Full Moon in Libra Moonscopes 2023

Full Moon in Libra Moonscopes 2023


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Someone draws your focus or you become more aware of that empty space that needs filling in your life, Aries. Perhaps your partner needs your special mix of fiery warmth and demonstrative passion?

This is the full Moon which shifts your focus away from you and onto someone else. Or has you thinking about just what qualities you need in a mate to balance you out.

Just hours after the Moon opposes the Sun in your sign, it will reflect its light onto Jupiter in your 1st. Asking you to give something extra. Or no longer settle for the so-so love experience. It’s time for grand gestures and generosity when it comes to someone you care about. Jupiter says go big or go home.

Everything seems extra right now. Yes, you are prepared to give, give, give and over-deliver when it comes to showing how much you care. Single? You’re seeking someone who matches your boldness and who allows you to be you. And you’re offering the same kind of emotional freedom in return. Not into relationships? The Libra Full Moon is asking you to examine how harmonious and loving your life is now. What do you need more of?

Above all, the letter ritual I mentioned in the intro applies to you if you are nursing wounds around past mistakes you think you made in relationships. Just remember, sweet fiery Aries, finding the balance means taking into account there are two people in any relationship. Forgiving yourself requires you only need own your 50%.


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A holistic full Moon in your 6th has you looking at that work/life balance, Taurus. Now is the time to focus on wellness, extreme self-care and maybe just liking your life (and your body) a little more. Certainly, if you have been taking yourself for granted, this full Moon highlights where adjustments need to occur.

Is your body a temple? Or are you ignoring it? It will broadcast its reactions to how you treat it, fuel it, exercise it or care for it loud and clear under this Moon. You’ll be able to quietly assess the benefits (or not) of those habits and how they impact on other areas of your life. And make adjustments as needed.

Your day job (paid or unpaid), studies and routine show you how what you do impacts on your energy and ability to tackle the everyday business of living. If your job is simply keeping that body fed but drains you in other ways, do act to make changes under this Moon.

This Moon is your re-boot point when it comes to better habits, taking care of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, creating a supportive routine, having a health check or resetting your priorities.

Take time out to explore this if necessary. Have a social media detox. Unplug. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness practice and seeing your life as an interconnected whole will help you re-energise. If you change your habits – you change your life. Changes no matter how small, get you big results over the long term.


gemini full moon

You’re craving an emotional outlet under this full Moon, Gemini. And you are one of the signs who can benefit the most from it. You want to express all that passion, love and yearning for fun and will be seeking someone or something via which to let loose!

Yes, pleasure-seeking is permitted under this full Moon. And please don’t entertain any thoughts around missing out. In either love or life for that matter. Indulge yourself in what makes your heart sing. Be this a hobby or creative pastime, friends, a lover or even via spending time with your children if you have them, or the young-at-heart in general.

If you are single – why not take yourself on a date? Go do something you love or that recaptures carefree joy for your inner child. Immerse yourself in something creative. This full Moon doesn’t want you to take life (or love) too seriously. By all means flirt, party and play.

Be in the moment and get lost within that. Don’t look too far ahead. This full Moon isn’t one for long term planning. But it is one where letting go and being yourself puts you back into the cosmic flow of attraction once more. Just enjoy whoever or whatever flows your way, Gemini.


cancer new moon

The full Moon is in its ruling 4th in your chart. And also opposes Jupiter in your 10th. Doors to rewards, recognition and success could open wide. Are you ready to step through if so?

This full Moon can bring up intense feelings around home, family, your responsibilities and what makes you feel safe and secure. Or it can also show you where you have been sacrificing your own needs in favour of others paradoxically, while you may want to cocoon and crawl into your blanket fort an offer to up your game and reap high rewards at work.

You can serve up whatever it is that’s being asked of you now. Especially if it brings a long term goal closer. But at the same time do look at what you are actually working for. And whether the sacrifices you are making are worth it.

Hopefully, your motives don’t just include caring for others, but taking care of your own needs too. Avoid people-pleasing under this full Moon especially if this has been a pattern for you. Yes, it may make others temporarily happy. But what does it do to you in the long term?

Deep seated emotions can arise especially if we fear love will be withdrawn if we fail to please. That’s often a karmic pattern. Time spent at home and making key decisions around your home, lifestyle, family dynamics and even your career, puts you back in a place where you once more feel secure with what you need to do. Expect a homecoming to yourself now.


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Do you go with how you honestly feel, Leo? Or do you keep the feels to yourself? The full Moon in your 3rd is calling on you to express yourself. Or to find a platform via which to do this. Be it on-line or off it.

When it comes to lovers and partners, your imagination gets lit by big dreams and plans which involve you and the other embarking on a grand quest together. Travel and holiday plans could feature. And if you’re dating you want that mental turn-on. If that’s missing, well, the money train won’t roll any further. Speaking of which, this full Moon favours bringing those projects and plans to a stage where they can be released and launched. That pitch, presentation or application. And yes, that Tiktok, Twitter, Insta feed should be feeling the followers now.

But don’t ignore the need to express yourself and come from a heart-centered place. Find that audience even if it’s just an audience of one. All that matters is an open mind and heart. The same applies to anyone sharing what’s really going on with you.

Your job is probably just to listen rather than try to fix or offer advice. When it comes to who this is. They could be close to home. Siblings and neighbours can be the subject of conversations. Do own the fact these are your feelings and yours alone. There’s feedback to be gained and a fresh understanding to be created. Talk the feels rather than just feeling them.


Money doesn’t just talk. It can trigger powerful emotions around our relationship to it, abundance and our own self-worth. Especially when a full Moon hits our 2nd house. Because the full Moon opposes the Sun and Jupiter in your 8th, your entire money axis is in focus. So, your ability to receive and also how capable and empowered you feel when it comes to earnings, income and even what you share with another.

Jupiter wants you to have a new experience when it comes to resources. The question is – how worthy do you feel? This full Moon wants you to look at what level of plenty you are actually comfortable with. And this may surprise you. Do include resources of all descriptions in this. Time, possessions, talent, skills and love. We have to know we deserve it to have it. And to hang on to it. If we are running subconscious tapes around not being/having enough, even if we land that well paying job or windfall, we may self-sabotage and lose it all as a result. The same goes for love if we also feel we are unlovable.

The full Moon is all about getting clear about your finances. So do have a self-audit around income, bills, what you owe, earn and spend. If you need and can afford an expensive item for your home, then this full Moon illuminates a favourable purchase. But don’t succumb to just buying ‘stuff’ to give yourself that ‘Because I’m worth it’ feeling. That only comes from investing in your self-esteem. Not designer labels. Has someone been manipulating you because they can exert financial control over you? If so, you’ll be buying out as this Moon shines on the escape route to independence. Because yes, you ARE worth more, Virgo.


libra main

If you’ve had the feeling there’s no end in sight with a personal situation, this full Moon triggers the pivot point where the wheel once more turns in your favour. It may take another few weeks to manifest entirely. You will need to cultivate patience. And also suspend judgement around what form this may take. But do know the change will be a positive one now thanks to the full Moon opposing Jupiter in your 7th.

If the desert you’ve been trudging through has been a love one, then the oasis that appears could well be in the form of a new relationship opportunity. This full Moon wants you to love and accept yourself as you are. Because until you do, well – nobody else will. If you are your own worst critic, then the letter writing ritual to yourself will prove to be the ultimate act of self-acceptance and forgiveness. This full Moon wants you to feel loved-up and filled up again.

Have you been too focussed on someone else’s needs rather than your own? Or spending too much time with one relationship to the detriment of others? What do you need to do to create a better balance? Going it alone or feeling you have to do everything for yourself isn’t what this full Moon wants for you. How are you for asking for help if you need it? Or accepting it if someone offers? Have you become so fiercely independent that prospective partners may feel you don’t need anyone? People need people. You love to be needed and are always there when called on. Allow someone else that opportunity with you, Libra.


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Since ruler Pluto shifted signs last month, life has been lived at full throttle. So, after pedal to the metal progress, the full Moon in your 12th signals a time out.

This is your house of secrets, hidden truths and above all, your relationship to whatever you believe is ‘out there’. The divine guiding presence or all-knowing angelic over-watch. Your deity, guide, beliefs, psychic abilities. Your essence. Have you been keeping up appearances? Not in a social-climbing way but simply feeling you’re wearing a mask in order to do what is required of you? Or bending yourself out of shape to become the person others expect you to be? That’s exhausting. No wonder you need to rip it off and spend some time tuning in to the real you.

This isn’t a process to be hurried. You may have to tune out the demands of others and instead focus on yourself. This full Moon brings up suppressed but very real feels. Perhaps emotions others have made you feel that you shouldn’t have. Or that are unimportant or exaggerated? Don’t numb them whatever you do. The great thing about this full Moon is that anything that surfaces does so in order for you to release it. If you are seeking answers, and really want the truth – not the sugar coating or the filter, this full Moon acts like the ultimate angel on your shoulder. The answer will come in the next two weeks. But you have to be open to it whether it is one you want to hear – or not. Above all, don’t allow self-blame or even blaming others to continue. And forgive yourself first – always.


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Ruler Jupiter is listening under the full Moon in your 11th. Especially when it comes to friends and goals you have yet to reach. Beaming your way could be pleasure, parties and play. As well as a lucky break or finding yourself in the right place at the right time.

People set our future in motion. Nothing occurs in a vacuum. Or a boxset binge. So, answer the call to connect and circulate under this Moon. Especially if your social life has gone through a lacklustre patch lately. Issue invitations of your own. Make an effort to catch up with those you haven’t spoken to or seen in a while. If invites come your way, accept. Part of the luck factor involves being out there where it can find you.

This full Moon is great for looking at your progress towards your goals and for letting those go which no longer ignite your imagination. Don’t set new ones as those are best left until new Moons to initiate. Whittling that goals list down to the three most important to you and then seeing what remaining steps you need to take hands you fresh impetus to make them happen. Ask at the same time just who can help you do that? And if someone asks you to join their quest – the way towards yours might just be faster and more enjoyable if you join forces.



Release the magician manifestor within you. Time to acknowledge your achievements and to no longer underestimate your greatness. The act is simple. Look back at how far you’ve come. Give gratitude to your challenges and your staying power. You make things happen, Capricorn. And you are determined, faithful and true to your intention. As a result, you may find yourself in the spotlight under this full Moon in your 10th as others shower you with appreciation and recognition.

Don’t be tempted to hide behind false modesty. The Moon’s proximity to Jupiter in your 4th tells you to go big. It’s boss face forward and time to bring your best game. If rewards are on offer it is because you earned them. If doors swing open wide or glass ceilings vanish – that’s because you belong ‘up there’. Don’t however be tempted to promise anything you cannot deliver and do ensure you operate with integrity and honesty. If someone around you isn’t completely on the level or serious in their intentions, that too becomes ultra-obvious under this full Moon. Leave them in no doubt of your feelings if so.

This full Moon illuminates the next big step you are about to take on that career path. Or need to. Ensure whatever you commit to under this full Moon, you’re in it 100% for the long haul. If not, between now and the end of the month, another direction opens up.


Your weekly horoscopr Aquarius

Do you feel the fires of transformation fuelling your desire for something more liberating, Aquarius? You want to take a big, bold leap into something bigger under the full Moon in your 9th. If you dare to dream it, this full Moon says you now need to dare to do it.

What is stopping you, Aquarius? Fear of what is outside of your comfort zone? You know that is where the magic happens. You need to step out of the familiar and head into the new, novel and unknown territory when it comes to love. Or going after what you would love to experience.

Big picture thinking, wide open spaces and far, far away offer invitations for exploration. And yes, journeys are what this Moon wants you to take. Either literally or via a learning one.

Overseas people and destinations send out a siren call. You may feel the tug between where you are and where you dream of being. The classic Home and Away push/pull. Every explorer needs a home port from which to set sail. And then return to. You can have both that and the adventure. If you yearn to take that big trip, even researching it under this Moon can bring it closer to experiencing. And that big idea? It just wants to meet the world now. So, like the image in the Three of Wands in the Tarot, transform your world and set sail.


The ultimate emotional give and take full Moon in your 8th has you looking at what you share. And what is shared with you in return. This is also your house of ah-hem, sex. The ultimate act of sharing with another. The soul baring, passionate, transformative, earth moving flight we take. When all pretences drop and we expose who we really are. Any insecurities around your sexual self or your sex life in general make you feel less than desirable. But where are they really coming from? Explore the naked truth (pun intended), around this. There’s sexual healing to be found under this full Moon.

This full Moon impacts on ancient ruler Jupiter in your money zone. Which may show you where you have been denying yourself pleasure or the simple act of pursuing your desires. Or even being open to asking for what you’re really worth.

Not the worth someone else assigns you, your time or your talents. Anyone who makes you feel ‘less than’ who makes you compete for their time, attention, love or any resource; or tells you that you need to change to receive these, is your catalyst for change. In that you are being short-changed. You set the standard of sexy. And your own value. And yes, desire is what fires your soul to accept more of what you’re really worth.

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