Testimonial for Sadie by Jo - February 17, 2011

“Hi – wanted to leave some feedback for Sadie (2227) – Wow is all i could say! This is the 2nd reading with her and she totally floored me with this reading – even more specific with details and feelings and describing people. I was gobsmacked when she asked me why i was upset on the 4th Jan (i was on holiday) but before i said anything she said that there was a couple in front of me who comforted me and made me feel welcome – so true!!! I’ve had lots of readings before including on this site but Sadie is by far the most precise reader i’ve ever come across. Yes it is a mission to get hold of her but my word, she is worth the wait. Keep on trying and don’t get frustrated that you’ve just missed her – if you’re meant to have a reading with her, you’ll get through….and once you do, you’ll be so pleased you waited”