Karmic relationship, Soulmate, addiction Video

Relationship problems? Looking for your soulmate? Can’t escape someone you feel you have known forever? Lost in love? Michele gives you the spiritual lowdown and tips to transform love and awaken to who you truly are.

2 thoughts on “Karmic relationship, Soulmate, addiction Video

  1. Michelle, this resonates so much. It took years for me to see the patterns in my earlier relationships,
    and how I was the magnet for those impossible or unhealthy
    relationships.I was attracting them, unaware that I was projecting that which attracts them to me. I took responsibility for how my relationships turned out. This is something people need to understand- we play a huge role in what relationships come to us. By delving deeper into the energy I was putting out, I learned to correct it and project a different energy (years of work, not something one could do overnight). But, I agree with you, just because there is a deep attraction, does not mean that person is a healthy match, we might just be addicted to an old pattern. xoxo

  2. I absolutely LOVE this Michele and it’s all very true. I long ago recognized the unhealthy karmic pattern I was attracting as I worked out childhood issues where my emotional needs were not met. I now preach the same message, warning others. I’m sharing your message with my FB Romance Group. Thank you! :)

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