Your New Moon in Leo Moonscope August 2023

Your New Moon in Leo Moonscope August 2023

By our astrologer Elena

Generous, kind, creative and lit within by an inner glow that warms all those it touches. That’s the essence of the new Moon in Leo. It appears at 23o 17’ of Leo. And it tells us love is in the air and asks us to look at how we give this. As well as how open we are to receiving it. Which is the key to unlocking the gifts of this new Moon. We may have the giving part down pat. And can count a hundred splendid ways we show or shower our love on others. But are we doing this to cover up the fact we don’t believe we are worthy of receiving this is return? 

Look at me! This new Moon is a show-stopper. It wants attention. Basks in glory and needs to be adored. We all need positive strokes and to feel we are free to express our dancing true essence in any way that lights our souls. There’s nothing wrong with that. And if you feel stifled, held back or inhibited, this new Moon gently encourages out of your shell. It tells us we are loved and lovable – just the way we are. It’s a new Moon of attraction. And again, that leads us back to our ability to receive. Once we attract that lover, that opportunity, that focus – just how comfortable are we in embracing it? 

Do work on this no matter what your sign. This new Moon is especially provocative for the fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Signs we can say which usually have no issues expressing themselves. However, no matter how outgoing we are, unkind criticism and rejection can dim out light. This new Moon reignites our joy and sees us stopping caring about the critics.

Being comfortable being the centre of attention is very different to attention seeking however. That’s a sign of a wounded inner child. If you seek out attention for all the wrong reasons or go to extreme lengths to get it, this new Moon invites you to begin a journey of healing. To self-parent and nurture your sweet, innocence within and return to it. That way you’ll be able to receive the love and attention you need without the need to chase it or become someone you’re not. This Moon is all about letting your fabulousness show. No effort required.


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All the world loves a lover, Aries. Be the most generous and genuine version of that you can be. And do look to your ability to receive as along with birthday sign of Leo, much of what I have written about the general influence of this new Moon applies to you. Look to your ability to receive. Anything from compliments to that heart’s desire. 

This is a new Moon to stop taking yourself for granted. To ditch any notion that there’s nothing that special about you. Maybe you walk around thinking anyone could do what you do? Well, maybe they could. But not exactly the way only you can do it. Unleash the lover within you. Show yourself self-appreciation. No, that’s not boastfulness or egoism. That’s your healthy dose of self-love. 

This new Moon brings in a fresh cycle of attraction and creation. Again, this all rests on your ability to receive it. Throw open your arms to the cosmos and declare ‘Whether I believe I deserve it or not, I am ready to accept love in all its forms’. Feel whole again. Not wounded. This Moon allows you to create something via the Law of Attraction. It’s a new Moon under which to claim what excites you and to go towards what puts a smile on your face when you get up in the morning. Love yourself enough to let yourself experience that, Aries. 


Gather what or who you love closer and infuse this with sweet, soothing love. Time to look at what grounds you in place. But at the same time provides you with room for growth.

Your home, lifestyle, family and living arrangements come under the microscope. Take delight in these and above all, move to create a home you can be proud of. Where does that lifestyle or even lifepath, require a renovation or an upgrade? If yours is too restricted, cramped or you’ve simply outgrown it, this new Moon tells you its time to think about transplanting yourself elsewhere. 

No matter what, where or how this takes place, you will be writing a new kind of success story with this new Moon Leo. It’s the Homelife success story. And the take out is long term satisfaction. Any property dealings should go well and this includes renting. Look also to your work/career path as this has a direct impact on this. Again, if you are dissatisfied with your current role, this new Moon should trigger the desire to go seek out something more rewarding.

Children will feature if you have them. As will family members. Look back at your childhood at how you were made to feel not just special but also capable too. Were your parents or prime carer able to offer encouragement and support but also knew when to step back and allow you to try things for yourself? Look at your own parenting style which has resulted from this. Ask what your children really need from you. Chances are a family member is looking to you for guidance or as an example. You know how much you have to give in this department, Taurus. Confidence and a feeling that yes, you can are the best gifts you have to offer.



What’s your story, morning glory? What puts the smile on your face, the pep in your step, a song in your heart? What is the thought or idea that has you all fired up? The new Moon in your 3rd is ignition time. What excites you, Gemini? Because chances are there’s something specific that’s behind all of this. The thinking or talking part is over. You’re action oriented and no longer content to spin those wheels. 

What you set in motion, a conversation you start, what you share, where you go, a simple Like or Hello turns into something with far bigger significance. You’re craving something bigger which acts as a portal to love and other opportunities. And you intuitively understand this is something you have to kick-start yourself. There’s no talking and nothing else. Action has to follow intention.

I could say a ‘golden’ moment or idea springs from this, Gemini. Just the thought of this triggers a wellspring of passion inside you. Ignoring it, doing nothing – it simply isn’t an option for you. You also let go of worries around ‘success’ or ‘failure’. You envisage a positive result simply because you want the experience of going for it. The only failure is doing nothing. And that sheer outgoing enthusiasm and curiosity – not just in finding out what’s on the road to your dreams but a sincere interest in the dreams of others – so contagious.


What does money have to say about you, Cancer? A freshly baked new Moon in any sign always marks the beginning of an important new emotional journey for you in a specific area. This of course depends on the house the Moon appears in. Leo and your 2nd rules the money you make, your possessions, assets and self-worth. 

Money talks. And it is a two-way conversation. You of all signs are able to intuitively link to the message each new moon has for you. Let your money and even your own inner values, have their say under this one. Yes, I am certain you have a lot to say about your cash. But this Moon wants you to hear what your cash is saying back. And there is a message here no matter what your current financial situation. One that if you listen to carefully, and take on board, can open you up to a new kind of rich and abundant flow.

If you’re ready to receive on more than one level – begin by simply adding up your money messages. These include the obvious things you spend your money on. Pop goes the weasel on Birkins would be one example. What’s the emotional take out you get from what you buy? Another kind of money message would be that pile of unopened bills. Your reluctance to check your bank balance. Is your wardrobe full of labels but you feel oddly worthless? Or do you look at something which you had to save for but which you use all the time and which enhances your creativity, joy and wellbeing and think ‘That’s the best money I ever spent’? Or maybe it wasn’t on a thing but an experience instead?

What your money is saying to you may be linked to messages you received about money growing up. ‘Money is the root of all evil’. ‘Money is hard to come by’. ‘Money can’t buy happiness’. ‘I don’t care too much for money’. ‘You only get rich by being ruthless’. You can imagine your money as a person. You can write down all your money clues and messages. And from this translate the truth about you and money. And now you get to talk back, Cancer. And its a whole different and richly satisfying conversation from here on in.



You’re brand new and gotta glow with the new Moon in your 1st, Leo. No matter when your birthday actually falls, the new Moon in Leo always marks the astrological start of your new cycle. So, how do you show the world you’re no longer the old you on some fundamental level?

Of course an image update is the first thing that comes to mind. And the most obvious. You have to match the exterior you with the inner new one that is filled with excitement, desire and freshly baked potential. Do choose different, Leo. Take a step away from the expected or what you usually opt for. Shake up your appearance. Be bolder. You’re still you of course. But this Leo 2.0 is fiercer and more defined. What once worked and sent the right message may require a brand evolution. 

Above all, begin something which fires up your soul in the next two weeks. Yes, I do realise Venus is retrograde in your sign which slows down those personal plans. But seeing as we are talking about your relaunch, how about a passion revival, Leo? Yes, there’s the obvious example when it comes to turning the heat back up with someone you care about. But there’s also that dream or project that still burns and you still yearn to experience. If it still excites and inspires you, then time to reclaim it. Or redesign it anew so it fits right in with the updated version of you that you’re launching.


The new Moon immediately before your birthday cycle begins is like a messenger alerting you to what lies ahead for you, Virgo. It’s that feeling that something is shifting or about to arrive. You may not know exactly what form this will take. But what you do feel is the certainty, the anticipation, that something important is about to occur.

Use this mounting sense of excitement – even if it is as yet undefined, to reset and release, Virgo. Along with the Sun and new Moon, we also have Venus retro in your 12th. Ask yourself what could potentially slow the arrival of what’s waiting to emerge for you? Could it be you hanging on to old wounds, pain and resentment? This is your house of hidden truths, of the past and of deep meaning. Perhaps there is another way of looking at any pain, loss or betrayal you may have experienced? A way that frees you and lightens your soul? And brings about total healing as a result?

If you are carrying old wounds, had you ever considered that the universe loves you so much it sent you the situations which caused them so you could evolve much faster than anyone else? It already knew your immense capacity to forgive and let go. You just had to realise this for yourself. Yes, forgiving can be hard. But staying in pain is harder still. Who can you forgive? I am not making excuses for them or pretending they did not cause you pain. Just understand karma is the ultimate bounty hunter. If you owe it, you can go on the run but sooner or later it catches up. So, now you know something good is on its way, clear the path by tapping into your capacity to forgive. And leave the rest to the cosmos as you head towards what wants you next.


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Friendship at its most loyal, dazzling and inclusive is what the new Moon in your 11th offers. It’s true, Libra. Nobody ever had a friend quite like you. You’re the bae, the bestie, the Ride or Die or wing person that everyone wants. They know you got their back. You should know who has yours.

People who are your kind of quirky – creative, individualistic, unapologetically real, impact on and enter your life now. You always need to be a joiner under this new Moon. The ultimate cosmic mixer is on offer. Where you can cross social lines and enter fresh new orbits where you can encounter others who may initially seem very different. But on closer examination you have so much in common.

Don’t forget however that ruler Venus is retrograde in this house in your chart. This is about the love of friends. Not the romantic kind. Even if something does begin, its likely to simply and effortlessly slide into a friendship later. Watch for the faraway-so-close lover who is either located overseas or has overseas connections. Their very difference or out-of-reach allure, (or a killer combo of both), could be what makes them so enticing. But going the distance? Just ensure they don’t represent a part of you that yearns to simply ditch the dulls. 

This is a new Moon under which to either revive an old goal and approach it from a fresh perspective. Or set yourself a brand new one. Ensure its pursuit takes you somewhere new, Libra. Yes, you do need to ditch the dulls. Or help others escape theirs like the true friend you are.


Leo is the stand out sign of the zodiac. They scintillate, sparkle and shine. They are designed to roar. My favourite ‘It has to be a Leo’ quote comes from the film Sister Act. Maggie Smith (Reverend Mother) describing soon-to-be-nun singer Deloris (Whoopi Goldberg):  That is not a person you can hide. That is a conspicuous person designed to stick out. This new Moon asks: How are you designed to stick out? And – Are you afraid of your own magnificence? 

It wants you to explore and understand your potential. And simply ensure you are living it. It is in your 10th house – your house of career, reputation, rewards and public image (there’s the standing out for you!). The spotlight turns in your direction. Have you been rehearsing for this moment? Are you ready? 

Success is a multi-layered journey we are here to learn from. The road to it often winds rather than offers a direct route. And that’s part of the learning. Success is also something which needs to be self-defined as opposed to society’s definition of it. First, this new Moon wants you to be very clear about what your idea of greatness is. How you wish to live your magnificence. Second, it tells you to get serious about it. Serious results require a serious commitment. Third – and most importantly, it asks you ditch any fears you have about succeeding. These can range from impostor syndrome to subconscious worries about how or what we may ‘leave behind’ as we rise. Go deep and tackle these.

Make your moves – or set things in motion. Know you can. You may find yourself asked to step up into a position of authority, offered a new job, promotion or raise, or be in the public eye in some way. You’re up where you belong, Phoenix. Don’t doubt it.



Do check your chart for Sag factors at 23 degrees. Within a 1-2 degree orb. The new Moon in your 9th marks the beginning of a Sag-themed journey for you. It’s fire, freedom and fierce courage. It’s ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’. It’s a new Moon under which to seize the day and make something happen. 

Yes, you are one of the signs set to receive big new Moon benefits. Something is calling to you and it is important you answer it. No small, hesitant steps. This Moon calls for big, bold moves. Big goals, big loves, big journeys. The new Moon signals luck is moving with you if you take that first step. But you do have to take it to make it.

If you haven’t done any reading around the subject of the s/heroes journey, now is a good time. The protagonist in this tale is now you. Where are you on your quest? Venus is retrograde in your 9th at the same time as this new Moon appears. So, returning to a dream is likely. As is travelling back to somewhere or something you love. If you refused the call to adventure before – and this is always a key feature of the journey, here it comes again. And you won’t say no a second time. Set something powerful in motion. It’s connected to something close to your heart. Just thinking about it puts a smile on your face and infuses you with energetic possibilities. That’s your direction to head in. Go big or go home, Sag.



The new Moon in your 8th invites you to reconnect to the immensity of your personal power, Capricorn. Sometimes life’s messy twists and turns see us disconnected from it. We lose our connection to our own magnificence. Here’s your opportunity to plug back in to yours.

At the same time, partnerships and what you share with others may also feature. How we act, our ability to negotiate what’s fair and equal, what we receive is also governed by our belief in our inner power. Otherwise we come from a place of powerlessness. That’s not you. The borders and boundaries shift. You reconnect to your core – a part of you that is actually aligned to your ruler Saturn. It’s very important you come from real strength. That reservoir of knowing that you can get the result you want by coming from a place of certainty and unshakeable resolve.

How you and someone else jointly share or manage your money or other resources, comes under this new Moon. You could be looking at taking at a loan (take your time as Venus is retro in here), settling debts, receiving a raise or pay out, or how you spend, save or divide things up. And yes, this is your new Moon of rebooted sexiness, Cappy. The right kind that doesn’t need an over-sell. You know what you got and you own it now. This isn’t about over-sexualisation or posting photos of your butt (no matter how cute it is), on Instagram. You’re not chaste you are choosy – and rightly so. Those assets (sic) which come under this new Moon are also your personal ones. Be empowered to only share with those who deserve them.


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Stop in the name of love! Do check your chart for factors around the 23 degree point especially in your own sign. If you have them this new Moon represents an important new beginning in partnership matters. But do keep in mind that due to the Venus retrograde also in your 7th, that love’s final form needs time to emerge. Rush is a red flag right now.

Rewrite the stars, rejuvenate the love, reclaim Cupid’s arrows from where they missed their target, and aim anew. Yes, yours is the rebel unique heart of the zodiac. But this only makes it all the more worth winning, Aquarius. If you’ve ‘settled’ in the past because perhaps you thought there was no one who could fully match you, then you’ve already lived the results of that. Not terribly loved-up or satisfying, were they? There’s no more compromises of the kind where you stop being yourself. Authentic realness is the only way to love and be loved. 

This new Moon offers you a return to that. Or what love is meant to be for you. The perfect match – in any kind of duo, duet or double act, is obvious. As is what you now need to do if its not. Do hold off from seeking a new relationship for now however due to that Venus retro. Getting clear on where you’ve gone wrong in the past, releasing it without blaming either party, is the ultimate self-love act. Lost loves can return –  but only if they allow you to be yourself. The same goes for working relationships, business and other collaborations, that bae – love begins with you being utterly and compelling you. Take you as you are, Aquarius.



Time to update a key area of your daily routine, work, schedule or regimen, Pisces. Fit to live life and love should be your goal. Did you know that feeling of wellbeing and the Law of Attraction are linked? It makes so much sense when you think about it. To attract, we have to feel good. If our energy is low, if we feel tired, in pain – mental or physical, then it follows the flow is blocked. So, see wellness as important and make it your priority under this new Moon.

Your 6th house contains enormous potential because it rules what we do every day. Our day job (paid or unpaid), our habits and routines, what we fuel our bodies with – food, thoughts, the environments we inhabit and the people who we are in contact with. Our studies if we are engaged in them. Self-improvement in every form. Taking care of what we need to do and ensuring we achieve satisfaction from doing it. All this makes up a healthy lifestyle. And the effects ripple out into every other area. 

Don’t dismiss even the smallest adjustment or the effect it could have, Pisces. Change your thoughts, shake yourself out of that rut and make different choices. Watch your mood lift and your energy begin to increase as a result. The biggest success story we can possibly create for ourselves is a life that we want to live every day. Bring your focus down to what you take for granted and do by rote or habit. Does it serve, support or save you precious time for what you love? If it doesn’t tick at least one of those boxes it should go. This new Moon points to an every day power at your fingertips which once accessed, leaves you feeling good again. And when you feel good,  everything begins to flow your way.

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