December 2022 Monthly Astrology Video – All Change as Jupiter reenters Aries

monthly astrology

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Finally, in the December month astrology, we are feeling much more optimistic and driven. It’s still Sagittarius season, but the flicker of Capricorn’s tenacity arrives on the 6th, with Mercury (the planet of communication)  entering very serious and committed Capricorn, hot on the heels of that, Venus, the planet of love, joins on December 10th.

What or who do you want to commit to? We might be tempted to reignite a past passion or dream with Mars retro in Gemini. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, reenters Aries, which is sort of an antidote to Mars in Gemini retro. We feel bold, brazen, and impulsive.

Have a stunning one

So much love

Michele x (PS If you find these helpful, I would be so grateful if you shared x)

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