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Your New Supermoon in Pisces Moonscope February 20th 2023

Ride a moonbeam of imagination, a wild Pegasus of flighty insight with the arrival of the new Moon in depth-divining, wave-riding Pisces. Surf that wave of intuition and see where it takes you. Whatever your sign, the new Moon in here marks the perfect timing for creative ventures, magical studies, self-help, and exploring your past to view it from a new perspective. 

This is no ordinary new Moon. It is the second new supermoon of ‘23. And it supersizes those Pisces traits of compassion, empathy, higher intelligence. It also falls within a 3-degree orb of Saturn – shortly to enter Pisces next month – at 28 degrees Aquarius. What is this telling us? That fantasy needs to have a framework like a novel. And that sometimes, we can feel compassion for others,  but boundaries need to be set to protect ourselves. Projection, denial, the desire to rescue – we need to know when it is better to say No – to ourselves or another in the long run. Seek out your higher truth under this new Moon. And let those ideas take flight!


full moon in aries

Take a whole lotta rock star, a touch of mystical guru and a pinch of fairy dust. Yes, that’s how you’re coming across from now until the Sun reaches your sign, Aries. 

Provided you stay grounded and avoid getting caught up in the fantasy rather than the reality. Or snagged in the net of your own charismatic superstardom! A bit like the celebrity who starts to believe their own publicity and gets detached from reality. This supermoon says you can have your head in the stars, but you must keep your feet on the ground. And avoid being all caught up in a web someone else may be weaving too. Too good to be true? It probably is.

Other red flags include sob stories, lurching from one crisis to the next but learning nothing, and addictions. Other than that caveat, you are the music maker and the dreamer of dreams as your star rises, creativity shines and a truth-telling inner voice broadcasts clearly. Do have a structured plan to bring what you plan to do to fruition. Even rock stars or gurus need a schedule of tour dates, Aries! 


weekly astrology

You are never one to settle for the superficial, Taurus. Be it talk or people. The supermoon in your 11th places the focus on those you resonate with on a deeper level. Where conversation flows and being with them is easy. You’ll avoid groups where everything revolves around one person. As you will that friend who never asks what’s going on with you but dumps their latest drama. Or wants to brag about their followers or what they’ve just bought.

You want to explore deeper dimensions with like-minded people. This is a fabulous new moon to find your people, join a group – especially if it has a psychic, astrological or creative focus. Or to organise to meet up with those you know are on the same page. If you meet new people or receive an invite that takes you away from your usual scene – be on the lookout for older, experienced, and wisdom-wise contacts. Don’t allow ageism or any other ‘ism’ for that matter, to get in the way of what could be a deep and lasting connection. It’s within where we find what we have in common. Don’t let the outer packaging fool you!


gemini weekly

Resist the desire to drift, Gemini. You need to be the sign with the plan under the new supermoon in your 10th of status, career, and public profile (online and off). Take it whether you know it or not, others are watching and taking note. Boss face forward. And if you are trying to get anywhere professionally, make sure you already look as if you have arrived. 

Know what you want. And above all, have a plan to get there. You may find yourself in a position where you are asked this. Or, in some cases, you may be doing the asking yourself. If so, do take note of the answer you get and don’t doubt the other party means it. Just like you do. Or should. Career moves can be initiated in the coming month. This house rules our relationship status and the status of our partner. Hence, having those questions ready if you meet someone new. What are you looking for? What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? The answers tell you if you are wasting yours or whether this is something to invest in. You come across as meaning business. Broadcast those intentions, Gemini.


july horoscopesWhat’s that supermassive dream you’ve been keeping to yourself, Cancer? That mega-fantasy trip? A role you imagine yourself stepping into? Being seen, being something or someone bigger? Daring to cross a line or threshold you were told not to? Taking a walk on the wild side perhaps?

The new supermoon in your 9th says: ‘I dare you to try!’. If you have a big dream, then it deserves to be unveiled, shared and ultimately experienced for real. The goal is the journey under this new Moon. There is just the exciting dream to be lived so do let go of labels like ‘failure’ or attach yourself to one possible outcome. There are so many potential ones out there, who knows where you can end up? The possibilities of your 9th house are pretty limitless.

To do this, you need to first let go of something. This can be anything from your own self-imposed limitations to those of others or even a situation. Do understand the difference between escaping and escapism however. One is fuelled by you discovering a solution. The other keeps you imprisoned until you recognise it. Travel, opportunity, a fresh direction, studies and a no limits expanse is yours to explore now. Own that dream, Cancer. 


full moon in leo

Unlike next door sign of Cancer who are set to be crossing lines under this new Supermoon, you need to be drawing them, Leo. Perhaps around finances, the hours you work, what is being asked of you or even someone’s behaviour. Once you draw that line in the sand, that’s it.

Yes, you are ready to take on more under this new moon. But you are entitled to ask: What’s in it for me? Or apply the same question to an existing situation. If there’s wiggle room and the other party is willing to meet you halfway, you’ll know whether you are prepared to compromise. This new moon also awakens a desire for a little more fantasy in your sex life. Or if this area in your life is lacking, it prompts you to do something about it. Again, hopefully, your partner, if you have one, is also up for switching it up.

Indulge yourself and them in a rich fantasy life. Explore new ways to express your sensuality. You want to desire and be desired in turn. The outer limits of passion and fusing with another soul. If you are single and seeking, chances are you could find someone to take you there. Not interested in love? Dive into the sensuality of creativity or nature.


weekly astrology

When Saturn changes signs which it does on March 8, we have to get very real in the area of life this house rules. In your case, Love Rules, Virgo. This new Supermoon passes over Saturn before appearing in Pisces and your 7th house. Saturn demands we get serious. Know what we want and work within boundaries. Until we do, we are held back.

This cycle is all about commitment. Put a ring on it. Or if you aren’t ready for that, to be upfront at least. It’s about ditching the fairy tale or fantasy and working with what is real. Love doesn’t have to be perfect. Neither do you to have the love you dream about. So, also be real about who you are too. And don’t feel you have to bend yourself out of shape for anyone.

All that has to occur is for you and the other party to be perfect for each other. If you aren’t into relationships this can be a furry friend or a passionate hobby. This new supermoon casts existing partnerships in a new light. If you’re on the rocks, there’s no escaping that. It also says that excuses don’t cut it if someone makes promises for ‘someday’ – just not today. Going in – the good news is that this could be a keeper. Just ensure the reality matches that profile, Virgo.


Weekly horoscopes

Make health and a double shot of wellbeing your priority for the next 2.5 years starting with the new supermoon. You are about to be released from a challenging cycle where love, creative self-expression and pleasure, have been elusive or hard-won. So, feeling good to enjoy what’s coming should be your main focus.

Hear that body talk. If your intuition whispers about seemingly unrelated things impacting that mind/body/spirit precious triangle – take note and follow up with some research. Yes, it’s a fabulous time to take a holistic approach to health matters. Have that check-up, book a complimentary therapy, and look to your diet, exercise, and routine.

Where can you bring in improvements? Yoga, pilates and circuit training vibe with Saturn. Work needs a structured, methodical approach. If you are in the wrong job, nothing and no-one will keep you there as an opportunity beckons. The right one raises that energy. Glow from the inside out, Libra.


I can hear your ‘but . . .’ forming, phoenix! ‘But surely if Saturn is heading for my 5th this means my fabulization is dimmed and love turns into hard work?’ Let me reassure dear Scorpio. There’s no sting with Saturn heading to your 5th.  

Put a ring on it Saturn hands us freedom when we play by its rules. Where are they written down? In our past. With what we learned from what did and didn’t work. So, with the new Supermoon in your 5th look back and ask what you have learned from the last in romance, parenting, pleasure and being unafraid to stand out and be noticed. Or are you still hiding yourself away or trapped by thinking the good stuff happens to others? It’s time to get serious about what you want from love, life and commit to the pursuit of happiness.

New beginnings and conceiving of something wonderful are hallmarks of this new moon. Time to indulge yourself and feel good. Have you been settling for mere crumbs when others seem to be dining at the banquet of life? This Moon along with Saturn says you have a choice whether you settle for less – or more. The more you know what you want and hold out for it, the more Saturn and this Moon set you on course. Put a ring around that, Scorpio!



Where in the world are your roots, Sag? That place where you feel the most grounded? That port from where all your adventures begin and end? Even magician explorers need somewhere to call home and yours is calling with the new Supermoon in the moon’s ruling 4th.

This house doesn’t just rule home, family, roots and belonging. It also rules your path and purpose. And claiming those for yourself. Saturn which is on its way in here is all about authority and when we use that word we are also talking ‘authorship’. Writing our own story within a structured format. 

Issues around family expectations could surface. The road you have chosen. Is it time for a different route? Property decisions are favoured now and during this cycle you will send those roots deeper or take on new commitments. That mortgage or lease for instance. Or simply step up and become master and commander of your life’s direction. Saturn and this new moon want you to understand that having that firm base and structure to your life is what hands you your freedom. You know where or what makes you feel most alive, centered and sparks that adventurous spirit. Head there now.


As this new Supermoon triggers your ruler Saturn, it sparks a desire to work your worth, Capricorn.  Flex those self-esteem muscles. Be prepared to astound and stretch yourself into a new goal. An idea you may have been sitting on is suddenly infused with the fire of ignition. You can’t sit around any longer. You have to take action. Success is an itch you have to scratch. Especially if it involves anything connected to business, ideas, publishing, selling, the internet.

Apply, pitch, send out, share. No use keeping that idea or plan to yourself any longer. Papers and contracts may feature. And offers and news have an impact on your long term path. Don’t lose your sense of wonder and belief in the power of an idea and where it could possibly take you. You are more outgoing than usual. Strike up a conversation. Make a positive comment on-line. You’re drawing to you others who are on the same wavelength. Above all, this new supermoon and your ruler want you to understand you have everything you need to go anywhere you want now when it comes to your work, studies, ideas and moving on up. See your inner resources in a new light. And do talk up your plans with others. Interviewing? You come across as knowing your stuff. Don’t underestimate the power of an authentic message, Cappy.



Your hundred secret senses are heightened with the arrival of the new Supermoon in your 2nd. As the  dark moon touches Saturn in your sign you will feel an emotional re-awakening and release. Yes, we can go on about how this is your money house. And that its time to initiate a whole-life budget ahead of Saturn’s change of signs. Yes, how much you need to feel secure and working more effectively with what you have will feature. But this is your sign of earthly pleasures and delights. And how you interact with an appreciate them.

It’s not about more, more, more. But immersing yourself in what is good, unique, sensual, and pleasurable. Tactile fabrics, the smell of fresh cotton, brewed coffee. The smell and taste of good food and wine. The caress of the breeze or a lover on your skin. Art, music, books, creativity which transports you into another realm. Feeling at one with the world and enjoying the company you keep. Saturn will set limits yes. But within those limits you will discover you are richer than you think. Start an audit and start to enjoy more beginning with this new Moon.


The new Supermoon in your sign marks the start of your yearly cycle no matter when your birthday actually falls. It’s one of the most powerful you will experience in terms of a relaunch, rebirth or reinvention. When the new Moon appears in your sign, it reminds you how important it is for you to follow that peerless inner guidance when it comes to expressing your authentic, diamond-faceted soul and shining brighter.

So, don’t be tempted to try to be someone else now, Pisces. Be your own best influencer. The Moon’s encounter with Saturn just prior to its arrival in your sign asks you to step back and look at how you come across to others. The impression you make. You can do this via visualisation, putting yourself in the other party’s shoes. Is there anything you would change? Adjust that visual until you get the perfect picture.

In the coming month, first impressions are going to count more than usual. You are on show. And you can also change existing perceptions if you feel you are being pigeon-holed unfairly. Above all, have faith in yourself and your ideas. Don’t dismiss your flights of the imagination as simply fantasy. Within them lie all you can become, Pisces. So make becoming you your priority over the next 28 days.

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