Testimonial for Sadie by Jackie - February 22, 2011

“I had a reading with Sadie last week and wow wow wow. She told me that my ex had been found out for something at work and I thought it was one thing but it was actually another. Absolutely amazing. She said he was in absolute turmoil and didn’t know which way to turn, (been told this before by a few readers but just didn’t beleive it). I didn’t tell her that I had had lots of readings and the first thing she said was why am I getting loads of readings when they all say the same. She asked who had dyed their hair bright red, that was me, she asked who had just started wearing reading glasses, that was me, and then she said who had been looking at tattoos and that was me that very morning. She went to the immediate thing on my mind without me saying a word. I can’t wait for her predictions to come true, I am so excited. She truly is a wonderful lady and made me feel so good as I felt like I was talking to someone who truly knew what was happening. Absolutely amazing thank you so much.”