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Jupiter in gemini

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces – Your Horoscope for Jupiter in Gemini 2024 – 2025

Jupiter – planet of opportunity, abundance, solutions and luck enters airy Gemini on May 25, 2024. And will remain there until June 9, 2025. Jupiter takes 12 years to do a complete circuit of our astrological charts. So it spends a year in each house in our chart. During this time, Jupiter expands our experience with the themes of the given house. And if this has been a problem area for us, Jupiter brings with it solutions, escape routes and the luck factor.

If your natal Jupiter is in the sign Jupiter currently occupies, this is known as your Jupiter Return. You will experience this at 24, 36, 48, 60 and so on. It’s a period where you can expect to receive super-sized Jupiter benefits for the time Jupiter is in here. No matter where your natal Jupiter is, all Jupiter transits bring improvements and positive benefits. This is why it is associated with luck and fortune turning again in our favour. In the Tarot, Jupiter is linked to the card of The Wheel of Fortune as well as the 8 of Wands.

For the water signs, Jupiter in Gemini will open your mind to immense possibilities. From the meaning of life for Cancer, to your personal power for Scorpio and to the bliss of finding your place and your people for Pisces – which Jupiter rules. You may not have been aware of this before. Or even their existence. Jupiter removes the blinders. Opens up hidden pathways and choices. Shows you that you are more than you ever imagined.

The Road Not Taken

Although Jupiter revisits each sign every 12 years, this Jupiter in Gemini cycle is going to be different to any we have experienced before. Why? Because it occurs when Pluto – planet of transformation, rebirth and personal power, is in the sign of Aquarius. This has never happened before in our lifetime. The energy of these two planets will remove barriers, align us to our true path or purpose, and see us daring to take those steps we may have been fearful or hesitant to take in the past.

Do check your chart for any factors in any sign – but especially your own, between 0-1 degrees. This includes your ascendant/descendant, asteroids, nodes etc. On June 3, 2023 Jupiter will trine Pluto. Depending on where your chart factors are, not living your truth or remaining stuck is no longer an option for you. Alternatives, solutions and escape routes appear. You reclaim your power if you have become disconnected from it. Resources open up. Be ready. If you are uncertain, one of our astrologers can advise you.

Are you prepared for a more empowered, refined, reborn and spiritually aligned version of you? Because that’s what Jupiter promises for the water signs. Check out the forecast for your sign below. And be ready to rise into your greatness.

july horoscopesCANCER

Jupiter is in your 12th house while Pluto is in its ruling 8th. What you can expect are changes of the most profound and meaningful kind, Cancer. You are on a journey to the deep side of life now.

First of all – know that for the year ahead you have an angel on your shoulder. Jupiter in your 12th is your ultimate spiritual guru and soul protector. It opens up a high speed connection to higher wisdom, truth, your guides, god or mystical being – whatever you want to call it. In astrology, Jupiter rules religion, beliefs, philosophy. Your understanding of the workings of the universe expands. You may delve deep into astrology, the Tarot, numerology or even embrace a different religion or philosophy to the one you have adopted up until now. If you ask a question and truly want the answer – Jupiter delivers it. Do be open as this is a real ‘truth will set you free’ Jupiter. Yes, sometimes the answer may not be what we wanted. But we need to accept it in a state of faith and trust that it leads to something better. Which Jupiter offers if we take what it tells us on board.

With Pluto in our change sector working in tandem with Jupiter at the start of this cycle, this may see you embracing your inner power by dealing with negotiations around financial settlements, your salary, legacies and wills, and how things are shared with you. Taking a higher path while holding on to your power, sees you ascend and come out of this with a profound and unshakeable belief in yourself. If you have felt trapped by a situation and/or your circumstances, both Jupiter and Pluto will bring about the solution that releases you.

This Jupiter is about journeys of the soul. If travelling under it, you will be awakened to a profound spiritual experience or see the world very differently. Especially if you journey to countries where the culture or religious beliefs are different to those in your homeland. This is the house of your past. Going back to somewhere you have been in the past or even a past life is possible. Does it feel familiar even if this is the first time you have been there?

If something or someone from your past has your name on it, then they will return effortlessly. Do keep this in mind if you are still holding a torch. If they don’t, be willing now to release the longing and clear the way for something new once Jupiter reaches your sign in 2025.

Jupiter in your 12th offers divine protection. It’s that angel on your shoulder I spoke about. If something you’re attempting goes against your ultimate wellbeing, Jupiter gently coaxes you in another direction. Narrow escapes, near misses and blessings in disguise feature.

You may be drawn towards mysteries. Meditation, journaling, research, investigation, psychic development, self-help. You may not be willing to share all that is going on with you, keeping it hidden. Or else you may just choose to confide in a trusted psychic, therapist, religious leader. You may delve into Sufism, Buddhism, Hinduism or even quantum mechanics in search of your answers. From all this you will emerge with a new view on the universe and your place within it.

Your creativity, compassion, imagination and intuition are operating on a higher level during this cycle. Any time you spend on these areas will bring you massive, intangible results that nonetheless, last a lifetime. Or which you even take on into the next one. There’s the possibility of removing long term karmic barriers under this Jupiter. But only if you’re willing to go there.

This is not usually a material Jupiter transit. However, Pluto’s presence in its ruling 8th could well see you handling larger sums of money or finding yourself with more resources at your disposal than you have had in the past. Often these can come to us under this influence via an ending or a payout. There is a touch of having had to let go of something and make a sacrifice about it. Other times, this is a spiritual lesson. Jupiter sends us more to test us and see what we do with it. Do we embrace the inner power it represents? Or does it make us so uncomfortable we self-sabotage so we lose it? This can be the quiet test Jupiter sends us. But know you are ready if it does.

Working behind the scenes or working invisibly and charitable work can be paths we take under this Jupiter. You may be content to do this and derive immense satisfaction. Volunteering could also feature. If so, at some point Jupiter will pay you forward for what you have done. And once it reaches your 1st in 2025, move you out into the spotlight once more.


Are you ready, Scorpio? This cycle begins with your ruler Pluto in your 4th house of home, roots, family, foundation and lifestyle. Are you ready for big changes around these? Do check your chart of those 0-1 degree factors. And please, don’t fear the process of change now. Or run away from your own unique power.

This will be a cycle of transmutation and transformation for you. Where you can spin straw into gold. Rearrange the base matter of your life and turn it into something valuable. And effortlessly ascend and fly away from anything that has held you back, controlled you or put restrictions on your progress.

This is your other money house. The go rich or go home house. Your house of assets, investments, what is shared with you and by you, payouts and legacies, trust funds, benefits, your salary. Because it is your house of joint and shared assets, this could tie in with a relationship which began when Jupiter was in Taurus and your 7th for some of you. You and that significant other marry, move in together, buy a home. That business or working partnership is cemented and pays off for you both.

It is however also your house of divorce and settlements. Jupiter rules legal proceedings. Think the card of Justice in the Tarot. If so expect a conclusion, release and a new beginning to follow.

Whether you believe you are ready or not, capable or not, deserve it or not is not the point with Jupiter in here. Say: Ready or not – I am willing to accept more. Jupiter and Pluto together should bring in that property, legacy, promotion, business or lifestyle upgrade you’ve hoped for.

There is a link here to your path and purpose as Jupiter is in Pluto’s house in your chart. And your ruler is in your house not just of home and what supports you, but this is also your house of your lifepath. Very often, our ability to pursue our true calling is linked to our sense of personal power and identity. If we are disconnected from this, we can find ourselves in a position where we end up in a career which is wrong for us. Usually out of a desire to please others and live up to their expectations around what we should be doing. If this is your story, look forward to being able to change course – even if it temporarily causes an upset with those close to you. Remaining the proverbial square peg in the round hole won’t be an option for you. You need to work your true calling.

Jupiter in your 8th enhances your ability to get that raise, that mortgage or loan, make a savvy investment or even repair your credit rating. It enhances your intuition – always trust your gut with Jupiter in here and don’t whatever you do, ignore red flags. And yes, your sexy self is supersized. Just be aware your partner may not be able to keep up so pace yourself, dear phoenix! Single? Flings can be flung. With a partner who draws out that need to be sexually adventurous!

Others may benefit from someone who places their resources at their disposal. Anything from their time and entrée to their private jet. Jupiter wants you to experience more. More money, more empowerment, more experiences of what the material world has to offer. That idea? More powerful and potentially money making than you may have realised, Scorpio. From the bedroom to the boardroom – work your Jupiter power.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Move on up. Change rooms. Get a grander design on living. Ancient ruler Jupiter in your 4th lines up moving experiences and/or expands your living space. Your family could also expand. A new addition to your family leads to a housing upgrade. You either extend your present home or move to a larger one. Jupiter in here will upgrade your lifestyle or living space on some level. Even if you are renting, you could end up with more for your money than you imagined.

Any moves or property decisions will lead to bigger benefits. Jupiter never does anything by half-measures. So, some of you may decide to relocate. To another town, area or even country. Pluto is now in your house of the past. You could move back to somewhere you have lived in the past. Or relocate to be closer to family. Or find yourself compelled to relocate to somewhere new but which strangely already feels like home.

If you have questions about your past, your family, lineage or even family secrets, do expect these to be answered. Pluto opens the closet door. Others discover they put past matters into perspective and heal from trauma. Allowing them to move forward free of it. Often this can result in a big move away from who or what has caused this.

If you are in a position, investment in real estate will pay off but over the long term. As will any investment in your home. Those of you who work in real estate, building or home improvements, interior design, cooking or domestic areas should see your business and income expand. This Jupiter is also excellent for running a business from home or making money from your home such as Airbnb or taking in a lodger. If someone unrelated to you does move in – even for a short time, they will open your eyes and expand your horizons. You could even end up making a friend for life.

This is your house of family. And sadly many of us out there have to reconcile the fact that for whatever reason, we don’t fit into our birth family or the one in which we were raised. If this has been your story, the good news Jupiter has for you is that it will offer you the opportunity to find or create your soul family or support group during its time in here. You may find yourself moving to an area known to be friendly to how you identify for instance. Where you can easily connect to like-minded souls. If this is your goal, work towards making this happen now. Above all, don’t be afraid to move away or out. Sometimes we have to go look for our lives. Jupiter sends you in the right direction to find this.

Jupiter in here wants to hand you the key to a door. A new home or bigger, bolder lifestyle. This is your house of what underpins your sense of stability and security. With obvious links to financial security. Jupiter can make this happen for you by sending you that better paying job opportunity which in turn, gives you the resources to upgrade your home. Or one which calls for you to move to a new area – perhaps where property prices are cheaper or where you simply feel more ‘at home’.

Family could assist some of you during this cycle. Perhaps via help to own your own home. Others could get access to social housing or a rent control property. Either way, Jupiter lays the foundation for security for you. Because security is what ultimately creates our freedom which is what Jupiter wants for us. Others could find themselves enjoying their home more simply because they are in a position to pay for a cleaner or buy new furniture. Your dream home? You could just attain it or at the very least, take a major step towards owning it thanks to Jupiter moving in.

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