New Moon in Aries Moonscope – 2 of 2: Hybrid Solar Eclipse April 20, 2023

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New Moon in Aries Moonscope – 2 of 2: Hybrid Solar Eclipse April 20, 2023

I see a black Moon rising! The term ‘Black’ moon has nothing to do with the fact that this new Moon brings with it one of the most complex eclipses we have seen in decades. It refers to the second of two new Moons in an astrological sign in a month. The first new Moon in Aries appeared at 0 degrees on March 21. This new Moon is at 29 degrees. Both therefore are extremely powerful being at an ‘anaretic’ degree.

This black new Moon triggers a Hybrid Solar Eclipse. Hybrid Eclipses – which combine all three eclipse types – partial, annular and total, are extremely rare. Even rarer – we have not seen one in Aries for 159 years! This represents a massive new beginning especially for the Cardinal Signs or those with Cardinal factors. Do check your charts for any at 29 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Within a 1 degree orb.

We know eclipses represent the hidden. Cover ups. Total eclipses and we are utterly in the dark. We will see this eclipse as being one of the three eclipse variants depending on where we are. So, the extent of the cover-up depends entirely on our perspective. As the Moon moves through Aries hours prior to triggering the eclipse it encounters Jupiter. What does this tell us? That the cover-up is a massive one. It’s all a bit X-Files. Mulder was right. Just remember, rather than being told something is written in stone, our perspective can be changed. Don’t accept anything on face value. 


Aries season

Know Thyself was inscribed in ancient times above the entrance to the Oracle of Delphi. There are many variants on this message. To quote a line from Hamlet: To thine own self be true. The truth for you under this eclipse isn’t actually ‘out there’. But within you. Are you being true to yourself? Acting in a way which reinforces this? Coming from a place of authenticity? Or does something simply jibe within you, Aries?

You instinctively know what is right and what actions you should take. No matter what you may be told to the contrary, that is the truth about you. So, knowing this, the eclipse asks you muster your integrity and do the right thing. By you. Yes, there is and should be an element of watch and wait which you should not ignore under this eclipse. Between now and the full Moon on May 5, you need to gather what emerges from the shadows and see how that impacts the bigger picture. But ultimately, come from a place of knowing who you are and what simply is the right action to take based on that. You don’t need to hide from your own truth, Aries.


full moon in taurus

An eclipse in your house of hidden truths and secrets is extra powerful, Taurus. It is about what you really don’t want to see, deny, or have been totally ignoring. It marks both the end and a new beginning for you. That new beginning is coming next month. For now however, that cover up may be around something that is well and truly over for you. But you have simply not acknowledged that yet. Time to leave an aspect of your old life behind you.

We can only ignore the elephant in the room for so long. And the problem with the elephant is that it just blocks our exit. We can’t move past it because it is taking up all the space and trapping us in the room with it. And depending on how long you have been ignoring it, that elephant could now be the size of a woolly mammoth. Now, chances are as you read this you know exactly what I am talking about. Where something has to be cleared out so you can move ahead towards the new and the fresh. No more elephants. Yes, Taurus, I know you love stability and things staying the same. But honestly, if they don’t change you stay trapped with the elephant. Don’t be a Dumbo. Time to fly.


gemini full moon

Wishful thinking won’t cut it under this Hybrid eclipse, Gemini. Yes, you have Fat Fairy Godplanet Jupiter in your 11th along with this eclipse. But wishing on stars and hoping won’t cut it. There’s a hidden path to your goals you may have overlooked. One your inner compass wants to reveal to you. And please, keep those goals and wishes close. Especially if you know people are likely to discourage you.

One particular friendship or even group may jump to mind under this eclipse. Is it all it appears to be? Does someone need you to spend time with them? Is there more going on than meets the eye? A friend could be struggling despite their Instagram feed saying otherwise. Go by your gut. If a name or more than one name has jumped to mind, do hold on to that thought. Either you need to invest more of yourself. Or you have been reluctant to admit the resonance you once felt is no longer there. Sometimes we are afraid to let go due to a shared past or simply a feeling of obligation. But the problem with that is that this blocks new soul connections from manifesting. Give new friendships time to crystallise. Like lovers, true intentions take time to be revealed. But this is all about your people as much as it is about your goals. Both need to be aligned to your truth.


cancer new moon

Eclipses are always very big deals for you as just like next door sign of Leo, they involve your ruler. Even more so when the eclipse occurs in a Cardinal sign like this one. Because it will square any Cancer factors you have within a 1 degree orb of 29 degrees. Do check your chart.

It occurs in your status-setting 10th. Square peg in a round hole? Isn’t it time you acknowledged that? This eclipse poses the question about just what constitutes success for you. Not what society says it is. Not what it may be for family, friends, those you work with or even your significant other. This is about your definition of it. And whether or not you have inadvertently taken on another’s. It’s time to stop comparisons. Also, to stay boss and come across as someone in control of their path and their destiny. Whether you know it or not, you are being watched and your reactions observed. Do not indulge in water-cooler (Zoom or Whatsapp) gossip or speculation at work. Your partners position or progress could be the area you need to pay attention to even if you don’t work yourself. Above all, if someone claims to be somebody – check their credentials. Time to draw on all your experience, Cancer. It’s your superpower for success on your terms.


monthly horoscope august

You are in a total blackout with this Hybrid Eclipse. Here are the areas you need to be especially vigilant over: The mass media, legal matters, academia, exams and higher education, travel especially the long distance kind, foreigners and overseas business, sports, large purchases (that includes horses, vehicles and anything expensive), gambling (don’t), religion and the great outdoors. 

You may feel as if someone threw the main power switch and plunged you into darkness when earlier everything looked bright and clear. And obvious. You become unsure of your next move. You’re in a dark room trying to find a box with a black cat in it that may or may not be there at all. Yes, it really is a Schroedinger of an eclipse for you as it combines all three eclipse types. If you are travelling under this eclipse, you need to act as if this was the most intense retrograde you have ever experienced. Plans B thru Z need to be in place. Disinformation is all around you. The good news? Actually there is some even if it is hidden. What’s occurring in the darkness is a new opportunity or freedom from something that has held you back. This eclipse will turn out to be your passport to a bolder, braver more intensely satisfying new world. For now, feel your way through it. And don’t take that big step unless it is clearly illuminated. 


Just where are the boundaries, Virgo? Are they strong and in place? Or have you allowed others to cross that invisible line? 

Tap into that inner strength under this eclipse. It tells you that lines may have been crossed. And you may have allowed this to happen out of a fear of losing something or someone. The fact is, respect is a key ingredient of true love. It begins with us respecting ourselves so we don’t allow ourselves to be taken advantage of. Look to where borders in relationships may have been breached. And don’t be afraid to reinstate them.

No-go topics can be explored between now and mid-May. In fact, no subject should be taboo. Is money that touchy issue? Is it time to come clean? Or to talk to that significant other or someone professional about your finances? If you have been contemplating taking on a long term financial commitment, do take your time to get proper advice and look at the bigger picture. If something changes will you still be able to keep up your payments? Is this something you feel comfortable with? Again, this is all about boundaries. Don’t cross any or allow others to do so over anything that feels uncomfortable now. 


libra main

Yes, you do need to check your chart especially for Libra factors at 29 degrees. Or within a 1 degree orb. Just like the first new Moon in your 7th, this one is about partners. But this time there’s a hello darkness, my old friend feel to it due to the eclipse.

You have never experienced a Hybrid eclipse in this sector of your chart in your lifetime. So it’s impact on past, present and potential dynamic and dramatic duos cannot be underestimated. Yes, a new one may be waiting in the wings. But if they emerge now you need to go very slowly indeed. If your relationship is on rocky ground, as the shadows clear you will see the bare-faced truth around love or the lack of it. 

Who the other person really is when they are in a relationship and who you are is the secret you need to discover. If we are going to be all in, then it follows we have to change and not be our old selves. Adjustments need to be made. Just what are these? And if you are seeking someone, just what are you prepared to change to have the relationship? We are changed by our partners, just as we change them in return. Whether this is an existing relationship or a new one, you’ll look back at this eclipse as a defining moment for you and another. We begin at the end for you this month, Libra. With the new to follow.


Change your choices. Opt for something different. Your ability to pick or try outside your usual options will act like pebbles tossed into a pond. The ripples spread outwards impacting other areas of your life. 

The power of what we do, the habits we have, the routine we stick to, cannot be underestimated. Because although small, they make up a much bigger picture. Like pieces of a 1000 piece puzzle they interlock. Under this eclipse, that big picture is missing from the box. The only way you begin to reveal it is to focus on the minutiae of your daily life. And to see every choice or decision, no matter how seemingly small, as important in the grand scheme of things.

Do you truly want positive change? To set it in motion under this eclipse, you begin with the small. Tiny adjustments which signal to the universe you are open and ready. Get your news from a different source than you usually do. How does this impact on your view of events? Shop at a different supermarket or store. What products are different and what can they offer in terms of variety? Switch up that exercise routine. If you walk, run or cycle, choose a different route. Or do your usual one in reverse. How does this change how you see it? Try a new fitness regimen. A new sport. Different diet. Cut one thing out between now and the full Moon. How does that make you feel? If you get your coffee at one place, go to a new one. Declutter one drawer or corner of your house. You’ll quickly find one action leads to another which leads to you feeling different. The power of choice exposes that bigger picture. 



You’re the sign of instant gratification takes too long. So when a watch and wait eclipse in your romance, passion and attraction zone pushes that pause button, you need to resist your usual fearless Sag impulse to leap in anyway. 

The card of The Fool in the Tarot really does sum this up for you. And don’t forget in it, the Sun is shining and the path or precipice ahead is fully illuminated. Unlike this Hybrid eclipse which touches on ruler Jupiter in the darkness. Telling you that the cover up in question may be bigger than you think. Or that drop if there is one, is deeper. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. They simply are. So, what is concealed within them may not be negative at all. But it’s the not knowing aspect that trips us up. This is also your house of holidays – ensure you check and reconfirm everything before departure. Your children if you have them. Any feelings you are not being let into what is really going on with a young person need to be followed up with gentle probing. 

And of course, this is the house of lovers and romance. Which is where the most caution needs to be taken when it comes to you throwing your hat and your heart into the ring. Or around anything that asks you to go ‘all in’. Especially all at once. Simply – don’t. Besides which, if this is a romance why not enjoy all the stages as they unfold rather than racing for the finish line? That creative project isn’t quite ready so hold off and you’ll discover the finishing touch which elevates it. Yes, the rush will still be there. But without having to, Sag.


full moon in capricorn

What supports you and what undermines your security, Capricorn? Being a Cardinal sign, you need to check your chart for late degree Capricorn factors – 29 degrees. What have you managed to create or are on the way to providing or establishing for yourself since the first new Moon in here last month? The building blocks of your future should now be in place. But it’s time for pause and reflection now.

Something may need to change around who or what you need to feel completely grounded and secure. Emotionally, materially and physically. Or does something simply need to be released in order for you to create a better, more sustaining alternative? If you have been sacrificing yourself for others or even spending too much time on your career at the expense of your relationships, what emerges from this eclipse will be the adjustments you need to make. Do take it that you are able to take action to bring about the result that’s best for you and those you care about. There’s also an element of craving recognition on either a personal or professional level. You need to know that what you do matters. To someone. If when the shadows clear, its revealed that is long overdue, you’ll take steps to claim it. As with anything long term, you have the patience to wait until you have all the facts, Cappy.



Look to the source when it comes to anything you hear, are told or told to click on under this eclipse. Deep fakes, hackers, scammers, click-bait and just pure disinformation, are all around you. Does someone you know cast themselves constantly as a victim? Perhaps its time to step back and ask if they really are? It’s not that sympathy is absent. Just that someone may be taking advantage of yours. 

Take it when it comes to interviews, project launches or plans, you need to do a deep dive when it comes to your due diligence. You could get caught out by that question you didn’t anticipate which leaves you grappling for a response. Or you left out a key point in that submission. And if you are in a position where you are selling yourself, do keep in mind the process, like dating, is a two way street. Don’t forget to ask the right questions. And just like dating, you are in a position where you can also be the one to decide you don’t want to take this further.

Do back up files, be careful whose friend request you accept, upgrade your cyber security and take nothing as a given. And it’s not a done deal until it’s in writing. And even then Aquarius – check the fine print.


Stay connected to those values as they are your lodestone under this eclipse in your 2nd. There’s a need not to compromise over anything that you know on a soul level is part of your integrity and identity. Know what you stand for. And above all, know your true worth, Pisces.

This isn’t the eclipse under which to splurge. Finances need protection and a loving eye cast on them. There’s no getting away with an attitude that says you don’t care too much for money. Because then money won’t care much about you either. This eclipse tells you that like your self-worth, you need to value what you have. Irrespective of how little or how much that is.

If anyone is undermining your worth, then you’ll see this between now and the full Moon. And be asked to respond accordingly. This may be more subtle than you realise. You know the point where you need to say ‘the buck stops here’. Waiting in the wings for you is a fresh cycle of abundance and attainment which matches your inner beliefs. And the actions you take. That’s bankable, Pisces. So don’t be pressured to sell out when you know the price simply isn’t right for you.

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