Your Full Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope May 23rd 2024

full moon in sagittarius

Your Full Moon in Sagittarius Moonscope May 23rd 2024

One of the most important full Moons of the year, the full Moon in Sagittarius waxes at 2 degrees of Sagittarius. And what makes it so important is that it occurs on the day when Venus meets Jupiter – Sagittarius’ ruling planet, in Venus’ ruling sign of Taurus.

We are all drawing down satisfaction from the stars and seeing it manifest in a physical and emotional form. Full Moons represent peak experiences, points of completion and pinnacles. As this full Moon is in a fire sign, we will see the fires we started earlier, now blaze at their brightest. So, its no coincidence this full Moon is known as the Bright Moon as well as the Flower Moon.

This full Moon favours the fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. And also the air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – because fire needs oxygen to burn. But each and every sign can blaze brightly in a key area this full Moon. The combination of this full Moon and the Venus/Jupiter infusion on this day, offers bright, brilliant, warming satisfaction. For all firestarters out there.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

If you have held fast to that vision that you can go anywhere, be anyone or have anything, then this blaze of glory firework of a full Moon will show you just how far you’ve come since your journey began. If you have Aries factors at 2 degrees of your sign, think of this as arriving at the way station on a larger journey.

Your self-belief, willingness to take a calculated risk and trust in your dream has got you this far. Like an explorer reaching far flung spot on a map, you can now celebrate and reap all the rewards from arriving at your destination. Of course, this is just a pause in what is, a larger journey for you. But its important to celebrate your milestones. And this could well be a big one.

That ship comes in, that offer is made, that final result achieved.  You’ll soon seek out new worlds to conquer. Can you come up with one key word or phrase to describe your experience so far? ‘Expansive’, ‘Rewarding’, ‘Adrenalin-pumping’, ‘Soul stretching’, and ‘Wild’ could just be some that fit your blazing a trail experience to date. One will now become your mantra when you take that next step, Aries. But the excitement and sense of daring is more than enough to show you – no more small steps, Aries. Make it big.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Big, boosted and beneficial change happens under this full Moon. With ruler Venus and Jupiter tightly entangled when it appears, it could well be that you feel the moonlight is designed for you in mind.

The more you release yourself into the change crucible and cease any resistance, the freer, happier and more empowered you’ll feel. If you have consciously set out to create a transformation in a specific area of your life, then it is under this full Moon that you’ll witness just how powerful a change magician you have become. And just what you can achieve when you refuse to be limited by your fears.

Change Mage you also broadcasts a magnetism that’s hard to miss. You may feel you’re on a roll as the full Moon may shine on beneficial changes in more than one area of your life. Or one major shift or solution has a ripple effect for you.

This full Moon shows you the power of simply following your own emotional truth rather than fearing it. It’s a deep let go so allow this to happen. Focus on the feeling – not the thoughts. Sharing it or allowing it to direct your course, releases you into the new and brings the old to a close. Don’t forget – Venus and Jupiter are in the house of you and how others see you. As well as how you see yourself. This full Moon is in your house of rebirth. This is the moment when change allows you to give birth to the person you were always destined to be. Pain free from this point onwards, Taurus. So, get ready for you – and others, to see yourself in a whole new light.


Of course you’re an absolute joy to be around under the full Moon in your 7th, Gemini. More so than usual. All the world loves a lover and that just happens to be you now. Partners, friends, workmates, prospective persons of interest – you’re in the mood and feeling the need to form more resonant connections. If not one special one, you will seek out company rather than going it alone.

You are of course, two days away from Jupiter’s arrival. Expect completion under this full Moon. Something reaches an endgame. You are offered that position. You and another decide to be exclusive, move in or marry. What you have been waiting to hear is finalised.

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurs in your house of your past. And of destiny. If someone or something returns – it was fated so. Or something you set in motion now comes into full and satisfying form for you. And you now gather it up and head with it into the future.

This is one of your houses of attraction. And you should get to see just what it can bring to you when you remove any filters to radiating as brilliantly as you can. You elevate flirting or just the art of conversation to Olympic levels. No wonder others can’t help but want to on your team and bask in all that warmth. In sharing it with them, they may offer you what you want in return. Don’t keep the glow to yourself.

july horoscopesCANCER

Venus and Jupiter are aligned in your house of goals, friends and the future as the full Moon highlights all the kinds of love that do you good. So, make healthy choices under it.

All full Moons are impactful for you. They can bring up intense feelings around the themes governed by the house they appear in. Emotions you may have either been unaware of or pushing aside. Maybe because you have been telling yourself it’s not important? Or they can simply wait. Full Moons communicate to you that not only do you need to give priority to your feeling business, but that you can no longer afford to procrastinate because this is important! And no more so than when the full Moon is in your 6th of work and wellness.

It asks do you want things to continue as they are? Or if something isn’t working, do you want something different? This is the healthy choices for your future aspect of this full Moon. You may change up those habits for instance. See that you have simply been existing rather than really living. The full Moon and Venus/Jupiter combo puts a new option on the table for you for your future. Energising, healthier and which feeds you – mind, body and soul.

This is about the life you lead and what you do on a daily basis. If it works – celebrate that. If your energy body reacts negatively to anything – that routine, that diet, that person, path or even that clutter – now is the time to tackle it. If something new is held out to you – when you think about it, does you energy go up or down? In fact, when making the decision of what to take and what to toss, you can pretty well use your energy as a decision making barometer. If it doesn’t fuel your soul – release it, Cancer.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

So, are you getting your time in the spotlight, Leo? That’s always important for you. It’s nothing to do with an overblown sense of self-importance or grandeur either. The full Moon in your 5th always asks: Are you getting enough – fun and attention?

We all need positive strokes. To be celebrated for what we bring and to be recognised for that. To be thanked and rewarded for the effort we’ve put in. To our work, our partnerships, our creative projects and yes, our children if we have them. What we do out of a sheer sense of love. Sure, when it comes to those we love and care about, this isn’t about an actual payday. But we do need to know we are appreciated now and then.

This full Moon can actually not only see you shine and be showered with the praise and attention you deserve. But it can also bring you good times and something big to celebrate. To you, fun often lies in the sharing. And you could be surrounded by those people who want to share the good times with you. Imagine your biggest dream coming true. Now think about how meaningless if would be if you had no-one to share that with. No names on that ‘I’d like to thank’ speech. That would be no fun at all. People create the joy and the special moments when we get to feel how special we are. Be with yours under this full Moon.

Due to the Venus/Jupiter conjunction the day of this Moon, you could be sharing rewards, recognition and basking in the attention of a larger audience. Craft your public image now Leo because you’re going to be on show. Your playful nature wins you supporters, followers, advocates, audiences and offers. The spotlight is on you. Invite others to share it. And your golden glow, Leo.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

A move or family event could see you dancing for joy under the full Moon in its ruling 4th. The move could involve your home or even your job. There’s a feeling of stepping into something bigger. Or finding the place or space you need now. Moving away from limiting thoughts that have kept you stuck. Or finding that solution you’ve been searching for.

This is a sliding doors Moon. One under which a portal opens. The stars always invite – the never compel. So, the decision to cross a threshold – real or metaphorical, is yours and your alone. But this full Moon is triggering desires for something better, more fulfilling and supportive. Not just in a bricks and mortar way – but also with those you care about and who you know have your back. So, when it comes to relocations, that all important feeling of community has a big role to play.

This full Moon therefore has wider implications other than just around property. Your nurturing soul which also craves perfection, will shower those you care for with food and love. Designed with them in mind. Don’t leave yourself out of the process either. If another home, lifestyle, place, area or even country, is calling, look deeper into the need that it answers. Decisions can be made now that enhance your growth, living arrangements and all important need to get it right when it comes to who and where you belong to. Claim your path.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

As a Venus ruled sign, this will be no ordinary full Moon for you. The Moon itself is in your 3rd of news, writing, publishing, teaching, commerce and the internet. The Venus/Jupiter conjunction is in your house of ‘other’ money, transformation and change. Expect the arrival of something that dramatically shifts a situation to your advantage. News you have been waiting for. A breakthrough. A move in a different direction. A very big and unmissable full stop in one cycle. With you now poised on the brink of a new one.

Travel and people overseas may also feature. Bonuses and benefits. Payouts and booming business. Someone says yes – to your application, proposal, submission. You get contacted by a business which has been monitoring your Instagram offering a beneficial collaboration for you. I could say the sky’s the limit. But take it that it is also game-changing.

It’s a taste of what’s to come and a release into something bigger. The reason being we are two days away from Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius and your 3rd), moving out of Taurus and into Gemini and your 9th. It’s ruling house in your chart. Expansion is the name of the game now. And what shift this week is what releases you into that.


A key partnership cycle comes to a close under this full Moon. And if you are single, then the partnership in question may be the one we are all in from cradle to grave. I’m talking about your partnership with yourself, Scorpio.

The full Moon is in your house of money, possessions and all important self-worth. And on the same day, Venus meets Jupiter in Taurus and your 7th of dramatic and dynamic duos, duets and double acts of all descriptions. This is Venus’s ruling house/sign in your chart. Venus rules your money and your partnerships. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and your 2nd. Taurus rules not just money but also our values and that all-important self-worth I just mentioned.

This full Moon is therefore asking you to place an equal value on yourself as you would those most important to you. And look at where you may have been selling yourself short. If that has been the case, this is when your reset button gets pushed. Just in time for Jupiter’s arrival in your 8th of joint finances, change and personal empowerment.

Relationships that involve a financial transaction could also be front and centre. As in a working dynamic, business partnership or even your partner’s income. The cashed up collision between Venus and Jupiter promises windfalls and offers. A new love or working relationship for some. Or your self-belief paying you interest. What you love or have invested in, could just show it loves you back equally, Scorpio. It all begins with the love you have for you.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Ruler Jupiter meets with Venus the day of the full Moon in your sign. Just two days before it lands in Gemini and your 7th. What you have been working so hard to change or improve, now hands you the payoff you were aiming for.

You could be in line for a promotion, a new job or even noticed for that fitness or wellbeing regimen you’ve been posting about. Something that has had you pouring your time, love and dedication into on a daily basis, yields lasting results. You escape the hamster wheel if that’s where you’ve been stuck for far too long.

What these extra special alignments and this Moon are going to show you is that what you want doesn’t have to be hard work. Especially when it comes to relationships. There is a big difference between investing in something and meeting someone half way, and putting in more than you receive back. Seeing as you always give 110% in any area, you’ll be hyper aware of what the other party puts in too. From that boo to a boss. High maintenance people, situations and having to chase down that dream will be so no from this point onwards. Your ruler and Venus are about to hand you something that demonstrates that yes, rewards come from making the effort. Over-exertion on your part however – love is on easy street so you won’t get side-tracked down that alley any more.


A full Moon of spiritual truth and bliss appears in your 12th dissolving illusions and bringing something very real for you to the fore.

This occurs the same day as your house of pleasure receives one of the best love-struck alignments of the year – the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Taurus and your 5th. This can see you recapturing an element of the past, a revival of joy or even the reappearance of that missed opportunity.

This also awakens you to the fact that we are spiritual beings having a worldly experience. And that joy, happiness and good times form a part of our soul learning. Buddhists talk about the ‘10,000 joys’ we will have during our lifetime. This week could bring you one of those, Capricorn. Remember – Jupiter doesn’t do anything by half-measures. It’s all about go big, or go home. Venus is in its ruling sign (Taurus) and is the ultimate pleasure seeking/creating planet. Or should I say, that the combination of the two means pleasure may find you wherever you happen to be.

When it does, let it happen. Because this full Moon is in your 12th, it not only illuminates a key spiritual truth for you, but it shines its light back into your 6th house of living and wellbeing. Where I might add, Jupiter is about to land in two days time. So, think of this as a little or a lot of what you fancy, does you good, Capricorn. Take happiness, joy, creative self-expression, sensuality, wins and opportunities to stand out and shine, as the best medicine and necessary for soul health. Make time for the good times.


You score when it comes to friendships and anything future-sustaining under the full Moon in your 11th. The universe tells you: Go for goal. This is an Aquarian themed full Moon. Bringing friends, groups, movements and communities to the forefront for you. And yes, your goals are tied in with this.

Is home a place, a group of people or an emotional state for you? This full Moon appears the same day as Venus and Jupiter align in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. Also, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and your 11th house. Your future forecast or goals linked to home, lifestyle, path and place are highlighted. And this is where you can expect the benefits to flow your way.

A move or property goal could be realised. You find your community of souls or that group where you feel accepted for who you are. A connection proves instrumental in aiding you towards a long term vision. This is about your support structure just as much as it is about you as an individual.

A redesign of that shining life path is just one more benefit this full Moon can illuminate for you. Family members and women in particular, could play an instrumental role in this. There’s sharing and satisfaction to be celebrated as one goal that’s close to your heart could be reached. If so, you’re sharing the moment. You’re days away from the biggest pleasure cycle you’ve experienced in 12 years. This full Moon puts you in a position to make the most of it.

full moon in piscesPISCES

News asks you to step up and take a bolder approach, Pisces. Don’t be shy. Or give in to self-doubt or uncertainty. Asking ‘Why me?’ no longer serves you. A better question would be: Why not you?

The universe wants to promote you this week. The full Moon is in your house of status and public image. Your 10th house which is of course, the sign of Sagittarius. What do you and Sagittarius have in common? Quite a lot actually. Both of you are signs seeking higher learning and spiritual truths. Both of you take no notice of barriers between you and your source. And you both share a ruler – Jupiter.

Jupiter still co-rules your sign despite you now being under the rulership of Neptune. In astrology, we always say the old rules still apply. So, if you are one of those signs – like Scorpio, Aquarius and yourself, given new rulers as our knowledge of our solar system expanded, you need to still pay attention to what your old ruler is up to. As it will have a big influence. Especially in the case of Jupiter – largest planet in our solar system.

With the full Moon in Jupiter’s ruling sign, and Jupiter itself conjunct Venus in Taurus and your 3rd the day it appears, you are looking at big news or will experience Jupiter’s generosity, opportunity creating vibe and problem solving abilities in a way that promotes you or marks the culmination of a success story you set in motion earlier. Do be ready.

Your 10th is also the house which rules your partner’s status as well as your own. So, basking in their reflected glory and your part in making that happen, could be just as satisfying as making it yourself. That new connection could in fact be your perfect match or co-conspirator. Take it you can achieve far more together than the sum of the two parts. And whatever arrives this week – you made it happen with a little help from the cosmos.

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