Your Full Moon in Virgo Moonscope 24th February 2024


Your Full Moon in Virgo Moonscope 24th February 2024

Yes, we all know full Moons bring peak experiences. The full stop and then release and emotional change of direction like the tide. But did you also know that full Moons are also a wonderful opportunity to embrace the energy of two signs?

Full Moons appear in the opposite sign to what the Sun is currently in. So, when we have a full Moon in Virgo, the Sun is in Pisces. This month’s full Moon appears the day after Mercury which is Virgo’s ruling planet, enters Pisces. Another cue for us here, to look to integrating the energy of both these signs.

Pisces and its ruler Neptune, rules the spiritual realms. Higher thought, intuition, matters of the soul and spirit, and all the things we cannot see but nonetheless exist. It is the vast flowing ocean of the multiverse. With no limits or boundaries. Just oneness. Virgo and ruler Mercury are concerned with what we need to do in the here and now. Our day job, studies, routines, taking care of the body we inhabit, our duties, our intellect, timetables, details, organisation, schedules. What we need to do and deliver. Being present in the here and now.

You can see how these two signs are polar opposites. But they compliment and even enhance one another. If we don’t have a direction or organisation in our lives, we drift and waste all our potential. We literally waste our lives. However, if we become all about the facts, mundane tasks and disconnected from our emotional and imaginative worlds, we become empty vessels. Pisces needs Virgo to ground their flights of fantasy. Virgo needs Pisces to allow them to feel the feels and see these as just as important as the facts.

Under this full Moon, we’re being asked to do just that. Balance intuition and imagination with fact finding. To have a direction rather than simply drift. To find islands of truth in the vast sea of possibilities. This full Moon is all part of that voyage.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Resonant and revealing, the full Moon in Virgo and your 6th is encouraging you to take a deep dive into fact finding, Aries. It asks you don’t dismiss those feels. But using a laser-honed focus of insight and devotion to detail, go seek out the reasons you may feel the way you do about something.

Do not doubt your body’s innate wisdom to communicate. Tiredness, fatigue, mental fog, wanting to withdraw and rest, recurring hard-to-pin-down conditions, allergies, anxiety – all these stem from something specific. No, it is NOT your imagination. No, you are NOT being over-sensitive. Do your own due diligence around this. And of course, follow up with a professional consult if needed. The body keeps the score and shows you what’s working (you’re vibrant, alive, energised) – and what’s not – you’re self-medicating, withdrawn and low on life force.

This full Moon wants you to cultivate patience. With others and above all – with yourself. It’s a wonderful Fix You moon if you fuse fact and intuition. Chances are you will be guided to that book, webpage, podcast or professional who has the answers you seek. You join the dots between cause and effect. And release going forward. Your island in the vast ocean of possibilities is healing and work that matters, Aries. Take it the tides of discovery are taking you where you can find this.


Yes, you are one of the most reliable and devoted signs of the zodiac, Taurus. But have you been sacrificing joy, spontaneity and pleasure in the name of duty and getting things done? Restore your soul if so under this full Moon. Especially if you have begun to feel your reliability and ability to bring it is being taken for granted. Or that others have begun to see you as boring or a stick-in-the-mud.

The full Moon is in your 5th which puts the Sun in your 11th. You’ll see if you have become stuck in a holding pattern. In your daily life and in your romantic/creative one. Of course you are not going to tell your boss you are quitting to go live in a beach hut in Bali. Or leaving that long term relationship in which you have invested so much of yourself. But you will be looking at where duty and responsibility has taken over from pleasure and being in the moment. And feeling you can express yourself.

One more thing about those relationships – be they working or personal. Is praise or positive strokes lacking? This is why you need to look at whether or not you are being taken for granted in any role you pour your extreme love into. If so, pivot your energy back onto yourself. A little selfishness for once can be healing. As can be telling others what you need from them. Romance? Fun? Initiate this or take that surprise and last minute invite or date. It could be exactly what’s needed.


Home truths surface under this full Moon. As does taking care of what you need to support and nurture yourself and those you care about. The Moon is in its ruling house. So, its emotional impact is increased.

Do read the intro to this forecast and what I say about integrating the energies of both Pisces and Virgo. Sensitivity and intuition will be increased for you under this full Moon. But do then go in search of the facts or what is behind your feels. Touch will be important to you. Giving or receiving. Hugs, cuddles, a hand squeeze. Out of touch? Ages since someone gave you a hug? If there is no-one to do this for you, do consider getting a massage under this full Moon. Your soul as well as your body will thank you.

Property matters or decisions around lifestyle or even family members may feature. Do not act on impulse however. Especially if your decision will have a long term impact. Take some time to weight things up. But if your life is not firmly underpinned and secure, you will be shown the steps you now need to take to make it so.

july horoscopesCANCER

Head in the stars – feet firmly on the ground. That’s the balance you’re seeking under this full Moon. Ideas take flight. Your imagination sprouts wings. Those ideas – inspired. But you’re going to need more than the dream to create the reality. You need the facts, the bedrock for that launchpad, and a plan and a compass, Cancer.

Research is your friend. Especially if you are contemplating anything from applying for that new job, launching a business or taking a trip. You also want to share what’s on your mind. Do keep in mind that your emotional truth is just that. Keep all conversations centered on ‘This is how I feel’ – but without blaming anyone else for this. Own your emotional journey and if so, you will arrive at a new point of understanding.

Right now you need conversation and people. Especially if you have been spending too much time in your own head lately. Or stuck at work or around family a little too much. Yes, I know how much you love them, Cancer. But you need other people too. Too much alone time under this full Moon will make you tired, depressed and miserable. If that’s how you are feeling, get together with a friend or simply call one for a chat. The more the merrier under this Moon. You’re not in the mood to just gossip however. You crave new and novel perspectives and to go deep into a fascinating subject. One topic wonders? So no. Seek variety under this full Moon. And share what’s on your mind.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

You are operating from heart-centered integrity under this full Moon, Leo. You won’t have any time for anyone who is flaky or doesn’t deliver on what they promise. Your word is your bond. Your values are your gold-standard by which you operate. You expect nothing less in return. Your emotional truth is a beacon of radiant light. The lighthouse poised on the promontory that others use to find their way.

With the full Moon in your 2nd, the Sun your ruler, is in your 8th house. This is your house of transformation. But some things don’t need to change when it comes to what is most important to you. Yes, this is also about your money, Leo. The need to set your values around what you earn and also owe. Do look to your emotional relationship to your cash. And the emotional cost of not setting a budget, paying attention to where the money goes or simply spending to fill an emotional need rather than addressing the need itself.

What you value and care for pays you back in an equal amount. Saying ‘I don’t care too much for money’ – well, it won’t care about you either. And incidentally the two people who wrote those lyrics had plenty of it. You are valuable. Your time is valuable. As are the love you give and your talents and skills. So, protect and care of those. As you protect and care for what is given to you in exchange for them. Your salary, benefits, possessions and people. Stand by your values or set some serious new ones. You’ll be able to bank on the results.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Set sail towards a love truth under the full Moon in your sign. You are about to have a moment of soul defining clarity around a key relationship. Or what you need from one.

If the full Moon is in your sign, the Sun is in Pisces and your 7th. Along with ruler Mercury right now. Have you been worrying about where you stand with someone? Are you over-analysing what they say and do? Do you want them to conform or say and do certain things and are they failing? Have you thought about simplifying matters, if so, Virgo? Letting go. And also – if they are saying one thing but doing something else – its actions you need to pay attention to – not words. Especially if you have been making excuses for them.

The other element of this full Moon is that it asks you to pay more attention to your feelings if you have been ignoring them. Or simply dismissing them as not important. This Moon is about a past, present or potential partnership. Or even that frenemy, rival or opponent. It asks you focus on your emotional truth around this. If you dislike someone – is this a part of yourself which needs acceptance and integration? What are they showing you about yourself?

Own your needs with loved ones. And if you are seeking any new kind of partnership, spend some time visualising who you can be with the right person. Don’t visualise a specific person to be with. But how the right connection boosts that shining light within you. Ruler Mercury in this house enhances your ability to think in emotionally resonant and very clear pictures. To be the love you feel. This works if its romance or if you are seeking a new working relationship, Virgo. Imagine yourself in the clear light of love.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Oh so mysterious and laden with meaning, you may enter a drift state with the full Moon in your 12th. It enchants and entices you to leave the world behind for a bit. Your soul self wants to take you on a journey. To explore the world within you. Or simply to connect to the immense wisdom that is ‘out there’, Libra.

There is a real difference between this and the desire for escapism. Also, choose your company carefully under this full Moon as your emotions are extra sensitive and you can be hurt by a throwaway remark. If this happens, do consider that it may not have been meant to be taken this way. However, do consider the source as always.

You do need to look at the routine and schedule that runs and supports your life under this full Moon. It’s all very well to drift for an evening. But is this happening at other times? You’ll be aware if in fact you are allowing life to simply flow past you rather than directing it. If this becomes apparent, Mercury in its ruling 6th along with the Sun in here, shows you where you can simply re-enter and re-engage with life rather than just go along for the ride.

This full Moon favours psychic and creative work, working behind the scenes, healing or on your own inspired projects. But again, do have a schedule, a system, a deadline so you don’t scatter your own inspired essence. Expect a revelation around someone’s true motives and intentions under this full Moon. If shown this, its simply one more thing you can’t allow to drift, Libra.


Souls that spark inspiration, innovation and inventiveness are who you seek under the full Moon in your 11th. The Sun is in its ruling house in your chart when this full Moon waxes. There’s a hidden message behind the desire to socialise with like-minded souls and connect. And that is about your ability to receive.

Your 5th is your house of attraction. Where the pleasure, the luck and love reside. The Sun draws the good to you as it transits this house in your chart. The full Moon is when you get to not only see, but accept (or not), what you have magnetised. Anything from compliments to gifts to romance and recognition. You put that desire out there. You have been answered. Or are gifted with the contact, opportunity, offer or solution to go the rest of the way to that goal. Are you ready to receive, Scorpio? Look to your ability to say yes and accept.

Be open and receptive to who you meet or who extends that invitation. This full Moon points you towards a possible future path. Of course, the cosmos always invites and never compels. How we RSVP is up to us. An emotional truth may also surface about one particular friendship, group or network. The gift of this full Moon is that it allows you full mind/emotional integration. When it boils down to decisions and what you say yes or no to, this is a rare Moon which allows both the facts and the feels to hand you the very best choice. Be ready to receive.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

This full Moon is one of the best of the year when it comes to those far-reaching ambitions, Sag. And coming at them from a place of grounded emotional inspiration. How you get to where you want to be from here in other words. With a touch of Shoot for the Moon daring!

Emotional structure and organisation will be important under this full Moon. Understand that this doesn’t mean you are disconnected from your feelings. Just that you are in control with how you respond at any given time. Or that you are able to craft your response depending on the circumstances. You may feel one thing, but know intuitively, it is not the time to let others see this. So, you come from a place of self-control. The person who is able to do this is usually blessed with the result they want.

This full Moon favours emotionally celebrating your achievements, validation and success. Look back on these. Shower yourself with self-congratulation. Above all, don’t diminish or dismiss your progress to date. When it comes to your future -act with intent when it comes to your ambitions, your entrepreneurial flair and bringing anything which elevates your status or image to fruition. Unleash your inner visionary and leader now. Chances are you have your eye on a new challenge or mountain to scale. Whether this is a personal or professional ambition – time to plan just how you intend to move on up from here, Sag.


Something about this full Moon makes you want to either share or discover the truth. Your mind seeks answers and also an escape route. Usually you are the one who sticks to a course without distraction. But under this full Moon you may feel strangely restless and unable to stay still.

Nobody had better ask you to fib or fudge the facts now. Because that quest for the truth extends to yourself. Something may capture your imagination and you won’t be able to let this vision go. It could provide the distraction you’re seeking. But if burnout or boredom has become a problem what it shows you is that right now you are craving something more inspiring and exciting in your life. And off you go after it in hot pursuit.

Small, mean-spirited acts or people see you telling it like it is. That being said, your ability to make connections with others is mega-enhanced under this full Moon. Travel or dealing with people or businesses overseas could feature. As could academia, legal matters and anything to do with the great outdoors. If there’s something you need to shake up or escape – this Moon shows you the solution to the Mehs . . . You know you need a little more life in the mix, Cappy. Here it comes.


No entry areas? You’ll go there under this full Moon. You’re about to dig deep and get to the heart of a matter. If you have shied away from tackling something or been ignoring the elephant in the room this Moon shows you that continuing to do so does you no good. Your loyalty may have been tested over this. But what matters most to you now is your loyalty to yourself.

At work, you won’t take being micro-managed kindly. You’re in power boss mode and hopefully others know this and simply let you be to get the job done. Which you accomplish with astounding ease so do set deadlines to coincide with this moon. You’re at peak performance level.

If emotional boundaries need to be enforced – again, this is the Moon which leaves people in no doubt about the power of your intentions. This Moon hands you a faultless BS detector so nobody had better even try that. The Moon is in your ‘other’ money house. Not just your salary, benefits etc but also the assets and resources you share with others. The marital home and/or mortgage. The joint account or even bed you share. Your loans and investments. If money or discussing it has been the no entry zone, here is where you are heading now, Aquarius. Expect a key renegotiation which comes from a place of your renewed power.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Who is the fairest of them all, Pisces? When the Sun is in our 1st, the Moon in our 7th acts as a magic mirror which someone holds up so we get a good look at how they see us. This is our cosmic Status of Our Union address system.

Balancing how you see yourself with what you are shown brings about integration in a union. This full Moon also delivers a desire for balance and harmony. Not just in relationships but in all areas. If something is blatantly out-of-whack, you’ll be in the right head space to correct it. This includes that work/life balance. Especially if it leaves you no time to pursue personal goals or relationships right now.

This full Moon favours the arts, design, legal matters (think Justice in the Tarot), any project that involves cooperation with at least one other party, updating that dating profile, date night for settleds and simply being a people-person. Who holds the mirror up to you may be a partner, but could easily be a friend, a boss or co-worker, a mentor or in rare cases, that opponent. You get the adjust the reflection if you don’t like what you are shown. Or understand this is one person’s vision and an incorrect one.

Hopefully what is reflected back is love. That reflection is meant to inspire you – one way or another. To take action. To avoid drama as some people simply want you to see that. Positively – to show you how you are valued or loved. Or how much love you have to give to the right one when all is reflected back, Pisces.

knight waite tarot

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