Jupiter in Earth Signs Forecast

Jupiter in gemini

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – Your Horoscope for Jupiter in Gemini 2024 – 2025

Jupiter – planet of opportunity, abundance, solutions and luck enters airy Gemini on May 25, 2024. And will remain there until June 9, 2025. Jupiter takes 12 years to do a complete circuit of our astrological charts. So it spends a year in each house in our chart. During this time, Jupiter expands our experience with the themes of the given house. And if this has been a problem area for us, Jupiter brings with it solutions, escape routes and the luck factor.

If your natal Jupiter is in the sign Jupiter currently occupies, this is known as your Jupiter Return. You will experience this at 24, 36, 48, 60 and so on. It’s a period where you can expect to receive super-sized Jupiter benefits for the time Jupiter is in here. No matter where your natal Jupiter is, all Jupiter transits bring improvements and positive benefits. This is why it is associated with luck and fortune turning again in our favour. In the Tarot, Jupiter is linked to the card of The Wheel of Fortune as well as the 8 of Wands.

For Taurus, Jupiter leaves your sign and enters your 2nd of money, self-worth and values. Virgo – Jupiter is in your 10th of career, public image and reputation. Capricorn – Jupiter will now spend a year in your house of day job, work (paid and unpaid), habits, routine, health and pets. Expect everyday magic to happen.

It’s not what you have – but how you work it

All signs need to check their charts for any factors at 0-1 degree of any sign. Take particular note if these are in either Gemini or Aquarius. But this applies to any sign or house. And includes your ascendant, descendant, IC, MC, asteroids or the nodes. Why am I telling you to do this? Because although Jupiter visits this sector of your chart once every 12 years, this time is going to be different. This is because when it does, it will trine Pluto in Aquarius on June 3, 2023. This has not occurred before in our lifetimes.

For the earth signs, this is going to be real and tangible when it comes to what Jupiter has to deliver for you. In terms of your work, career, rewards, recognition and money. You will be aligned to the energy of the Pentacles suite in the Tarot. They describe the soul’s journey in the material realm. And as Jupiter passes through Gemini, you may find yourself in situations which accurately mirror the images in at least one of the Pentacle cards. I would encourage you to spend some time tuning into the energy of the Pentacles and becoming very familiar with the images. You’ll be better equipped to make the most of the opportunities coming your way if you do as you will recognise Jupiter’s largesse at work! You can use any deck for this. My own Knight-Waite, the traditional Smith-Waite or any deck to which you are attuned.

Jupiter will place more resources at the disposal of the earth signs during this cycle. But it along with Pluto wants you to know that the path to riches or success begins with working with what you already have. Work it for all you’re worth.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

After Jupiter bigging up that image – or self-image, its time to put your new take on yourself to work, Taurus. Jupiter is in your money house and while it won’t grow on trees, it will certainly enable you to attract more of the green stuff while in here.

A better paying job or a raise is the most obvious way Jupiter will reward you. Or some of you start a side-hustle which boosts your income. This is the house of what you make rather than your house of what may be given to you or payouts and lottery wins. That’s your 8th. So, you are in charge of your financial destiny. And you make it happen. But Jupiter should give you the biggest helping hand you’ve experienced for a long time.

Your cred, track record and reputation have a role to play in all of this. You being seen as boss or ‘the business’. Whether you work for yourself or someone else. How others see you and your ability to deliver is a factor you cannot afford to ignore with Pluto now in your 10th of career, reputation and recognition. Your star date will be the June 3, 2024 Jupiter/Pluto alignment which could see you win that promotion, top role or be rewarded by the praise or recognition you’ve been striving for. Be ready to step up.

You are also able to work with what you already have more creatively and put it to better use. Whether this is your time, love, talents or your cash. It all seems to go further than at other times. Pressures ease off and solutions can present themselves. As you embrace these, you move back from a feeling of struggle and lack and into flow and abundance. Which means your energy is now ripe to attract more.

If however the path you have been on has failed to give you what you deserve, be prepared to explore a new one. This also goes for love, Taurus. This is your house of self-esteem and also those relationships which are ‘assets’ to you. It’s a Venus ruled house. You vibe with it. If you come to the conclusion you are worth more, then if you make a move towards what aligns to how you see yourself, Jupiter will ease your path to finding it. Don’t ‘settle’ for less. Also be aware with Pluto in the mix, it can suddenly bring something to an end if it no longer serves you. Again, if this happens don’t panic. Jupiter should bring you a better alternative.

You should have more to do more now. Do understand when this happens, Jupiter wants you to use it to buy yourself more knowledge and experiences. Not necessarily ‘stuff’. Do stick to a budget and above all, avoid an ‘easy come, easy go’ approach to finances. Yes you are on a roll now. But think to the future as well. Some of you may find yourself in the position to pay off existing loans and debts. If you have these, do use extra money coming your way to rid yourself of them. Jupiter wants our freedom. Being tied to debt is the opposite of that.

People in positions of authority are open to listening to your pitch or request. And provided you have what it takes to back it up, are likely to grant it. Travel for business or work could feature. Or a trip opens up the possibility of making more money. Especially if it involves people or ideas from overseas. A little speculation or investment in an idea could pay off for you. Do not take unnecessary risks however and do your due diligence first. Jupiter offers you solutions with your money and can sometimes appear in person as that accountant or money advisor. If you feel you need help getting your financial ducks in a row, do seek it out now.

If you need money to study, start a business or upskill, Jupiter is in a Go Fund Me position in your chart. You should be able to take on that kind of financial commitment secure in your ability to repay it. Investing in yourself and your future is one of the best you can make now.

Although this is not one of your ‘love’ houses, because it is Venus-ruled and because Pluto is in your 10th which rules the status of your partner as well as your own – as in relationship status, Jupiter in here can deliver that partner who gives you that rich-in-love feeling. It’s all about you knowing you’re worthy, Taurus. Work that worth for all you know you’re worth this cycle.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

Your career or work opens up a portal of potential when it comes to something bigger for you, Virgo. It is telling you to aim high as it is in the highest part of your natal chart now. How far can you go?

Dealing with people overseas, interstate, in another part of the country as part of your job or even university course, is one way Jupiter can bring you that sense of what’s potentially ‘out there’ or attainable for you this cycle. This is about your future and also your true calling. Even if you don’t engage in paid work, expect to feel you are achieving more and to be recognised for what you do.

I know I mentioned the link to the suite of the Pentacles in the Tarot in the introduction to this forecast. You may want to spend extra time with the 10 of Pentacles card during the time Jupiter is in here. This shows multi-generations enjoying the rewards of past efforts. It promises permanent prosperity. This is what you are working towards and what is possible for you now. This card attunes you to the long term vision. And also reminds you of what’s important. Material success on its own without loved ones to share it with is an empty victory. It keeps your eye on the main prize. Pluto now in your 6th is a potent reminder of this. Just as nothing is worth sacrificing your health and wellbeing over.

Respected and well-established companies, organisations and establishments could offer you the step up you’ve been seeking. Promotion could be on its way. If you are applying to university under this Jupiter cycle, you could be accepted at one with an outstanding reputation. Jupiter tells you: Think big, the skies the limit.

Gemini is the other Mercury-ruled sign of the zodiac. Your best window to pursue those ambitions will be when ruler Mercury joins Jupiter in Gemini and it too trines Pluto in your 6th in June 2024. Mercury is also direct and free of any retro-shadiness during this time. It’s a now or never moment when it comes to selling yourself, pushing forward with your ideas or taking that big step. Go punch above your weight, Virgo. You may just walk away with the prize.

Others could benefit indirectly during this cycle from a partner’s promotion or success. Do be aware at all times of your public image or reputation – on line or off now. Whether you work or not. It will prove to be very important in some way as people in a position to help you or offer opportunities, are watching whether you are aware of it or not. This can be anyone from that boss or mentor to the person in charge of admissions at that school or university. Who you are seen to be matters.

Above all, take yourself, your ideas and what you want, seriously. Speak up. But at the same time know there are many paths to the top of the mountain. Jupiter may show you an easier one. Or the way to achieve what you’re after in a way that’s more satisfying and freeing. You’ll learn as you climb now. And when you arrive, do share what you’ve learned with others.

Single as a Pringle? Jupiter can send you someone who has achieved success on their own terms. Wildly sexy, funny and generous. They may not take themselves too seriously despite having the rewards and chops to back it all up. You could have hit the jackpot with them. Yes, they may also be slightly messy and their spontaneity means you may have to change plans all the time. I know this goes against the grain for you, Virgo. But ask yourself: are they the Yin to your Yang? And isn’t a little mess or chaos the variety you may be missing?

Be willing to climb higher and see what the view from the top looks like in this Jupiter cycle. You can get there, Virgo.


That once in a lifetime Jupiter/Pluto trine on 3 June 2024 occurs across your 6th/2nd houses. This is all about work that rewards, Capricorn. And what you will and won’t sell out over.

Jupiter brings you luck when it comes to landing that dream job. While Pluto out of your sign and in the money zone has you ready to receive those rewards. Your job may change for the better. If you are seeking work or to change jobs, now is the time to push with those applications. Or are you the boss seeking to hire? Jupiter could bring you that perfect candidate and not only that, the one that is ready to commit to staying. They may have their own way of doing things, but they complete the task to perfection. Take a hands-off approach, don’t micro-manage them and they will reward you with their loyalty and outstanding results.

If you are seeking a new path then a course of study, teaching, travel, the internet, writing, communications or even spiritual/wellbeing work could be your ultimate paths to recognition and career satisfaction. Jupiter is all about big picture thinking. Are you making excuses as to why you can’t make changes or do something right now – today? Chances are they are small ones and just excuses – not barriers. Cut them down to size and focus on the bigger picture instead.

If you are stuck in a rut when it comes to that routine or those habits, Jupiter will propel you out of it. Exercise, being outdoors, sports and as this is your house of pets, take on new meaning. You may decide to get fitter and get a dog for instance. Do remember – a pet is for life. You may meet new people and change up that routine by walking your dog or joining that gym or activity group.

That also goes for your every day environment. What’s blocking the flow of the fresh and new? Its time to take an out with the old, in with the new approach. What’s old in terms of stuff and your thinking. Jupiter acts like a breath of fresh air in here. Upgrading your working environment in some way. Even if its just getting rid of what’s worn out or cluttering it up.

Jupiter in this house does not do boredom. It craves variety, stimulation and a certain amount of freedom. Do ensure your present role provides that. Jupiter in here boosts your energy levels and usually elevates your wellbeing. Do look closely at anything which prevents this. Over-work, worrying and soul drains. The only thing you need to watch out for is over-indulging. Remember – Jupiter expands. That includes your waistline if you don’t harness Jupiter’s ability to get you moving in here!

When it comes to your overall health, new innovations coming from overseas in terms of conventional and alternative approaches could offer you the key to wellness. Do look into this. Wellbeing travel could also appeal to you. You could head off to a yoga workshop or spa. A healing journey could see you making permanent lifestyle changes. Please note – this is NOT your house of plastic surgery or physical appearance. And if you are contemplating travelling overseas to undertake cosmetic enhancements, you are strongly advised to do your due diligence before committing. You don’t want to end up as a guest on Botched.

Do you have something the world wants? That idea, talent or skill? Jupiter in this house could see you exporting it or yourself. Or the world finding you on-line. This may even be something you take for granted because you do it easily and all the time. It could be something uniquely local to where you are. But rare and hard to find elsewhere. Jupiter allows you to make the connection and see that potential in something right under your nose.

Expect a rewarding change to occur in what you do each and every day. The work you undertake and how you feel. Your day job or lifestyle opens up new horizons for you. This applies whether your work is in the home, volunteering, caring for others or parenting. Just as it applies to anyone in the corner office. In fact, if that’s where you are if freedom to you now looks like a part-time role with less pressure and more time to do what you love, that’s the more rewarding and beneficial change you can make now. Make life work for you with Jupiter in your 6th.

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