January 2020 Astrology, A New Era Begins

Astrology January 2020 – A New Era Begins. Are you ready?


You are a new success story in the making

Walk to the beat of your own drum

Your highest potential calls for reaching for a higher solution

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

Time to author yourself a brand new kind of success story as 2020 begins, Aries. You can reach for higher solutions and opportunities that may never have existed before. Nor will again. You’ve the confidence and impetus to surge forward in search of this thanks to ruler Mars in your 9th from the 3rd. But the real focus for you and everyone else this month is the once in 500-year meeting between Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Which is of course your 10th of status and success, recognition, renown and rewards.

Capricorn is the sign of the mountain goat. It therefore rules people at the top. The Queens and Kings of the Hill. The top of the heap to quote Sinatra. And also the structures that support them. Hierarchies, the establishment, government and corporations all come under the rulership of Capricorn and your 10th house. When you look at a ‘natural’ chart where Aries is the 1st house, you see that the 10th is right at the top of the chart. This shows you how far you can go or how high you can climb. It also indicates the status of your partner – or potential partner. How high they can climb too.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. It’s about rewards for long term efforts, time, karma and owning our choices and actions. It rules structures – the towers of worldly power if you like. Pluto rules the underworld and those in positions of power. So, when these two meet we have a clash occurring between what has been established and what needs to be ended or transformed. With ‘fallout’ occurring if people have abused their position, acted ruthlessly in pursuit of worldly success, exploited others or the planet or taken a ‘What is mine is mine, and what is yours is also mine’ approach. This could see them tipped out of their towers – a bit like the card of The Tower in the Tarot!

Expect traditional ideas of success to be replaced by new ones now. For you, it’s time to define success by your own standards – not by how society or others tell you what a ‘successful’ person is. During this month we are likely to be shown that the people who have been held up as models of success to emulate, are anything but! As they tumble down the ladder, what this means is that for the people further down, there will be an unrivalled opportunity to climb up. Not to take their place you understand, but to become a new model of what a success story looks like.

Remember as this month unfolds, it happens again the backdrop of Jupiter in your 10th making this the biggest and most intense 10th house weather ever. Jupiter always has our backs and always has an opportunity to offer us. So, bear this in mind as no matter what happens, Jupiter’s open-handed generosity is at work!

Ready to work the future like a boss? It begins on the 10th with the full Moon in its ruling 4th in your chart. Highlighting not just your status in worldly terms – and here I am talking about your home, family, how you are seen, what you have and your career. But what you need emotionally. What you hang on to or use to define you in order to feel recognised and also secure. Of course at its deepest level this is where you live and your emotional support structure. But it is also your position, your job title and even your title if you are a ‘Mrs’ or ‘Mr’. You’ll acknowledge your vulnerabilities under this full Moon and whether or not what you have really makes you feel safe, grounded and supported fully.

This is your prep work for what follows just two days later. January 12 sees the meeting between Saturn, Pluto and also Mercury and Ceres take place. Please note if you have Cancer/Capricorn factors at 23 degrees in your chart – or at 23 degrees give or take 1-2 either way in another sign, you are going to be personally affected by this. Home, career, your title, status, money and possessions will be rearranged and subject to intense change. Understand this is neither necessarily good nor bad, it is change only. You may also be affected personally or professionally, by changes occurring in the outer world at a corporate, political, financial or even world level. This is a new world being born thanks to Ceres in the mix.

The following day (13th) sees the Sun join this massive, world-shifting meet up. Some of you may now see powerful people hold doors open for you to newly vacant opportunities. Others may be in the middle of a seismic shift where they are now actively engaged in realigning ideas of status and success with who they truly are. So, just what is success going to look like for you from this pivotal moment onward in time? To quote Maya Angelou: Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.

So, it doesn’t matter what you do or how high you can climb, but whether or not you like yourself when you get to the top. You may look back down and realise you lost something valuable along the way. If so, this month offers the opportunity to back-track and reclaim it. From Jan 20th when the Sun enters your 11th, the Now Aquarian age begins. We have a new Moon in here on the 24th and Ceres enters here on the final day of the month. This is the house where you set your future in motion. It’s one now based on that new definition of success. Walk your own path from here on in, Aries. True success is refusing to allow others to define what is yours.

In a nutshell: World re-making events ask you to reach for a higher opportunity. And redefine what success means to you, Aries. Forge anew and better pathway to the top. One that’s aligned with who you truly are.



  • Recognition flows from past efforts
  • Release yourself into new and unexplored opportunities
  • That life-changing journey begins now

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

Just who have you been working so hard to impress, Taurus? You are the sign of sustained effort. One which often works long and hard behind the scenes. So, people underestimate you as a result. This month’s intense Capricorn weather in your 9th could blow you right into the spotlight when it comes to showcasing yourself not just on a local stage – but a world one!

Jupiter is the natural ruler of your 9th house and it just so happens to be paying its once-in-a-12 year visit in here right when all this occurs. So for you Taurus, the potential to go further under this influence, is maximised more than almost any other sign. Travel, learning, the law, publishing, the mass media, foreign trade, studying overseas, religion, sports, the outdoors and foreigners could feature. As could emigrating as this cycle offers radical and lasting change and freedom with where and how you live. Going from a backroom boy or girl to a leading man or lady in your field is one more potential January 2020 could set in motion for you.

Some of you may therefore be starting the year heading to the airport, passport in hand. If so, prepare for a journey that will open your eyes and widen your horizons like no other ever before. Or possibly again. For others this could be a metaphorical trip. Whichever it turns out to be, you will not see the world in the same way again. And neither will it see you for that matter.

For some time now, you have needed the opportunity to grow into a bigger life experience. Without change the cygnet does not become a swan. If you are heading overseas, you may see yourself caught up in world events or being witness to some. Or seeing them via other people’s perspectives. Even if you are not travelling, what occurs far away deeply impacts on your worldview. Again, this shifts yours.

What you have said, written, published, shared, taught or communicated and even your ideas, should be pointing the way ahead for you at the time of the full Moon in your 3rd on the 10th. This may gain you the response or recognition from those you have been working so hard in order to gain their backing, attention or support.

Just two days after this full Moon sending you along a destiny-driven path, we have the world changing meeting of Saturn and Pluto occurring in your 9th. Mercury and Ceres forms part of this. So, what we are seeing is a new world and new ideas being born. And for you personally, new and bigger opportunities ahead if you dare to venture towards them. Yes, this may mean leaving the familiar behind. Scary? A little. But there’s the feeling along with this of being truly alive again!

The 13th sees the Sun join in this weather. This is all about you and your biggest dreams and what you feel a need to experience and fulfil. But on a soul level. The Sun is now illuminating the next step along this journey. Dare to take it. You may find you come to the attention of someone you have been working so hard in order to gain their notice. They may literally open a door to an opportunity for you. Watch for anyone generous, out-going and larger than life as if you encounter them, take it this is Jupiter paying you a visit in person.

The thing about major astrological events especially what we are seeing right now, is that often the planets do manifest in the form of people via whom we experience the energy of the transit. With Saturn and Pluto entangled this could be someone extremely powerful and influential. Again, they could assist you or else stop you in your tracks and send you back to the start to begin again. Or else the energy manifests with you realising that it is you and you alone who has been keeping yourself stuck or restricted. This is intense energy which demands change. So, becoming the change is one way to actively embrace it.

We are now on the cusp of what I like to call the Now Age of Aquarius as the Sun and other planets begin to move out of your 9th and on into your 10th from Jan 20. The new Moon in here on the 24th combined with Ceres arrival on the 31st, points to a fresh opportunity to carve a niche for yourself, reap the rewards of that work or re-set your status in some way. This too forms part of the journey into fresh possibilities and release from restrictions that this month promises you, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Hold on to that bigger vision you have for your future, Taurus. One of recognition, release and freedom. January says the time is now to begin a new journey. The world will never look quite the same to you again.



  • Changes within and without are designed to free you
  • Negotiate a better deal for yourself in money and in love
  • Soar higher and reach for that opportunity!

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

Without change there would be no butterflies. Change this month is inevitable for you, Gemini. How do you feel about the ‘c’ word? Because change is change only. If things do not change they cannot improve. We stop evolving and stay stuck. Being a mutable sign, this goes against everything you are. The biggest soul-shaking shifts you have possibly ever encountered or will again, take place this January. All in your house of yes, endings, transformations, rebirth and change. It’s an opportunity for you to become an alchemist. To take straw and spin it into starlight. Or a base metal and turn it into gold. For you to rise like a phoenix and soar high above and far away from issues and restrictions. Now, doesn’t change sound like just what the astrologer ordered?!

Before Saturn and Pluto have that once in a half millennium meeting in your 8th on January 12, spend a little time thinking about the changes that have freed you from something that have occurred in the past. If you do, you’ll see that often these occurred not down to events which happened in the outer world, but within you. That inner shift was enough to set you flying free of your circumstances or whatever held you back. January 2020 could bring you an even more intense experience however. A once-in-a-lifetime combination of inner shifts and outer changes that trigger an alchemical reaction which transforms your relationships, your money and even your value system, forever.

Relationships where you share anything from your bed to your money, time, chores or other resources are likely to be the ones that undergo the biggest shifts now. This includes the one you have with the person or organisation who pays your salary or wages as this too is sharing. This could also be with your spouse or live-in partner as your 8th is the house of mortgages, loans and joint property or assets. Legacies, loans, maintenance payments, benefits, interest rates, stocks, shares, income – terms and conditions around these may change triggered by larger changes at an economic or even government level. To say this is going to be bigger than both you and the other party is possibly an understatement.

Be advised in the lead up to this, that this all takes place with Mars in your partnership sector. Mars as you may know, is not a happy camper in the house of relating. As Mars demands action and also self-assertion and freedom in here. On the one hand, this will hand you the confidence to make the most of the opportunities out there. Or leave anything that is holding you back behind. On the other however, in tandem with the intense 8th house weather, if a relationship is no longer working for just one party, this may well spell the end of it. Whether the other party involved wants this or not.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is at its heart, all about establishing something new and better for you. Via intense transformation of your public and private life. Ruler Mercury is also involved in this along with Ceres. This is your house of negotiation and power. Of which Pluto is the natural ruler. What it is telling you now is that a new deal around something can be struck which leads to the birth of a new world for you. This could be a new job, taking a relationship to a new level, committing to a long term agreement which elevates your status – such as entering into a contract or even a mortgage as of course, this is what Mercury rules. Or simply ascending away from restriction, limitation and fears which confine you for good.

Others could benefit from someone who places what they have at your disposal. Anything from their ability to open doors for you to their time, expertise or money. Power is at the heart of this so be aware of that. Especially when it comes to abusing it or using it to manipulate and control. Those who have resorted to these kinds of tactics will have to face the consequences of their actions now as the balance of power shifts and changes. The 13th sees the Sun join the conjunction. Jupiter sits in this house, far away from this massive meeting. As does the South Node of Karma. So this tells you that no matter what form this transformation takes, or who represents it, there is an opportunity here to reach for that can free you from the past. Be ready to take it.

After transformation and change – comes freedom and release. Into a future that is yours to craft any way you want. No matter what your past circumstances have been, as we head towards February you should now be in the driving seat when it comes to your destiny as the Now Age of Aquarius begins on Jan 20th with the Sun’s arrival in your 9th. Your 9th is the sign of Aquarius. It rules visionaries, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs as well as people like science fiction writers, astrologers, Silicon Valley tech giants – yes, anyone who looks into the future and then makes it work for them. Aquarius and the 11th is where our goals, wishes and dreams reside. But your 9th is about that bigger dream and heading out on the journey to make it, experience it or live it for real. January is going to free you on some level to do just that. No matter if up to now others or your circumstances have had too much of a say in this.

You have a new Moon in here on the 9th setting a new journey in motion. Some of you may be planning a trip literally or embarking on something which not only opens your eyes to fresh possibilities ‘out there’ but tells you from here on in, there is no fate but the one you make.

Transformation for you means taking control of your destiny this month. Especially if in the past you have given too much of it over to others. Explore the fate you were always meant to take. The one to big dreams and freedom, Gemini!

In a nutshell: Change releases you from restriction and places you on a path towards freedom and living those big dreams, Gemini. Rise above what holds you back this January. Your destiny is simply to soar!




January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

  • Time for your best and highest love solution
  • Work the love you have to get the love you want
  • Whose heart beats to the same rhythm as yours?

Reaching higher for you in January is likely to take the form of a higher path to love and partnership opportunities. Take some time as 2020 begins to list every kind of ‘partnership’ situation you possibly can think of. Not just the marriage or live-in, long-term love variety. But any situation that involves you and at least one other person forming some kind of duo, opposition, collaboration, union, activity or working relationship. Or anyone where two hearts beat to the same rhythm. So, this can be a long-term bestie too. That person you have worked with or teamed up with for years. Or work with again and again. That exercise buddy. Co-writer or business partner. That animal companion such as your dog or your horse. These are all partners.

As is that rival, enemy or opponent. Your 7th house doesn’t just rule who you love but who you loathe too. This is your house of exes – divorce, battles and wars. Perhaps add any of these to that list if you have them. Or feel you may in the future. It is also the house where people hold up mirrors for us because in some way they are a reflection of a part of us. Yes, that person you simply cannot stand is a reflection on some level of some aspect about yourself you believe to be unlovable. Neutralising the negative charge often simply requires us to begin to acknowledge this.

How’s that list doing? How many love relationships are you in right now based on it? That could be a lot more love experience happening than you thought you had. Is there a particular kind of love that is missing that you truly desire to complete that love map? Or is it showing you that perhaps you are too focussed on one kind of partnership and need a more healthy mix to give love more room to expand? One example of this would be allowing your friendships to fall away because you are now in a long term committed love union. But you are now finding as a result your partner has to be all things to you, putting pressure on your relationship. That list should not only be your love audit, but also form that love action plan from here on in. This includes a plan to reclaim lost love if it can be revived. Or find new love opportunities if love is missing.

Have all this ready now. Jupiter is going to spend a year in your 7th and should bring you at least one long term partnership opportunity to enjoy and explore during this time. Time plays a key role this January. It’s time to get serious about the future of love or your current union. One particular relationship may be your focus as 2020 begins. Who or which one this is should be obvious when the full Moon in your 1st shines back into someone in your 7th on the 10th. And chances are this will illuminate the focus of the partnership changes that are about to occur.

Past, present or potential partners may feature. With that rival or opponent, things may come to a final conclusion as Saturn and Pluto meet in your 7th along with Mercury and Ceres on the 12th. Your relationship status may change or be about to for instance. Or even your working relationships. You could find your situation transforming from single to settled. From coupled to consciously-un. Your partner’s work status could change one way or another which in turn changes yours. Saturn rules karma, destiny, time and long-term commitments. It can say ‘Time’s up!’ or ‘Time to couple up!. Above all, it says time to get serious no matter which one it is. And if is a partner you want, time to get serious about that.

Pluto rules what we share – including power and decisions in relationships. And it rules sex, rebirth and endings. A deepening of love – going from merely flirting to action, is a typical Pluto move. As is, seeing something is not for you after all and calling a halt. Attracting a rich, powerful magnetic potential partner (or employer) could be one outcome of all this. Or seeing that partnership comes with ‘golden’ handcuffs and you now demanding the key to unlock them. Potential partnerships could emerge where you and the other party can achieve far more together than either of you could individually. With the power to change both your worlds. All due to Ceres also being caught up in this Power of Love transformation. It’s the season now for love or your experience of it to shift!

Ultimately, with Jupiter in the background, whatever events transpire around you and at least one other now, take a higher path and reach for your highest solution. You are bigger and worth more. If you come from this place, then know that no matter what happens, you are entering a period where that partnership list simply has to expand and grow.

January 20 sees the start of what I am calling the Now Age of Aquarius. This massive 7th house weather begins to disperse as the Sun enters your house of deepening change and things you share with others. And which they share with you in return. January is going to show you what’s real when it comes to love. And also the kind of love you can value. Once the new Moon appears in your 8th on the 24th, you will be given an opportunity to begin anew with someone on some level. You are changed and so is what or who, gets your love priority. The month ends with Ceres arriving in here. Ceres doesn’t just rule power but the Art of the Deal and compromise. Chances are you and someone else are about to enter into a new one. This could simply be a win/win for both of you. Love is what you share – or will share, now and in the future, Cancer. January could just define what or who this is with.

In a nutshell: There is always room for more love! And in doesn’t matter what form it takes either. Time to appreciate just how much love you have in all its forms. And to draw up a serious plan to get the love that may be missing from your life, Cancer!



  • Body, wellbeing and self-love hold the keys to your future
  • Escape that rut for good!
  • A little healthy body worship transforms your world

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!


Fire up your passion as 2020 begins with Mars in your 5th of fabulousness, Leo. You’re not waiting around for things to happen. You are determined to make them. Or at the very least to go after whatever it is you want. Now, to be able to do that, you need to look and feel your best. Wellness is at the heart of everything for you now, Leo. How you love, fuel and treat that body. What you want to channel that passion in to in terms of work that satisfies you. What you need to do and what you want to achieve. If that body isn’t up for it, then this all remains out of reach. And basically translates into you not being able to live it, and live it large.

Your physical, mental and spiritiual wellbeing is what is determining your future experience. Your ability to find passion, joy and meaning from your work – whether this is paid or unpaid. And how you feel about yourself and your life in general. The message now is to not take yourself for granted. Or rather than body if you have fallen into this trap. To be the best – and you are a sign destined to shine, you need to feel at your best. This month offers you the opportunity to claim all of this, to find work that feeds your body and your soul and floods your daily routine with meaning. Doesn’t sound bad, does it?

You have not just once in a lifetime, but once in many lifetimes aspects in your house of work and health this month. If you have taken care of yourself, treated your body like the only one you have and worshipped it, then you will be in a peak position to take advantage of the opportunities around you to escape that rut, enhance every aspect of your daily life and go from feeling god to feeling invincible, strong and beautiful within and without.

If however, you have been neglecting your health, eating badly or simply taking yourself for granted – and this includes keeping yourself stuck in that dead-end job because you don’t believe you are worth more, then January’s aspects will allow you to make radical changes if need be to put you back on the road to wellbeing and satisfaction. How about just feeling good every day – not just on special occasions?

You have Jupiter planet of luck, opportunity and expansion in here working hard for you over the next 12 months. If you are out of work or seeking a better job, then Jupiter should deliver at least one opportunity to find that perfect role that allows you to expand and feel good about what you can do.

Never underestimate the power of your 6th house to change absolutely every area of your life simply by focussing on feeling healthy. Many astrologers get too focussed on the fact this house rules our day to day responsibilities and routines. This is also the house associated with slavery – both in ancient times and sadly today, with human trafficking. But on a less serious note we can say the terms ‘wage slave’ and ‘domestic drudge’ would be 6th house issues. The natural ruler of your 6th is Mercury and the world-mind-and-body-shaking pile-up in here on Jan 12 includes Mercury as well as Ceres, meeting Saturn and Pluto. The following day (13th), for you this may get highly personal as ruler the Sun joins in. Especially if you have factors in your chart in the signs of Cancer or Capricorn.

This could transform your job, the way you work, get to work or your diet, wellbeing or how you treat your body in general. Saturn rules the structure of the body (bones and teeth) and also duty and service. What you have to do as opposed to what you may want to do. Pluto rules rebirth, endings and transformation. So, this could see a new healthier you being born into a new lifestyle opportunity.

Remember I just spoke about the power of your 6th to literally transform every single area of your life? And how we may be unaware of how this works? This amazing line up could see you making a small change which in fact allows you to do just that. I always like to point people to examples in the media (which Mercury and Jupiter rule), to really see how transits can play out in our lives. If you can, check out the Amazon film Brittany Runs a Marathon as this is a perfect example of this. In the film, Brittany (Jillian Bell) is the life and soul of the party. But crying on the inside. An underachiever, her hatred of herself is spilling out and keeping people away (all 6th/12th house issues). A visit to the doctor brings a shocking wake-up call when she realises how unhealthy she is. She resolves to get healthier and starts running. As she does, not only does she begin to lose weight, but every area of her life begins to improve. She makes new, more authentic friendships, starts to date and eventually not only runs in the New York Marathon but lands a job back in the area she used to love to work in and forms a relationship with Jern (Utkarsh Ambudkar). Changing her lifestyle choices changed everything. This is the power of the 6th.

Now, I am not for one moment suggesting your lifestyle may be as unhealthy as Brittany’s in the film. If you are happy with your body and healthy, love your job – if it ain’t broke you don’t need to fix it. And that’s also the message in the film. LOVE yourself! But if you feel improvements can be made around lifestyle choices, with the South Node also in this house as well as this superconjunction, you have an opportunity to change that future you that you won’t see again this lifetime. Work it, baby!

There’s one more reason to feel good about yourself this January as the 20th sees your ruler enter your 7th of lasting love and partnerships. So, getting ready for love or to more fully enjoy the love you have in all its forms, is just about the most important work you can be doing now. I am calling this the start of the Now Age of Aquarius. March sees Saturn move in here while the end of 2020 has Jupiter joining it offering you partnership opportunities with lasting potential. It’s the start of a love revolution as the new Moon shines out from this house on the 24th. This could simply begin with you showing yourself much more self-love than you may have been of late. Ceres entering here on the 31st says there’s a deal to be done now between yourself and someone else. Remember, love is a balancing act. Get your relationship with your body back into equilibrium now. And watch how this transforms every other one you have – or forge for the future, Leo.

In a nutshell: Your body is not just your temple, Leo. It’s your Access All Areas backstage pass to success in love, career or pure enjoyment. Try a little self-tenderness for world-changing results!



  • Desire and destiny are one and the same thing for you
  • Love creates a new world for you
  • Give yourself permission to have more passion!

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

There is simply no escaping the life-changing focus on your house of children, younger generations, lovers, your bedroom, your creative self-expression and your right to shine now, Virgo. One, some or even all these areas will shift, transform and open up exciting opportunities for you in the future in ways you never believed possible. First however, what’s your parenting style? If you are one that is. Or if you wish to become one at some future date – your 5th is the house of love affairs which can turn you into a parent, step-parent, adoptive or foster parent, then what kind of parent do you want to become? The same as your parents or primary care-giver or do you want to do things very differently? January may bring up issues around how you were parented, do parent or intend to parent should the opportunity arise. As well as roles within the family. Who had the say? Were you brought up in a ‘traditional’ household where one parent made all the decisions simply based on their gender or income and the other felt obliged to just comply? Mars in your 4th plus the superconjunction about to happen in your 5th could raise all of these issues. And possibly see you overthrowing old ideas to replace them with those that are your own.

Due to the South Node in here this is about the karma of creativity and passion. If you think about it, children are a product of both. You may decide to become a parent – or not. Your parenting style if you are one may change. Or you may find you are about to become one. Or even a grandparent! Your romantic status may shift due to your changing needs. That lover is either what you need – or not. Desire and destiny may be one and the same thing for you. Are you giving yourself permission to shine, to have fun and to express your creativity? Or do you hold yourself back worrying about what others may think? The superconjunction in your 5th between Saturn and Pluto which happens on Jan 12, last occurred 500 years ago. So take it from me none of us have ever experienced anything like this. Nor will we again. For you, as Ceres is in the mix this is all about a new world being born. Now, this could even be literal and highly personal for you as ruler Mercury is also part of this pile up. It’s about news relating to love, pregnancy, creative ventures and ideas and being noticed. And realising you are being handed an opportunity like no other as part of this. Love could re-make your world and this includes doing what you love. Or even releasing a past love you no longer feel in order to head towards a new one.

One caveat here and please heed this: If you do not want to become a parent at this time but you possibly could given the right circumstances and lack of precautions, then please take extra of the latter if the former occurs under this transit. Saturn is all about establishing something, Pluto is about sex, birth and rebirth. In the background away from this conjunction but in your 5th house is Jupiter which expands and ‘bigs’ things up. I am sure from this you can join the dots!

The 13th will see the Sun which rules your 5th also join with this conjunction. You could find yourself in the spotlight or centre of attention but in a way which will define who, how and what you love from here on in. Recognition could well follow for some – especially if you work in a creative field. Others however could find themselves in the spotlight or ‘front of house’ as anything from their work to that new lover or personal news makes them the centre of attention – and at the hub of passion and destiny driven events!

You may barely have had time to catch your breath as what I am referring to as the Now Age of Aquarius begins. For you, a little earlier than for other signs as ruler Mercury arrives in its ruling 6th and the sign of Aquarius from the 16th. Expect the focus to be on the future of your work, ideas and wellbeing now. The Sun follows on the 20th and we have a new Moon in here on the 24th. This could see some of you commit to a better, healthier routine or lifestyle or begin a new job. Escaping that treadmill or rut or simply discarding what no longer ‘sparks joy’ (and this includes connections) are forecast. You’ll no longer be willing to trade your long term wellbeing off against anything that doesn’t actually support it. Yes, that pay cheque pays the bills but the work you have to do to get it depletes you mind, body and soul. If that’s the case then Ceres arrival in here on the 31st will show you what you are prepared to sacrifice in order to get ahead – and what you’re not. This applies whether you are in paid or unpaid work. The upcoming year will be about innovating that daily routine and working smarter and healthier – not harder!

January’s focus on the kind of love that matters and ignites the fire of passion and creativity is also about creating a life where you can experience this on a daily basis. Make love your job as we head on into 2020, Virgo!

In a nutshell: Love changes everything for you as 2020 begins, Virgo. Who you love, what you love and what you love to do. Expect love to make a seismic impact on your world as passion reshapes your destiny.



Whatever you call it, there’s no place like it!

Get ready for moving experiences

Go to wherever you can live those dreams for real

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

Get real and bring it on home, Libra! With Mars in your 3rd from Jan 3, you’re not about prevaricating or beating about the bush. You’re speaking your mind and telling it how it is. You won’t have any patience now with people who waffle or aren’t direct. You cut to the chase and say it anyway. Plus, you may not be too worried about how you come across or how this is received either. Have you lost your usual capacity for diplomacy? No. Mars in here favours plain speaking. The thing is, you’re only saying what needs to be said and possibly should have been said earlier. January says: Don’t keep it to yourself if it’s the truth.

Likewise take action on your ideas or any opportunity that comes your way to sell yourself or promote what you have to offer. Both personally and professionally. There is nothing shy about Mars in your 3rd. It’s all about having confidence in you and your message.

However, no matter if you have become a hermit and are cocooning at home under the duvet streaming The Crown; try as you might, you cannot escape the life-changing events that are occurring in your 4th this January. In fact, none of us can. We have never experienced anything like this before – nor will we again. You would have felt the run up to this all through 2019 however. Home and ‘homeland’ issues will be inevitable and inescapable now thanks to the pile-up of planets in your 4th of belonging, home, family and long-term security. Pulling that duvet over your head and hoping that somehow, you will be overlooked while this is going on will be wishful thinking. The planets will simply huff and they’ll puff and – well, you get the picture.

Lucky for you, ruler Venus is outside of orb of the meeting between Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and Ceres in your 4th on Jan 12. But please check if you have natal aspects in either Capricorn or Cancer at 22 degrees. Also natal planets, ascendant, descendant, IC, MC or your nodes between 21-23 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or yes, Libra, Libra! If so, this truly will be felt ‘close to home’.

Others may simply feel their house has been picked up by a tornado and dropped – where exactly? Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore. This could present you with a ‘moving’ experience like no other. It may affect your position, work, title, career or status. Or those you live with or who are related to. But this is also about reaching for an opportunity to create a life of freedom for yourself and to release you from anyone or anything that is keeping you ‘stuck in place’. Understand this is very different to the roots that anchor you.

Jupiter and the South Node are also in here but away from this crowded house aspect. So, destiny is at work too. If you are old enough think back 12, 19 or even 38 years. Where were you living and how? Is somewhere ‘calling’ you? Or calling you back? Be prepared to answer if so.

Changing times in the outer world often call on us to make shifts in our own. January is all about getting clear about your sense of place and what sustains you based on a true set of values. Just living may have felt like hard work the last few years with Jupiter and Saturn working this house. However, Jupiter is offering a helping hand and an opportunity if you look for it. Jan 13 sees the Sun move in for the day on the superconjunction in your 4th. This is all about your actual physical home and your family. Where and how you live. Your house, apartment, Airbnb, landlord, tenant, lease, buying and selling and renting property, your lodger and your sense of where you feel supported and belong. Because of this, this can extend to the people who provide you with support both emotional and financial. So, those you live with, your extended family and yes, even your boss or employer or if you cannot work at present, the government or person who pays your wage, salary or benefits. What can you rely on – and on who?

Saturn in your 4th could have seen you downsize over the past 2.5 years. If your living space has shrunk this may have made you focus on what truly matters. Which is more lifestyle related than how big your home may be. The good news of course is that Saturn is moving off and out of here in March. Jupiter may offer you the opportunity to move to a bigger, better home or a total relocation to where your hearts feels it belongs during 2020. But thanks to January’s events, what you will take with you will be an enduring sense of what you truly need to live – and live well whether your future home is a penthouse in New York or a beach hut in Bali!

World shaping events in the wider world could impact on your ability to get your foot on the property ladder or simply open up more options for you. So, be ready to make your move. Others could see fresh job opportunities appear which may require an effort to make the most of, but for those who are prepared to reach for them, enhance their quality of living and lifestyle.

We’re on the brink now of a love revolution for you, Libra. Freedom, truth, beauty, love. And what these mean to you personally. The Now Age of Aquarius is about to begin. Get ready to commit to serious love and also seriously to whatever makes you shine. And where you need to be in order to do this. Mercury arrives in your 5th from the 16th and with Mars in Mercury’s house, you’ve now the confidence to work that flirt factor. The future of love or simply your future and where this is destined to be lived out in order for you to shine is highlighted by the arrival of the Sun which rules this house, on the 20th. Just four days later (24th), the new Moon in here marks the start of a new beginning in either romance or finding your niche whether this is via your career, where you need to be or who you need to be or be seen with.

The month ends with the arrival of Ceres in here. Whatever has been shaken loose or shaken free is a release into something bolder and newer. Often we may lose our security blanket in the rubble of our old lives. And a bit like Dumbo’s feather discover we never needed it at all to fly. True security is always exactly where you would expect it to be. Within. It can never be taken from you. In the immortal words of Buckaroo Banzai: Wherever you go, there you are. Where you find yourself this January is where you are meant to be. Welcome home to faith of the heart, Libra.

In a nutshell: There’s no place like home. Or what you personally feel home represents for you. A person? A place? A feeling? Home is always where the heart is. Beating within you in time to your dreams!



  • Speak your truth
  • What you say – worth billions in the soul economy
  • Weave a little sexy word alchemy magic

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

Money. Power. Sex! Is this your secret Scorpio wishlist? Of course, you want all of that but with soul depth. You simply don’t want it for its own sake. That’s simply not what you are all about. You want the alchemy, the passion, the transformation these can give you. This January when it comes to these things, you mean business, Scorpio.

Some of you could literally feel you have been cast in your own personal version of the TV show Billions. You’ll be on one side of this experience or the other now. Your ruler Pluto says there is no middle ground. No half measures. So, are you Bobby Axelrod or Chuck Rhoades in this drama? If you’ve watched the series both are powerful, compelling characters. Both men stand for something different. But they are both opposite sides of the same coin. This month could bring a clash of words, ideas and ideologies. Where you are put in a position when you have to walk your talk (or walk away to preserve you’re your integrity), or stand by your ideas, values and beliefs. Be prepared to stand by your word as Pluto and Saturn meet in your 3rd on the 12th for the first time in 500 years!

Mercury is the natural ruler of this house and guess what? It is also part of this world re-forming planetary pile up. Along with Ceres. So, this is about the power of words and ideas. And you working that power. Contracts, long term agreements, what you write, say, present, pitch, publish or share, may feature. If you promise something you absolutely MUST deliver on it now. You must also own broken promises if you have reneged on anything. If you don’t mean it or can’t deliver on it – don’t say it! Also, because you are about to see just how your word is not just your bond but has alchemical and magical properties now, well – If you can’t say anything nice – better not say anything at all. Gossip, dissing and ‘throwing shade’ could end up blowing back on you in ways you may not like.

Many of you may enter into long term contracts or agreements under this massive line up especially around your career or even your home. It has the ability to change how others see you in terms of your status, title or position. If so, know this is binding due to Ceres also being in the mix here. Understand what you are getting into, what is expected of you. If this is a personal contract between yourself and someone else, be clear about your expectations – and theirs. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth – only this will do now. Saturn is all about authority and commitment, your ruler about the power of transformation and also ‘fallout’ when we don’t act with integrity.

If you are in an agreement that you want to exit but have been maintaining the status quo or carrying on as if nothing is wrong, be aware that after the 13th when the Sun joins this superconjunction – you will no longer be able to maintain the pretence. But take active steps to extricate yourself. You will not be able to fake it any longer. Ruler Pluto along with Saturn demands the truth. Even if up to now your words may have been hiding this.

Publishing, writing, speaking and the internet can now be mined for opportunity all thanks to Jupiter in the background. Your words may come to people’s attention in all the right ways. This is the time to launch that business idea, make your pitch, deliver that lecture or simply have the confidence to say: Deal or no deal?

This conjunction is all about the power of words, what you say and even the tools you use to communicate, being handed to you to fix something you may have thought simply beyond fixing. This is where the opportunity comes in for you. It may begin with something small – such as being handed a new computer or even phone, which makes it easier to share what you have to say which in turn lands you that job you needed and wanted. Or it may be bigger. Much bigger. Your truth sets you free – or speaking it does. Being forthright about what you can bring to that position. Being honest about your desires and yes, that includes the desire to let go if something truly isn’t working. Or your desire for a commitment or more if it is. If you say ‘I love you’ then you mean it. Is it being said back? Chances are under this massive influence it isn’t being said unless they mean it too. This meeting of the planets will see things being said that have been thought about and considered carefully for a long time. Conversely, please understand that you will have to live with the results of what you say or agree to now, for a very long time to go. Hence – don’t say it unless you mean it and if you mean it, you must say it!

If someone breaks their word, this too will come to light now. Know if you ask someone for something now and they don’t agree to it, they were never going to. So, ask away as you require the truth. At the heart of all of this lies love, sex, power and money. ‘Give me your heart, make it real – or just forget about it’. You can substitute ‘heart’ for ‘deal’. It’s not enough to be Smooth like in the Santana hit – you have to be real now. And so does anyone you are dealing with.

No matter how intense the astro weather becomes, no matter how rare, unusual or life-changing, it must eventually break up and disperse. Your ability to forge agreements, get to the truth and feel powerful doing so, will hopefully have put you in a better and more secure position as the change occurs from January 16 when Mercury enters your 4th. The story you write, tell or communicate forms the foundation for you to create a new kind of support structure to take you on into the Now Age of Aquarius. Family, home, roots, your security and sense of belonging, blended families, who you share your home with – what supports and sustains will be established and deepened. Ties and roots will be strengthened and new ones formed. This is also directly linked to work, business, career progress and ideas which can provide the means to do all of this.

The Sun enters this house on the 20th. This is also the Moon’s ruling house in your chart and we will see a new one appear in here on the 24th possibly offering you a fresh opportunity to redirect your future. Ceres also follows in here on the 31st offering you the power to direct this. And also to do this free of anyone else’s expectations and in a way that reflects your powerful truth. The upshot – speak your mind to live your truth now, Scorpio. That’s worth billions, isn’t it?

In a nutshell: Ready to step into your full power and potential simply by communicating your truth? Saying it like it is – is well, simply sexy, Scorpio. People are listening. Be the sign which stands by your word to write a different kind of success story.



Who are you? You’re The Heat!

Set that self-worth higher

Invest in what truly matters to you

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

The New Year begins with you at your most confident Sag. Thank Mars in your 1st adding heat to your beat. You’re not in the mood to sit around talking. You want action not words. To set things in motion for yourself. Who are you? You’re The Heat, baby!

So, with this in mind let’s now talk about what you want to be going after when it comes to abundance. How confident do you feel around your money, income, assets and self-worth and generating more of these? How powerful do you feel navigating yourself through the material realm your soul inhabits? Time to feel the power in your pocket when it comes to the cash it contains – or will. Plus all those intangible assets such as your talents, skills, incredible bold sexiness and the people you can rely on. Is that vault half empty or half full? And if it has been the subject of an Ocean’s 11 style heist – how confident do you feel about making it all back – and more?

Ruler Jupiter will spend the rest of the year in this house. During this time you should be presented with at least one money making opportunity. And also see yourself handling larger amounts of that folding stuff that usual. This could even be via been given the keys to someone else’s vault as in a loan, mortgage, credit card or financial backing. If so, this is a reflection of the value you place on your personal stock. And no matter what the money markets may be doing this January, take it from me, yours could be set to soar.

Money karma could be returning as themes from the past surrounding your cash or even your beliefs around money handed down by your family, could return thanks to the South Node also in your 2nd. Take it if something feels familiar now this is all about an opportunity to balance the books – quite literally. It may not be about how much or little you have, but what you believe about money. Easy come, easy go is a common trap Sagittarians can fall into. So long as you have enough for that next trip, you tend not to worry about tomorrow. ‘Something will turn up’ is your usual belief. And the thing about ruler Jupiter is it rules last minute rescues. So, it usually does.

However, the past couple of years may have had you looking at this approach and wondering if there is a better way. This has been down to Saturn in here. Money may have been in shorter supply than usual. Or you have had to work much harder just to maintain your regular flow of income. You may have had to economise (Sagittarians like Leos and Librans HATE that word!) or stretch what you have to make it go further. Not only that – this may have shown you that the thing you most value which is freedom, actually costs and needs money to have it.

But you’ve learned a lot from all this and hopefully have used these lessons to form a new kind of financial plan for your future. Now – get ready to implement it. Saturn rules sustained effort, establishment and working within rules and restrictions. It’s all about deferred gratification. Investing for a later return. Pluto rules power money and resources which are buried deep – the treasures within the vault. These are not available to everyone. Also, if they are, they are not to be abused or used to manipulate or control others. Money laundering, insider trading or on a more personal level, someone who uses their wealth and resources to control say their partner or loved ones, are all perfect examples of abusing Pluto’s keys to its vault.

Those who have fallen into this trap are likely to be facing an accounting this month as on January 12, Saturn and Pluto meet for the first time in 500 years in Capricorn the sign of those at the top and your 2nd. This crash of the cash planetary line up also includes Mercury which rules communication and commerce, and Ceres which rules power, how powerful we feel and deals. So, for you, this shake up of the world’s money and how you relate to your stash of cash, could see an opportunity opening up for you to make or have access to more. This could take the form of new ways to generate income such as an idea or utilitsing your talents. A fall in property prices or a change in banking arrangements which allows you to buy a home or get funding for that long term freedom plan. A restructuring where you work or within your industry hands you the chance to advance. Or, as this is your house of hidden wealth in the form of the people close to you, you are the beneficiary of a change in their circumstances. Saturn and Pluto together hand you something that shows your worth and also what you have learned about how to make your money work for you in the long term Yes, this is the ultimate Go Fund Me for long term freedom!

Remember, money buys you options and choices and this is true freedom. It’s not being trapped in debt or confined to Hobson’s Choice. So think in the long term as the Sun joins this mega-IMF meeting in the sky on the 13th. Lock in that financial future that hands you freedom – not the reverse as you might have previously thought.

Having been lifted up to glimpse a higher opportunity when it comes to your money or just how you expect to be rewarded by the world, hang on to those values Sag as the wind begins to blow you in a fresh direction. Yes, travel is now very much going to be back on your agenda as Mercury enters your 3rd on the 16th. This could be short journeys in terms of distance and duration. Ones that form a bridge between the past and your future in fact. Heading back to places you have been in the past or even where you spent your childhood, old haunts and familiar neighbourhoods feature now Mercury is in its ruling house.

If lack of something – a phone, computer or even a car has stopped you from working up that money making plan, communicating or even getting around, you may now be in a position to fix that too especially when the Sun follows Mercury in here from the 20th. Time to use those enhanced values to sell yourself, your message and ideas better for success! The new Moon in here on the 24th marks some kind of launch date. Perhaps you embarking on a new project, sending out that updated CV or becoming a warrior for your ideas! Sell yourself better than you have done in the past. There’s a new kind of deal on the table from the 31st as Ceres arrives in here. And you’ve the power to state your terms and expect the most important ones to be met. Sure, you know when to compromise and to make the other side feel like a winner. But if your take-out from this brings about the freedom you know you have to have – that’s money in your personal bank, Sag!

In a nutshell: January asks you to set your price based on your worth. Knowing this is simply like cash in the bank, Sag. If you need funding for that dream, then you could receive the keys to the vault. There are no short-cuts, but the wait is oh-so-worth it. Like you are!



  • Discover the real truth hiding behind that issue
  • Time to get real
  • Make that lasting promise – if only to yourself

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

Somebody extremely wise once said all conflict revolves around two issues no matter what form it appears to take or whether this is a global one or simply the intimate personal variety. It’s either ‘How much do you love me?’ or ‘Who is in charge?’. Of course, sometimes it can be about both. If you need someone to show you or demonstrate how much they love you- or conversely if you are engaged in any kind of power struggle either on a business or personal level this January, then you need to find away to rise above this. Or else simply name the insecurity that is driving it. If the argument is ‘Who is in charge?’ then this could well involve your boss, employer, manager or even a political or government body. Are you seeking to be one of those in charge? You may get your opportunity this January if you are operated from a place of integrity, authenticity and hard work.

‘How much do you love me? And ‘Who is in charge?’ can often be interchangeable when it comes to issues in our personal relationships. It’s always helpful to know that on a soul level these usually result from fear. Often around loss of love or losing someone. We seek proof someone still loves us – often by making demands. Or we are so terrified we will lose them we look for ways to control them so this simply cannot happen. We may try to ‘buy’ their love for instance. Or in extreme instances resort to manipulative or controlling behaviour. This January any kind of issue or conflict demands you take the higher path. It doesn’t mean you give in to coercion or become a pushover. It does however mean you know what battles to pick, those to walk away from and also that true love means an absence of fear.

If there are undercurrents you have so far been unaware of in any of your relationships – be they career or love, Mars in your 12th from the 3rd is about to expose hidden agendas. Secrets, fears and insecurities will get dragged out of their hiding places and people’s true colours revealed. The upside is if you have been feeling insecure or simply afraid to ask for what you need for someone, Mars in here hands you the ability to ‘out’ yourself. To tell someone honestly why you may come across as feeling one thing when actually you need something else. Soul to soul understanding can be your takeaway if you can come from this perspective.

If something has been lived out in your life. Or if you realise that despite everything you have tried, you simply cannot find a way forward, then know that there is no power in the universe now to prevent it ending. If something is meant to be – and this includes of course, making a lasting promise to someone, then this month could be the time when it happens.

There will be no room for taking refuge in denial about the way things are this January. It is going to show you what is real and what simply isn’t. It will also show you what is at the heart of any disagreement. Love or power in other words. Or a bit of both. Ruler Saturn will meet Pluto in your 1st for the first time in 500 years on Jan 12. This is all about the truth of what is established in your life. Built to last or now simply impossible to rebuild? Massive rewards could be on offer for those sea goats who have held on to their North Star and kept working diligently towards it without wavering. Recognition could follow and many of you could see those in ‘high places’ hold open the doors to the towers of power wide as you take your place amongst them.

News you have been waiting on could arrive and major agreements entered into as this conjunction also includes Mercury and Ceres. The 13th sees the Sun set this line up alight with opportunity. With Jupiter and the South Node also in here you can author yourself a new and more successful future. This will most likely involve you and at least one other person. For those of you with your Capricorn Sun or other factors at 22 degrees of Capricorn – give or take one to two degrees, this will reshape your future and your public image, your reputation and your status in world-changing ways. Others will not look at you the same way ever again. Know who you want to be and how you want to be seen. And bear in mind your reputation is now everything. Please check your chart.

Also pay attention if you have planets in your opposite sign of Cancer. If so these events are likely to encompass your spouse, partner, business partner, close working relationships, collaborators, besties, your family or even your home. Yes, it’s massive.

You’re on the rise on some level and getting noticed. Remember, this can include you soaring above something that has been holding you back or is revealed not to be what you thought it was. This is a game changer for you and also Ceres tells you the rules of the game are changing in both business and in love. You’ll be able to set some new ones of your own now if you come from a position of compromise, honesty and seeking that win/win solution. This is what the Now Age of Aquarius is going to be about for you. New deals on friendships, being part of a group or something bigger than you. And a new future too. This begins at the time of the new Moon on the 24th in your 2nd – just four days after the Sun’s arrival in here.

Ruler Saturn will follow in March. Until then the sense of surety around how you have personally handled the opportunities and events of January will have left you with an increased sense of self-empowerment and worth. You can now leverage this to bring about continuing improvements across material rewards and your relationships. I could say the smart money should now be on you and your integrity, Capricorn. But then, you already knew that long before January brought you confirmation of the fact.

In a nutshell: Opportunities and rewards re-shape your world and cement your reputation. Your integrity could be tested as could your ability to rise above things. Being true to yourself and what you know is right, sets you on towards soul success, Capricorn.



  • Become a quantum magician
  • Own the past to direct your future
  • The truth is freedom

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

The Capricorns next door are showing the world not just their worth but their truth, this month. For you, this will apply double. You will be asked to live your truth. And also, if you have been taking refuge in delusion, illusion or denial – understand that January offers no hiding place from reality now. Get ready for a dose of reality.

This extends to accepting responsibility for your past actions and choices. There is no more ‘blame game’ – just ownership. If you have found yourself constantly frustrated or disappointed in a specific area of your life – especially if this is your love life, time to admit who is the common denominator in all of this. This can be a subtle yet deeply confronting exercise. Yet it can change everything for the better if you are willing to do the work. With unimaginable rewards to follow if you are up for it, Aquarius!

Look at the patterns in your life as the planets begin to form a once-in-500-year pile up in your 12th of all things mysterious and hidden. Expect secrets to come out too. Especially if they are family, business or even the secrets you have hidden from yourself. You don’t just have the most powerful line up of planetary bodies we have ever seen in here – the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres. But the South Node too. This rules karma and lessons we have to repeat until we learn them. Often, we can be trapped in a karmic cycle without even realising it. Your 12th house is all about the past. This includes past lives. Saturn rules karma so January offers you in a once in several lifetimes opportunity to step free of something. Simply by recognising it and how you have been kept trapped by it.

One example could be you have a history of attracting partners who are not what they first appear to be. They may be unavailable for instance due to a variety of reasons. They could be emotionally unavailable, already in a relationship, live on the other side of the world, or simply be unavailable due to personal problems such as addiction, incarceration or mental illness. Yet you see their potential so you take them on. Sadly, it’s a potential they can never live up to. You reel away to lick your wounds vowing this will never happen again. Until the next time that is. Identifying the pattern and then being able to identify another love trap before you get sucked in to it is only one part of the karmic healing process. The other is looking at where you may be unavailable yourself if attracting unavailable people is a pattern.

It’s the same with success. This month will have you looking at what you have set out to achieve – and whether you have or not. Issues like self-sabotage, impostor syndrome or even fear of success can hold us back from living our magnificent destiny. So, we stay in that dead-end job, don’t apply for that promotion or ‘settle’ to avoid disappointment. There is only one kind of failure we need to be afraid of. And the meeting between ancient ruler Saturn and Pluto in your 12th on Jan 12 is about to show you that. And that is failing to even try. It guarantees you will absolutely fail to succeed. And that you’ll also be a failure at failing too!

That is not you now, Aquarius. The truth of a situation or what lies within you is about to set you free in ways you could never image. This is why if you have been hiding in denial reality is about to bite. Denial is a prison that keeps us trapped and stops us living our full potential. Even if initially reality is shocking, confronting or painful it sets us free. Free to go after the real thing, not the fake thing!

Your 12th is your house of hidden enemies, secrets and what is concealed from you. It’s also your house of intuition. People’s true colours and motives will be exposed. If someone tells you something but your gut is telling you something else – your inner voice is the one to believe now. In fact, because Saturn and Pluto have not met one another in this house for 500 years, you need to ‘feel’ your way through it. Caught up in the mega-mix of Jan 12 is also Mercury (bringer of news and messages) and Ceres – asking who has the power and control here? So, the truth will come to light no matter what. Hidden information or dynamics within relationships may form a part of this. Once you see the truth – you need to act on it. Just understand there is no U-turn back to denial after this.

The Sun joining this on the 13th could bring you eye-opening insights around what you previously thought to be the truth. Around people, situations or even how the world works! Many Aquarians have chart factors in Capricorn so please check yours now especially if you have anything at 22 degrees of Capricorn (give or take a degree or two). Or else 22 degrees of Cancer – again within a 1-2 degree orb. This may not only impact on your home, career, family, partnerships or status but also could extend to your personal beliefs and wellbeing.

Your ideas around your place in the universe may also undergo a radical shift now. You may emerge from this with a deeper connection to your psychic abilities, whatever you consider to be a higher power or what reality is and your place and purpose within that. Even if you are now seeing that you could have made different choices in the past, those patterns will show you they have brought you to this point – which is the point where everything changes. Without them, you would not be where and who you are. Your experiences of the world, your beliefs are unique to you. Fate has a plan and a purpose for you. The secret about the reality of January’s line up for you is that it is going to reveal that deeper meaning for you. You are now free to take from the past what works, and leave what doesn’t behind you. All bets on your future are now off from here on in.

In a nutshell: The future is yours to create now one of the most exciting periods to reshape it for yourself beckons. Yeah, baby – the Now Age of Aquarius is set to begin! Become a quantum magician in January. All you have to believe in is yourself!



  • Those you meet now change the course of your future
  • Accept an invitation to enter a new world
  • You’re part of something bigger

January 2020 hands us aspects and events we have not seen in 500 years. Nor will we again in our lifetimes. Because of this, this is a very special forecast to reflect the time when we will all be handed the chance to reach for a higher solution or opportunity in a specific area than we have ever been before. So – start your engines in January. And be ready to reach higher!

January sees you firing up those dormant ambitions or ‘bigging up’ those existing ones thanks to Mars in your 10th. Bear in mind this month – and on into 2020, that how far you get ahead depends on your relationship with others. This includes bosses, managers, people who can open doors or say ‘Yes’, co-workers, friends, contacts and networks. Ownership and leadership are fine. Cooperation and team playing – better.

You are going to find yourself part of something bigger this January. Bigger in the form of being part of world-changing events even. Who you know, are friends with, bond with, join with to form a band, group, association, organisation, team, platoon, party – your future is now very much linked to who you know, work, play, lobby with or bond with to make a difference. Welcome to a once in 500 year team building effort!

You and those you know or the company or group you are a part of may find yourselves riding a wave of massive changes or even being caught up in them. We didn’t start the fire to quote Billy Joel, but you could end up fanning those flames! So, you could even be a Firestarter in some respect. Not literally of course, but you may have already signed up to be part of a radical group, party or think-tank set on reforming the world. All thanks to the meeting of Saturn and Pluto in your 11th.

In fact ‘reformation’ is exactly what happened last time this transit occurred. Martin Luther nailed his manifesto to the church door sparking what became a religious, political and cultural revolution which laid the foundation stones for our modern era and toppled the Catholic Church as the main power player in Europe! If you are a member of a movement, party or group lobbying for big changes especially when it comes to climate crisis, banking, a more equal society and those in ‘high places’ being held accountable for their actions – your time has come.

Being part of something reshaping the world won’t involve all of you. Others could experience the Saturn/Pluto/Mercury/Ceres meeting on Jan 12 as the start of a radical shift in their social life. Important and even powerful and influential friendships can be made now. The people you meet or are introduced to now will have a major impact on your life direction. Even if you cannot see this yet. Please accept all invitations that come your way across this important period. Know that karma is at work. It is other people who form part of your fate so let them in. Especially if during January but especially around the key 12-13 period give or take 10 days either side, you are given the opportunity to enter a radically different social or professional circle than you usually inhabit. Or are introduced to people from very different social backgrounds, countries, professions or cultures than you would usually expect to hang out with.

Most of us stay within the class, group, religious group or professional strata we are either born into or find ourselves in as adults. Being given entrée to a very different one is a gift we are very often not offered. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity – especially on the 13th when the Sun joins in the super massive get-together. It’s not just about entering a different world to borrow the Harrods tag line, but to be making a new one with the people you meet. Your 11th house isn’t just about who you know, but rules your goals for the future as it is the house where the future is set in motion. Because of the people you encounter now, your goals may shift as you align them to the new group values. If this happens its not only you but everyone else who benefits. Or, those you meet have a role to play in assisting you in reaching existing ones.

Be ready to exchange contact details and keep these. You will be using them. The people you meet will change your world – or have the capacity to. Or you and others have their role to play in changing it for the rest of us. The group experience takes you further now. Due to the karmic South Node in here these people are most likely part of your soul group. You’ve come together before. The world needs you now. Your energy, your vision, your ideas for the future. So be a joiner and participate!

The Now Age of Aquarius is about to begin for all of us. For you, this will involve you looking deep within and also probing the depths when it comes to your beliefs around a higher power and purpose. This could also be triggered by the people and events you find yourself part of this month. You become more aware than usual of the mysterious workings that govern our lives. That there is no such thing as ‘coincidence’ or ‘chance’. Prepare for your Age of Synchronicity and Psychic Power as Mercury’s entry into your 12th from the 16th marks the start of this. The Sun enters here on the 20th. A soul-resonant new Moon in here on the 24th triggers your intuition and you know on a deep but sure level where you are going next. Or should go. So follow this insight.

Ceres which formed a major role in the powerful group experiences you have been a part of this January, also arrives in your 12th from the 31st. You see things as they really are now – not the illusion. The world will look brand new because of this. Once Saturn enters this house in March and the real Now Age begins you’ll feel the connectedness with everyone and everything around you. Your new belief system includes the knowledge that nobody does it alone, or goes it alone really. Be part of something bigger this January, Pisces!

In a nutshell: Explore new connections and how the power of more than one can reshape your future, Pisces. The people you meet now are part of your soul group. And could offer entrée to opportunities to change your world!



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