June 2020 Monthly Astrology – Transformation

June monthly video astrolgy

Your Monthly Astrology Horoscope for June 2020

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Wow!  June brings us a climax of cosmic eclipse activity, as well as pesky Mercury retrograde. Oh yes, retrograde mayhem is dragging up issues from the past to be healed. Trust me, the rewards will be worth it. June’s cosmic dance climaxes in the Pluto and Jupiter conjunction on the 30th, which is a direct repeat of the vibe of early April. What was going on for you then?  On a global and individual level, sweeping changes are coming.

Get ready for a full-on spiritual clear out. We are dealing with the past and diving into the shadow to free ourselves to move forward. 

Early June astrology – Full Moon in Sagittarius Eclipse 🌕 🌑

Early June brings a Full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius, and there’s a ton of bolshy Mars energy. On top of that, she opposes Venus retrograde. What does this mean? We do not understand each other as well as we could.

 Ideas and beliefs are passionately polarised. We need to tune into our heart chakra to boost our love and connection to one another. Even in personal relationships, we may be tempted to throw down ultimatums. It is more important than ever to walk, talk and speak with love.

Having said that, if we need to end a relationship or toxic friendship, we can do that now.

New Moon in Cancer and Solar eclipse 🌑 ☀️

We are shifting and evolving, not only our view of ourselves but what nurtures us. Big decisions are made regarding our home and family. As with all eclipses, we aren’t seeing the full picture until later on. 

Rest assured, although we don’t have the complete information, liberating changes are forming beneath the surface. All will be revealed in the coming months.

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