Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 14th 2020 – ECLIPSE!

full moon in capricorn

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 14th 2020


Get connecting for the Now Age

Keep those future plans fluid

All aboard for the mystery tour!

Take it you are completely in the dark this week, Aries. In fact, we all are to some extent. That is due to the total eclipse in Sagittarius and your 9th house on the 14th. This goes hand-in-hand with intense mutable weather. The North Node in Gemini. Neptune and Ceres in Pisces. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Juno all in your 9th this week. So, take it things will change. It’s a mystery tour where the past can provide you with clues.

The areas where the blind spot could be include travel, overseas connections, academia, the law, publishing, the mass media, philosophy, religion, large animals especially horses, the outdoors, publishing and the internet. Do not begin anything new around these now unless you are already locked in to plans. And even then, these may change so be prepared for that.

Release yourself into the future

It’s important to understand eclipses are neither good nor bad. They do turn the lights off however. And remove the GPS at the same time. You have no map, no compass and no Satnav. If you are old enough, look back 19 years or even 19 years before that. This may provide you with some clues.

But what I can tell you is that this week is going to release you into something. Perhaps unexpectedly thanks to Mercury’s trine to ruler Mars on the 15th and Venus’s trine to Chiron on the 19th. But it’s the Now Age that is calling as both Saturn (17th) and Jupiter (19th) unpack their bags in your 11th this week. This could bring up someone or an opportunity that sends your path spinning off in a new direction. One you simply didn’t see coming. But that doesn’t mean it’s not designed for your benefit, Aries.

In a nutshell: The Now Age of friends as the new family, groups and your future begins this week, Aries. But the direction you head in may be unexpected. Take it you’re on a journey – destination to be determined.



Do you need to revisit those T&C’s?

What you share or is shared with you may be subject to change

All in or all out? Wait before cashing up on in.

You’re in the dark this week when it comes to finances, your mortgage, your salary, investments, joint accounts and assets, loans, repayments, taxes, business dealings, your bank or what you owe or is owed to you. Avoid making any long-term financial arrangements if you possibly can. Or if you have to, you are advised to get gold standard advice before doing so.

Your employer, your spouse or anyone you ‘partner’ with financially could be implicated in this week’s total eclipse in your 8th. This also includes the government or your ex if we are talking benefits or maintenance payments.

What’s in that vault

We still have extremely heavy weather in this sector of your chart. Ruler Venus arrives in here this week along with Juno which rules marriage and commitments we cannot easily exit from. Remember, eclipses conceal. And total eclipses turn out the lights. We can’t see what’s really going on. Or for that matter, the larger implications of our actions or those of others.

If you are thinking of consciously uncoupling yourself from any kind of arrangement, again, please seek professional advice before doing so. Or simply wait for more insight to emerge. Especially when it comes to how any decisions you make impact on your status or reputation. What you find most difficult to talk about may be at the heart of this. Is it sex? Or is it money? Is it both?

Jupiter’s arrival in your 10th on the 19th is all about bigging up your cred. It promises to open doors and gives you the ability to impress people who matter. Especially when Saturn also enters what is its ruling house on the 17th. Major inroads to long term career goals can be made now. Especially when it comes to leveraging your past achievements. How you are seen by others matters more than ever. We are defined by our choices. Past and present. And all this is linked to the decisions you make this week. So, don’t be in a rush now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Long term agreements, what your share, your salary, marital assets, payments and pay-outs and what you owe could come full circle. Before entering or exiting anything long term, ensure you understand the implications, Taurus.



What’s the truth around love?

The past is your guide

Get ready for release into something bigger

This week’s new Moon in your 7th is wrapped in mystery and unknowing. The 14th brings us a total eclipse. The same day as ruler Mercury opposes the North Node in your 1st. Something between you and someone else may be going full circle now. Or this may mark the start of a new cycle. When it comes to you and another – your spouse, partner, live in lover, bestie, close work connection, collaborator – take it you don’t really know what’s going on. Look back to 2002-2 as this may provide you with clues.

This also applies to potential partners. So, this may not be the best of times to go seeking one or launch yourself heart-over-heels into a new liaison. There is something you don’t know about them yet. As with all eclipses – they are neither good nor bad. But that not knowing is the factor we need to remain aware of. Allow time for clarity to emerge.

You can’t hurry love truths

Yes, you have Venus arriving in your 7th as well as Juno too. Plus, the Sun and ruler Mercury meet in here this week which may throw some light on the situation. So, what does this tell you? That when it comes to love you have time to see whether the true kind is what emerges from the shadows. Take as much as you need.

There’s a massive shift occurring as Saturn and Jupiter exit your 8th of ‘other’ money, transformations and endings this week. Jupiter rules your 9th so expect many of the restrictions you have been confined by these past 2.5 years to begin to fall away. If you have felt confined, controlled or dominated by people or outside circumstances, this move should mark the point where you are released. Perhaps unexpectedly into a future that suddenly looks much more optimistic. It’s the start of something new. Even if you don’t have the bigger picture – yet.

In a nutshell: It’s a total eclipse of the heart with one in your 7th this week, Gemini. Whether love comes full circle or begins again – take it you don’t have the big picture when it comes to you and another. Allow time for it to develop.



Stop the heavy lifting around love

Work, wellbeing, habits, routine – connect to insight

Know your true worth

Your job, your studies, your routine, habits, body, wellbeing and even your pets if you have them contain the shadow factor this week. There’s something you are just not seeing – yet, Cancer. Avoid jumping to conclusions under the new Moon eclipse in your 6th on the 14th. This is a total eclipse which means you are utterly in the dark now.

This may also involve something that has persisted over the long term which you have failed to see the significance of. This is due to Mercury’s presence in here – it’s ruling house. It opposes the North Node in your 12th on this day. Your 12th is the house of hidden truths and secrets. Also intuition. There’s a connection here with something long term and how you feel. Venus’s arrival in here on the 15th emphasises this.

Open up a high-speed link to infallible insight

Time to embrace the full power of your insight and that ‘gut’ feeling you are famous for. Not just in this area but across so many others. Time to join the dots and then take action. This process may take a while due to the eclipse. Your job, lifestyle, body, habits, duties, studies may have been giving you clues around this. What you need to do is follow the energy (or the energy drain).

The big shift occurs in your partnership sector this week as we have Saturn (17th) and then Jupiter (19th) leaving this house and landing in your Now Age 8th. That feeling of love being hard work may now begin to lift. This is your ‘other’ money house. What you share and is shared with you. It’s asking how worthy you feel and also how empowered when it comes to getting what you want. This also marks your move towards self-determined freedom in a key area. It all begins with following your inner voice, Cancer.

In a nutshell: That feeling of hard work or heavy goes around partnerships finally lifts this week as heavyweights Saturn and Jupiter exit this sector of your chart. But when it comes to work or routine, take it nothing is clear right now.



Protect your heart even if it is on your sleeve

Share you feelings

Only the most serious love will do

One of the most powerful eclipses we have seen in your 5th for a very long time occurs this week on the 14th. The new Moon in Sagittarius delivers a total solar eclipse. This means your ruler, the Sun, is totally obscured by the Moon. Eclipses conceal but a total eclipse concerning your ruler means you are utterly in the dark over a key area.

This key area is around all the themes we associate with your sign, Leo. Romance, lovers, children, young people, your creative self-expression. Need I tell you not to get involved with someone new now? Take it you know nothing.

Express yourself honestly

Your own emotional honesty is part of Venus in your 5th. As is expressing this and any creative talents. You could also be feeling more joyful now as this is the house of the child within as well as children. No matter what others may be holding back, your heart is on your sleeve now. But take it this is yet another reason to protect it.

Because when it comes to love, you can now afford to take your time. And ensure that any candidates for that heart are worthy. The 17th sees Saturn re-enter your 7th, putting a ring around long term partnerships – past, present and potential. Jupiter follows just two days later. What’s working around love and what isn’t for you will be part of the process of uncovering triggered by that eclipse.

Saturn made a brief visit to this house earlier this year before heading back into your 6th. But it’s now in here for the next 2.5 years. It’s also been 12 years since Jupiter was last in here. There’s a new chapter emerging around twosomes and dynamic duos of all descriptions now. Love in the Now Age may mean embracing someone different or a totally new partnership dynamic. Adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach this week. Love may take a form which surprises you.

In a nutshell: When it comes to someone or something close to your heart, you may be in the dark this week, Leo. But you are on the cusp of the most important love era you’ve seen for a long time. Wait for things to develop.



Small changes lead to vast improvements

What’s behind those closed doors?

Design your best life for everyday use

Home, family, your apartment, lifestyle and what links you or pulls you back to the past. This week sees a total eclipse in your 4th – plus ruler Mercury opposition the North Node in your 10th on the same day (14th) and meets the Sun in here on the 20th.

Old karma which takes you back to 2001-2 could feature especially around home and family matters. Remember the old eclipse rule – they conceal. Total eclipses which this one is, plunge you completely into darkness. Given the time of year, family is usually in focus. Travelling back to see them (or not this year) and all the old re-hashed left-over issues that can accompany that.

The other aspect of this is being thrown into the dark over property issues, your landlord, buying, selling, leasing, renting. So, use extra caution if involved in property dealings. Venus’s arrival in here offers a helping hand. Many of you may decide to spend Christmas at home with the people you consider ‘family’ this year.

Small shifts, big ripples

The biggest shift of the week or of the entire year for that matter is Saturn and Jupiter leaving your 5th and entering your 6th on the 17th and 19th. Of all signs, you should vibe with this energy as it ushers in new ways of working, fresh routines, supporting your own wellbeing and working smarter, not harder but to better effect. Yes, this is the house of small stuff and details. It’s been approx. 29 years since Saturn last worked this sector of your chart and 12 years since Jupiter was last in here. If you are old enough think back.

The thing about this house is it tells you that its all small stuff and the small stuff leads to big life changes. This is about creating your best life to be lived each day. It begins with how you are living and where and ripples on out. Wait for the bigger picture, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Family history, your roots, your home, those your live with or lifestyle issues come full circle now. What sustains or anchors you and gives you that sense of belonging may change. As could those family ties, Virgo.



Look beyond the obvious this week

Does what you hear seem familiar?

Where do you rule?

News could come winging out of the deep past or a situation feels familiar. You’ve been here before. But you need to pause and ask what’s different this time around. The 14th delivers a total eclipse in your 3rd. Eclipses conceal and with this one, you’re utterly and totally in the dark.

This is Mercury’s ruling house and it is in residence. This day sees it oppose the North Node in your 9th. So, it is conjunct the south. People overseas, foreign connections, airlines, passports, the law, learning, beliefs, borders could play a role. Something far away so close resurfaces with echoes of 2001-2. Take it you don’t have the full picture – yet.

Ruler Venus also sashays in here the next day. Perhaps linking you back to somewhere, someone, something bigger. Love is in the air now as is your children if you have them, the possibility of being a parent, step-parent, adoptive or foster parent or simply connecting to that child within and allowing it full creative expression.

Ruler of Everything

Saturn (17th) and Jupiter (19th) arrive in your 5th this week. There’s a reality check like a speed bump but then an opportunity too. There’s a change in the air around children, love, what you love to do, your creative ‘child’ – as in anything you pour your heart and soul into doing or making.

You could begin a relationship with someone who has children for instance. This could involve your adult child. Your 5th is the house of royalty and where and what you ‘rule’. The bedroom? Your creative ventures? Hobbies? The heirs to your little kingdom? This is both personal and public at the same time. You could be looking at new ways to shine and be noticed. It all starts here.

In a nutshell: News could come winging its way from the past. As could old neighbours, contacts, business connections. But you don’t yet have all the facts, Libra. Take it however that you are in the spotlight, no matter what else is in shadow this week.



Do you need to set a new standard?

Bank on intuition

What do you keep locked in your vault?

Follow the money. Or more to the point, follow the self-worth, Scorpio. This week delivers a total solar eclipse in your 2nd of money, assets and yes, worthiness. It’s not just about what you have but your ideas around this. What you feel your value is and what you believe you can earn, attract or even deserve.

Set your ‘Gold standard’

Eclipses conceal. Total eclipses plunge us into darkness. So, it follows you should use extra caution if entering into new financial arrangements this week. And also avoid major expenditure if you can. This week also sees Mercury in here oppose the North Node in your 8th. This is your ‘other’ money house. It rules joint assets – marital or partnership assets. What is shared with you by others – loans etc. Taxes. Mortgages. Your salary. It’s also your house of power. Are you plugged in and setting your worth to what it should be? And if it’s below market value – where did these ideas come from in the first place? Is it time to look back at whose values these are anyway?

Venus offers help as it exits your 1st and lands in what is its ruling house the next day. The big shift now occurs in your Now Age 4th. Saturn and Jupiter exit your 3rd on the 17th and 19th. Following the money can also link you to family values, inherited attitudes and money karma linked to those ideas you were handed down. Think Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

There could be a moment of reckoning. Where you add up and balance the account. Perhaps between yourself and another. Or see that value system isn’t yours and needs a re-set. How confident/vulnerable do you feel around this? This is also about what ‘family’ means to you. It could be those you share DNA with. Or it could be friends are your family. This week marks the start of a new way of living based on shared values. Follow that money and start a new value system.

In a nutshell: Money, finances, checks and balances, what you owe and are owed in turn. And the subjects you keep locked deep in that vault, Scorpio. Take it nothing is as obvious as it seems this week. Intuition is right on the money however.



What’s the big idea?

Don’t just dream it – do it

Get ready for a moment of truth

The past or a person reflects the truth around you, your relationship or what you have set in motion this week. But first – you’re in the dark, Sag. The 14th delivers a total eclipse in your 1st. Eclipses conceal as well you know. Total eclipses do what they say on the label. It’s a blackout.

Mercury also in your 1st will oppose the North Node in your 7th. Which adds up to it being conjunct the South in your 1st. This takes you back to 2001-2. Karma set in motion back then and possibly involving you and someone else. Venus’s arrival in your 1st the following day puts the spotlight back on you. And also shows you the effect you have on others and how they see you. This is the reflection that is being held up to you. Especially on the 20th when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 1st.

Get around round, round, round. I get around

Ruler Jupiter is on the move this week. The hard lessons around money, assets and self-worth are now over as it along with Saturn leaves your 2nd. Saturn exits on the 17th and Jupiter on the 19th. Both landing in your Now Age 3rd. What’s that idea? Don’t just talk it – do it, Sag.

Writing, publishing, studying, the internet, teaching, the media, your CV, business idea, photography or even how you get around – your car, bike, commute, your devices – these are your best resources and where your energy needs to go. While something personal may remain in shadow, there’s a moment of truth coming your way. Do something with it when it does.

In a nutshell: Changes are on their way but you may not see them yet. There’s a moment of truth or clarity arriving as ruler Jupiter changes signs on the 19th. And an opportunity close on its heels. Be ready to move with it, Sag.



Stay true to your values

Past commitments come full circle

Time to work your worth

Eclipses conceal. Total eclipses bring a blackout. And in your 12th house of secrets, this is more like a black hole from which nothing is escaping.

Your only guide will be your own intuition this week. So, please stay connected to it, Capricorn. The eclipse occurs on the 14th and you should always allow 2-3 days either side when it comes to its effects. Your 12th is also the house of your past. As well as the Sun in here we have Mercury, Venus from the 15th and also Juno from the 19th.

Past commitments and promises – even stretching back to past lives, may come full circle or stem from 2001-2. This is due to Mercury opposing the North Node in your 6th also on the 14th. Watch who or what resurfaces but don’t necessarily take it on face value. Again, your inner wisdom is your guide. As could be a trusted professional or even a priest, therapist or psychic.

Time for a life audit

For you, the biggest shift of the week or the month is the exit of ruler Saturn from your 1st on the 17th. Jupiter follows on the 19th leaving Pluto the only slow-moving planet left in your sign. This isn’t just about your money but your values.

Money of course features in this but you need to understand it’s just part of a bigger picture. It’s about giving and receiving. As in what you spend your time investing in and what you get back in return. It’s also about the ‘price’ you put on all this and not selling out over.

Saturn says you need to remain true to your core beliefs around this. While Jupiter hands you an opportunity to make more of what you have. It can big up your belief in yourself and all you have to offer. Which in turn, determines your value. Don’t undersell yourself. You’ve been through some hard work these past 2.5 years. Now that should have shown you what’s beyond price, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: The hard going of the past few years is over now ruler Saturn moves out of your sign along with Jupiter. What’s the truth around your self-worth, Capricorn? If anything, you should now see just how capable and valuable you are.



Who is on the journey with you?

Back forward into the future

The Now Age begins here

The Now Age begins this week as Saturn (17th) and Jupiter (19th) arrive in your 1st, Aquarius.

It’s been approximately 29 years since Saturn unpacked its bags in your sign for a long-term stay. And 12 years since Jupiter last paid you a visit. This is about you. Your brand, image, reputation, appearance, message, look, body, style. It’s also going to be about sharing yourself too. You within the group, the people you know, organisations, networks, clubs, bands, associations, movements and friendships. Where you fit in. Your people but also your individuality too.

Acceptance and shared experiences, history and your future is the sub-text here. The 14th is about a journey that may have begun with a circle or group of people (or even one particular friend) back in 2002-2 as Mercury in your 11th opposes the karmic North Node in your 5th. This is also the day when we have a total solar eclipse in here. So, you need to understand that the path from here on in with regards to a particular group or connection is no longer clear.

The future is a collaborative effort

Look closely at whether you and they are still aligned when it comes to ideas and attitudes. Your new cycle is about tolerance and openness. It’s looking forward, not back. It’s about shared soul ideas and ideals. Resonance. If it’s missing, your path and theirs may diverge now. Those who stay on it or join it will co-create your future with you from this point on.

You are about to start a new cycle which may involve a major makeover or re-launch. Wanting to get involved in something bigger that lights your fire for the new era may trigger this. You’re up for a cause, a movement or just wanting to re-make your own world into a better place. Like all changes it begins with you, although someone may provide inspiration thanks to Venus’s arrival in your 11th. This is about the love of friends rather than romance. It’s also about sharing what makes you unique. Ensure the outer you is your calling card now, Aquarius and gives the right message for the Now Age.

In a nutshell: Shared friendships, goals and ideals feature. You’re seeking those on the same path as you. The Now Age begins this week as Saturn and Jupiter enter your sign. Who travels into the future with you co-creates it.



You may not see how you are seen

Own your path and your choices

Changes within change your world

Guard your public and professional image and reputation this week, Pisces. You’re in the dark totally about something connected to your status, your career or authority figures. Who has the ultimate authority in your life? The answer should be obvious at least. That’s you. The only person we can control is ourselves and our own responses. Own it.

How you are seen is all important now. As is keeping your word at least seeing as you have no guarantees around others. This week delivers a total eclipse in your 10th as well as Mercury opposing the North Node in your 4th. Old karma may come winging back from 2001-2. Or else you may be unaware of how you are coming across. And perhaps not in the way you want.

Try to defer major decisions if you can. There’s a real possibility of taking the wrong turn or being seen in the wrong light. You personally may be in the dark but in another sense you are exposed.

True Colours Develop Over Time

People will eventually show their true colours now. Which again, warrants a ‘wait and see’ approach. If your intuition is nagging you over something – perhaps because it simply doesn’t feel right, then the time to start probing is on the 20th when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 10th. Don’t shy away from asking difficult questions.

The biggest shift occurs on the 17th and 19th when Saturn and then Jupiter arrive in your 12th of hidden truths, the past and secrets. This is also about your spiritual and philosophical beliefs, soul healing, intuition and learning. It’s about your soul path and what you are here to do. And also, your soul or karmic group. This week marks the start of a big inner journey which will result in a massive change in your outer world. It’s also about protecting yourself, your dreams and feelings. And that starts with protecting your reputation.

In a nutshell: Care about how you come across this week. Your status and reputation are everything now so guard these closely. Hidden truths and your beliefs feature. If you want to change the world – start within.




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