ease into to facilitate her tuning in). Will definitely call Lynda again!”