Your New Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope February 9th 2024

Your New Supermoon in Aquarius Moonscope February 9th 2024

The New Supermoon in Aquarius is the New Snow Moon and will be the first of three new supermoons we will see this year.

For Aquarians, no matter what your birthdate, it marks the beginning of your astrological new year so is an important point of initiation. Begin something NOW.

For all of us it offers a tempting opportunity, a call to action, a call to express our true selves. The New Moon in Aquarius is always a strong manifesting Moon and this is the first one when Pluto is also in Aquarius. It’s time for radical change, a personal revolution to reclaim our identity, our magic, and our passion. Know you are here for a reason, you are a unique and precious soul. Trust that you deserve to dance to the beat of your drum. What visions do you have for your future? This Moon will call them in. Surrender any fear that you are not good enough, that you can’t do it or any other thoughts that hold you back.

For all of us, this new supermoon appears with Pluto now very much in Aquarius. It marks the start of a major transformative era when it comes to our individuality, independence, communities, technologies, inventions and even how we move around or what powers thought. Expect AI to continue to be in the news and to transform our world in unimaginable ways. We will be asked to take more responsibility for this. Also – the Age of the Influencer as we know it may now wane. And a new kind of ‘influence’ will emerge.

This new Moon will mark the start of some kind of revolution in how we see things, how they are organised, shared or structured. We’re being asked to awaken our inner visionary and apply this to a specific area of our lives. It’s time to innovate and evolve rather than remain stuck in tradition. To challenge the status quo in our lives. To unstick ourselves or let go of limited thinking. To join in and see life as a party to which each and everyone of us is invited. Join the movement this new supermoon! The other powerful message of this Moon is that it is all for one and one for all, our connection to each other grows stronger.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

You could be fixed on your dream to share you vision now, Aries. The tools you use to connect with and communicate with others are also changing. While you are up to sharing and being part of something, there’s also a growing need within you to preserve that all-important privacy. Or at least control who knows what about you.

This New Moon has your thoughts heading higher. You have a golden opportunity to make the most of the manifesting magic. You hold in your mind the ability to visualise and create your future now!

This is the most important new Moon of the year for you when it comes to your social life and your goals. There’s an emotional awakening happening along with this. And again, its about daring, expansion and innovation.

let go of what limits you and unstick yourself from the past, you are a warrior of your own future now. You feel the need to be a joiner rather than a spectator. Understand that this new supermoon plants the seeds for your future more than any other this year. In what direction do you want it to take you? People hold the key to this. Don’t be a hermit, Aries. You may be choosy about what information you share on-line – but off it? Share yourself without reservations.

weekly astrologyTAURUS

Shifts within your workplace structure could open up opportunities for you under this new moon. These may happen unexpectedly.This new supermoon appears at the very top part of your chart. It shines on you in a way where you are sure to be seen or are ‘on show’. Time to act like your own hero. Or at the very least, are in charge of your own path and destiny. That reshuffle could in fact occur in a company you don’t work for – yet. But as a result, that dream job manifests.

With Pluto now in your 10th, you need to be ready for powerful and irreversible changes to come in which effect your position, your career and even your relationship status. When you look back, you will see how this new Moon marked the point these began to occur. And they will only gain momentum from this point onwards.

Do pay extra special attention to your image. Your reputation is highlighted now. What you are known for or how you are seen. Take it that at some point during the next month, someone, somewhere, is going to be asking around about you. Either in terms of a professional reference or even a personal one! What others have to say could turn out to be the deciding factor.



Get ready for fresh starts and new beginnings in a personal growth journey. Yes, this is your house of long distance travel. And if you are not heading to the airport, passport in hand right now, there’s no better new Moon than this one to start planning your next adventure. You are more likely to live it later than under any other new moon.

Opportunities – ones that can totally remake your world, surround you for the next month. Do listen to your instincts and what your inner voice is telling you to do or follow up on. If you do, you will be amazed at how life begins to flow effortlessly in a fresh direction for you. This is one of the best new moons of the year to start something new or take a chance.

This New supermoon offers you a preview of what Jupiter has in store for you when it arrives in your sign in May. You will see how it acts as a precursor for something bigger yet to come. So, you could take those first steps on what proves to be a larger journey for instance. If you are holding on to out-dated ideas and beliefs, expect the arrival of people who may challenge these. This New Moon is about expansion, freedom and growth for you. And often new ideas are where these begin. You’ll say goodbye to something that has restricted or restrained you in the next few weeks. Ahead – just the open road, Gemini. Be ready to explore it.

july horoscopesCANCER

Move out of the shadows and into the light under the new supermoon in your 8th, Cancer. Pluto’s exit from your 7th into what is its ruling house in your chart, combined with this super-sized new moon energy, shows you that dwelling in darkness simply isn’t an option now. Ahead there’s just growth and the transformation of something old into the new.

Has fear been the factor that has been holding you back? You’ll feel it but do it anyway if that’s the case. That’s because sticking with the status quo if it’s not working simply isn’t an option for you.

Your most powerful realisation with this new moon energy is that you don’t need anyone’s permission but your own to do something or take action. You stop worrying about what others will think. And also realise you are no longer responsible for their emotions either. Of course, you are not ditching your signature caring and sensitivity. But you are reclaiming any lost power that you may have sacrificed out of worry or respect for their feelings.

This is an excellent new Moon for anything to do with money, finances, investments and negotiations. Your sensuality rises like a phoenix under this energy. And demands you find a way to express this. If not with a partner then via your creativity or act of pure self-empowerment. Change the way you see yourself – change your world.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

You are not just in your yearly partnership peak, Leo. You have entered a once-in-a-lifetime partnership ERA. No pressure, okay? This New supermoon marks the astrological start of that which will be resonant and undeniable. You will feel the need for a more intense kind of connection. Either within an existing union. Or else seek out a new one which can give you this.

Do take your time with that new lover, boss, collaborator or even that friendship. Your primal needs are changing. Ensure they can evolve with you or meet them. Do watch for anyone who is overly assertive, manipulative or wants things all their own way. Often these qualities take time to emerge. We’re all on our best behaviour at the beginning (this includes you!). Allow for the real person to emerge. And to be comfortable enough to serve your own realness in return.

If you are looking to for that fellow mischief-maker, partner-in-crime or co-conspirator in love and life, then your network should be the first place you mine. There may be much less than six degrees of separation between the two of you. Others could be looking at taking that next step with someone. But if something’s no longer working, don’t think for a moment you will be able to maintain the illusion for much longer. Unexpected elements can bring something to an end. Or even deliver someone new. Who you love and how will be the defining factor in your future from here on in.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

A different kind of option may appear under the New supermoon in your 6th. Something unusual, out of the ordinary, unconventional or simply not what you have been used to, Virgo. This may cause you to hesitate, procrastinate or generally hum and haw over it. My advice in this instance is – don’t. What you think you want and what you actually need may not be the same thing. And opportunities often arrive in disguise.

This is a New Moon which doesn’t want you to dwell on things or stay stuck. Its asking you to keep your mind open and active. And also to go for anything which allows you to switch up that work or routine. If you hesitate or over-think it, you may miss out on a golden opportunity under this supermoon to establish something better for yourself.

Above all, don’t get hung up on people-pleasing either. If their responses to what you do aren’t what you hoped for, that rejection you feel is an alert that 1) there is no pleasing some people and 2) you need to focus on pleasing yourself instead. If you feel underappreciated at work, this new moon favours that job search.

Look to alternatives when it comes to diet, wellbeing, exercise or simply shaking up those habits. You were born with a deep need for change and variety in your work and every day environment, Virgo. If something is stale now, you’ll know it. Your key to making changes are with people. Anyone from that exercise partner, that club membership, that study buddy or like-minded friends. And yes, unconventional friendships or those from different backgrounds to yours may be just what you need to escape that rut. Say yes to different now.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Talking your way in or out of something depending on the goal you have in mind? Easy for you with the New Supermoon in your 5th, Libra. You’re fabulous and you should know it. And have no problem getting this across. Seeing as this New Moon appears in a Leap Year month, its all about taking a chance. And yes, pop the question by all means if its on your mind. If you get a no – well, we know there’s no accounting for taste. You won’t dwell anyway. You’re the next best thing and the next best thing is waiting.

You crave attention now and your love language is positive strokes and recognition. With Pluto also in this house game-changing, profoundly soul-shaking love is not simply a possibility for you, but there to transform your experience of it. This new supermoon wants you to unleash your inner superstar. Especially if you are seeking to attract. Be this that partner, that opportunity or simply gain the attention you crave. So, dress or project yourself in a way that can only be described as show-stopping. Yes, you can indulge yourself within reason in this lunar cycle. You need to feel it to become it or attract it. Babies, children, blended families may add to that lightness of being you’re experiencing. Go for pleasure, Libra.


Expect room to grow to appear under the New Supermoon in the moon’s ruling 4th in your chart. Something existing may transform or give way so that this new growth can take place. Powerful moves may follow. You may relocate for instance. Move to a new home. Family changes or even changes at work, bring about changes to your lifestyle and your future.

You are coming to understand the truth around your real emotional needs. This can be a powerful, healing and ultimately liberating experience. Because when we understand what we really need, we can then get those needs met. With both your ruler (Pluto and Mars) in your 4th as well as this all-powerful new moon, many of you will be looking at positive changes emotionally and financially.

A whole life renovation is set to occur and this New Moon will mark the start of this process. Deeply repressed emotions could begin to surface. And if so, don’t dismiss them, self-medicate or worse, make them an excuse for acting out. Instead allow yourself to fully feel them as this is the only way to free yourself of them. And for real and lasting healing to occur. If they are especially difficult however, do seek professional help.

Renewal and better emotional understanding comes via women you know. This may be an older female family member. Or simply someone who offers wisdom and understanding. What you are planting now has the ability to become a legacy you leave to others. Or give you that all important house room to grow into for your future.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Say it, share it, send it out there. Words and ideas are powerful tools for you now. Above all, do be seen as someone who follows up on what they say they are going to do. You have a unique perspective or take on something, Sag, Anything from a specific subject, to that book, thesis, TikTok feed, podcast or application. The new supermoon in your 3rd is the point which is going to compel you to do something with it.

Do focus your energy into one key area however and resist the temptation to have too many irons in the fire. Or trying to be all things to all people. If you fall into this trap you will dilute the energy. One idea well executed is all you need. Think niche, specific, strategic. Your insight is telling you which is your superpower idea. And that’s the one you need to go with now.

Travel may feature for you but this could be with friends, a group or else short in terms of duration or distance. If you find yourself somewhere familiar, it will look new and surprising to you in some way. This New Moon tells you that the opportunities you seek are right in front of you. And you already have access to the platform to take you there. Don’t over-think it, Sag. Just go with it.


Money, money, money. Yearning for more yen? Desiring more dollars?  Of course, you now have Pluto in your 2nd redefining all your ideas around worth and power money. What this can and can’t buy you. And no, you can’t buy self-esteem. You work on that and for it. Just as the New Supermoon in your 2nd opens up income generating potentials for you. You have to work to create that cash flow.

Money is simply energy. And like all energy we can channel it into new areas. The essence of this new moon is that where your intention goes, the energy or the money flows. This may mean first getting to grips with where the money drains away. On stuff you don’t need or incidentals which add up over time. You may therefore have a bit of an audit and redirect what you have which can end up feeling like more. Look after your money and it starts to look after you.

Pluto is set to transform your sense of self-worth. What you value and how you value yourself. That sets the price of your personal stock. And that’s what determines whether the price is right for you in money and relationships. Look after what you already have – no matter how little or how much it is. The amount doesn’t matter. Your focus does. Then once you have done that, follow up on ways to increase it if you need to. Apply for that better paying role. Research that business idea or side-hustle. Power money is really knowing you have the power over money. Not the other way around, Cappy.


New Supermoon, new you. Supersized. Whether you realise it or not now, you have entered into one of the most powerful, self-determined phases of your life. Where you are heading down a new and more brilliant future path. Age is not a consideration, Aquarius. Whatever your age, you are about to commence on something defining and brand new.

Look to what fires you up. Ideas, hobbies, interests. Don’t dismiss these are unimportant because if you are looking towards the future, chances are it springs from something you enjoy doing. With Pluto and a slew of planets in your sign, you need to evolve your own ideas around what is possible for you. And to tap into your full potential.

If you need to update your image, now is the perfect time. Pluto after all rules rebirth and transformation. There’s never been a better new moon for a relaunch or emotional, sensual or spiritual makeover than this one.?

Indulge yourself in imagining not just your future but how you see yourself in it. Visualise how you look, experience and feel. Then add that all-important cast of others to this. This can be people you already know or who you have yet to meet. How do they react to this new, more defined and authenticversion of you? Are you enjoying how they respond? And do you see yourself differently as a result? Now, bring back that feeling and make those changes, Aquarius. You’re a major work of art in the process of becoming even more than you ever imagined you could be. Oh, and this New Moon promises to make dreams come true so make a wish!

full moon in piscesPISCES

The final new Moon before your birthday cycle hands you insights that only you can act on or follow through with. You are filled with an intense knowing around what it is you may need to do. But also the knowledge that in this instance, you are going it alone.

Of course, this does not preclude you from seeking out advice from others. But ultimately you realise you are the one who has to get things done. This is a highly charged and extremely sensitive New Supermoon. It highlights something that has been persisting for a while. And the need to release it or finally do something about it. And only you can get it done, Pisces.

Along with this should also come the certainty a new beginning is just around the corner for you. But the only way to bring that into being is to be present in the moment and attend to any outstanding business. Because your energy is so sensitive at this time, do choose your company wisely. You may want to avoid drama divas, anyone negative or who would be termed ‘high maintenance’ (ummm I think that might be me haha). If you have neglected to put in boundaries with someone’s behaviour in the past, this is the task you may now know you need to get done. And no, they won’t necessarily like it. But you’ll feel better for it.

This New Moon points to where your secret self resides. And what it needs. Take it that the cosmic search engines of the multiverse are working over-time in the lead-up to your birthday. If you remain attuned and open and are willing to act when you are given the information you need, take it that you will be directed to that website, page, post, book or piece of information as if by magic. Magic happens when we act on it, Pisces. And Magicians aren’t afraid of going it alone.

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